Vitamin Cottage Natural Grocers - Corporate Office

Vitamin Cottage Natural Grocers - Corporate Office
Vitamin Cottage Natural Grocers - Corporate Office 12612 West Alameda Parkway Lakewood, CO 80228
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Mindy Brown, Nutritionist at Vitamin Cottage South on Nevada Ave in Colorado Springs is the BEST nutritionist I have ever known in my many years into nutrition. I have had several sessions with her and she solved several of my serious problems immediately. All of her advice has been perfect and I want to thank Vitamin Cottage for offering this wonderful service to your customers with no charge. I have told many people about Mindy and hope she will be there forever. I'm 82, so forever isn't so long. Having been customer for 25 years, I appreciate your company's sincere effort to educate and assist us in improving our health.
Thank you so much for this important and helpful service and thank you to Brenda for having such a great service in her store.
by Dorothy Chamberlin
March 19, 2021
If I could give zero stars I would!! This store is a sham, they call themselves "natural" but do not believe in medical exemptions for masks. The CDC clearly has exemptions but they will not allow them. This is a lawsuit waiting to happen. This is medical sharia and infringement on people's civil liberties! Don't call yourselves a natural store when you clearly do not know the meaning. Healthy people or people with a condition should not be turned away at your store for not wearing a mask.
by Stacy
December 02, 2020
I have shopped at Natural Grocers in Coeur d'Alene Idaho since it opened. There is a fairly good selection of products. ( it is restricted by the size of the store. Prices are reasonable and staff always helpful
However I am switching to a competitor store for one reason. There is a mask mandate in our area due to widespread corona outbreak. Natural Grocers is not requiring shoppers to have masks on. I asked staff why this was on a recent shopping trip. The response was that they need to just focus on getting products unloaded onto shelves! Other stores in town are enforcing this mandate so I will shop there and not have the increased health risk that Natural Grocers is allowing
by Heather Ketchum
November 20, 2020
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