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Ryan Lambert, D.C. puts in the extra effort to make me feel valued and important. After my chiropractic treatments I no longer experience pain and don't need to take pain medication anymore. It is obvious that Back in the Game's office is cleaned regularly. It was fantastic! Not only did I find a parking spot right away, but I knew my car was safe because the spots were designated and close to the entrance. I've never experienced any numbness! I always feel so much better after my appointments!
by angela
January 31, 2011
I was rear-ended two months ago. I had never seen a Chiropractor before, let alone a Sports Medicine Chiropractor. But, I chose Back in the Game because my friend said he had helped her frozen shoulder. I went, and have been going since! My pain has gone from a 9-10 to barley there! I can't thank Dr. Lambert enough! I will recommend to all my friends and family!
by sarahstar
May 29, 2009
My free consultation was a Godsend to me and has changed my life for the better. I now sleep better, am more productive at work and I have a more positive attitude and disposition, I have better reflexes and more energy. I stand straighter and my stride has lengthened. I just feel better in general. I haven't felt this good since I belonged to a health club. I feel years have been shaved off my age. I also have more piece of mind knowing that I am more physically able to care for and protect my 6-year-old daughter. Going to Dr. Lambert is probably the best single thing that I have ever done to improve my overall physical health and stability. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone who is considering a move to improve the quality of their own physical health. I always feel better when I walk out the door than when I walked in.
by scottH
April 09, 2009
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