Pet Vac Animal Hospital

Pet Vac Animal Hospital
Pet Vac Animal Hospital 308 Charleston Highway West Columbia, SC 29169
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4 star average for Service
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1 star average for Expertise
A huge service to our community. This is, bar none, the best place in town for cradle-to-grave "family doctor" care of pets (plus waifs and strays!) Dr. Dan and all the staff are up front and frank about options and costs, and don't try to "sell medicine" to increase your bill. Instead, they work hard to make essential routine care - vaccinations, parasite control (fleas, ticks, heartworm, tapeworm, hookworm, roundworm, etc), spay/neuter, teeth, old age care, and "crossing over the rainbow bridge" - affordable and understandable for every pet owner. They are equally frank about complicated problems best referred to specialists. Most labs are done on-the-spot, so everything can be taken care of in one quick visit. The front desk folk are competent and cheerful, and Dr. Dan himself works every hour God gives to provide personal care. I grew up with vets (my stepfather was one) - this is a great one.
by Jennifer R. Pournelle
January 04, 2020
Well folks if you want to be totally humiliated when you go to the vet then this is the place for you. The employees talk mad junk behind his back any chance they get and he does the same. He is completely unprofessional and this rubs off on the best of individuals. And oh beware, do not ever mention that you have ever even looked at a mobile vaccination clinic much less went to one, you will see the fire in his eyes because then you are only using him for an emergency clinic. And if your pet is dying just make sure you tell him right off the bat that it is up to date on heartworm prevention so it can get treated faster! Emergency is not in this pigs vocabulary if RULES are not followed, however if you have male genitalia then he will cut you some slack! Yes he is a good surgeon but every dog gets a bone and happens to be good at something. If his prices were not so cheap then he would not have as many clients as he does. If you are a woman then you better just sit there and listen to what he has to say and shake your head in approval because intelligent women intimidate the hell out of him. Guess he was never around them growing up...don't know and don't really care. And to touch on something else about being a good surgeon...pain medications are non-existant in this paranoid freaks world. He needs to be sitting in a dungeon somewhere with tin foil on his head so the "narcotic" police won't come and take his license away from him because he gives chewed up dogs and animals with broken limbs, complicated spays and anything else that needs pain medication, the proper pain medication. If this is what you want in a vet then he is a SWELL GUY!

MUAH ;) Truly yours...someone who was smart enough to see through the bull****
by Insider
March 30, 2014
Was this provider argumentative or easily angered?
Very, they contradicted everything I said and became very angry
Does this veterinarian send reminder cards for your pets annual check-up?
Yes, I never forget my pet's annual check-up thanks to them
Did this provider use excessive foul language?
Not at all! They are always respectful and courteous!
Is this provider's business conveniently located?
Yes, it is very conveniently located
by Anonymous
August 04, 2011
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