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4.5 star average for Service
4 star average for Environment
4 star average for Expertise
4 star average for Staff
4 star average for Recommended
2 star average for Value
Dr Cindy is a good chiropractor, however, her billing practices are HORRIBLE. Her billing department incorrectly billed my insurance company and I had to spend months and countless hours on the phone with my insurance company and emailing Hornback and her billing department to get the situation rectified. I was not allowed to be seen by any of her chiropractors even though the error was on their part and I was in extreme pain.

My insurance company told me it was not my job to rectify the incorrect billing. And yet the billing department did not take the time to call the provider line for my insurance company or open the thousands of portal messages that had been sent to them regarding patients' billing issues and other matters. My insurance company clarified multiple times that all of the bills had been correctly paid and that ultimately it was not my job to do the billing department's job for them. In the end, my insurance company and I were both correct, as my insurance company had verified multiple times, that my services had indeed been incorrectly billed.

Hornback Chiropractic also appears to be in violation of Florida Statute 501.142 which requires merchants to post a notice in the store or practice regarding their "no returns accepted" policy and Merchandise Return Guidelines. This Florida statute applies to Durable Medical Equipment (such as an ergonomic pillow) which is not classified as a medical device under Florida law.

Ultimately money is the bottom line for this chiropractor and her practice. Hopefully, you will not have the same experience. Just beware and take a look at the reviews from other patients, on this and other platforms, who experienced similar issues regarding incorrect billing and the lack of motivation or cooperation to correct these matters.
by AG xxx.xxx.92.136
April 08, 2024
I don't normally write reviews but I feel so happy to have found Dr. Hornback I felt compelled to write one. Dr. Hornback has been a 5 star doctor during my recent treatments. She gave me the most thorough consultation I have ever had. After many doctors missed the root of my issues by not asking questions. My treatments have been relaxing and I feel she is really helping me heal from my very complicated injuries. She is very caring, sincere, and extremely intelligent. I have been unintentionally late to appointments due to my illness and she was very kind, understanding and accommodating. She would never intentionally hurt or cause pain. She is very gentle and a true healer. Go on a consult and see for yourself. She was recommended by many people of our community and I can see why she is so highly reviewed.
by Jaime D xxx.xxx.54.27
October 28, 2014
Did you experience unnecessary pain during your visit?
Not one bit! I felt much better when I left!
Is this business handicap-accessible?
Absolutely, even the bathrooms are handicap-accessible
Did the chiropractor update you about the progression of your recovery at each appointment?
Definitely! They made an extra effort to keep me well informed.
by Anonymous xxx.xxx.69.8
June 25, 2013
Did this chiropractor pay attention to your problem area?
Yes, they really focused on it
by Anonymous xxx.xxx.84.23
June 17, 2013
I suffered from tendonitis in my elbow until the pain became incapacitating. An acquaintance suggested acupuncture. I looked in the yellow pages and found Cynthia Hornback listed as an acupuncturist. I chose her because she was closest to my home. When I arrived for what I thought would be an acupuncture treatment, I was given the "chiropractic check-up", and told that the tendonitis was caused by the lack of correct curvature of my neck. Hornback began "treating" me 3x per week (I had no insurance). My neck started to hurt, and then my shoulder. I was told to expect things to get worse before they got better. Soon, along with all the additional pain, I was feeling "fragile". I felt good when I began "treatment". My elbow was not getting better (it eventually did with a brace and rest) and she told me I needed to see a neurosurgeon! I didn't, as I had no insurance. I was still in pain (neck and shoulder) caused by Hornback's treatments, and her office manager begged me to come back in and they would fix it. It only got worse. I finally told her I was stopping treatment. She insisted on giving me one more adjustment for my neck and shoulder pain. She slammed down twice on the right side of my pelvis, and I have been in chronic pain ever since! It hurts to sit, stand, walk, lie down - it "cracks" when I move- and I get leg cramps. She told me she would fix it. See the pattern? Create problems, and charge more money to fix them! In 8 years, no one has been able to "fix" the problem Hornback caused. I have spent so much money trying to relieve the pain. An MRI revealed that every disc in the right side of my neck is bulging after she kept "cracking" my neck to "cure" the tendonitis in my right elbow. X-rays show that the right side of my pelvis is pushed forward in relation to the left side. It is hurting as I sit here. I have not had a good night's sleep in 8 years, thanks to Cynthia Hornback. She'll convince you that you have a problem, and keep creating more problems, so she can keep taking your money. No conscience, compassion, or empathy. Her office manager told me Cynthia would call me after I complained about the injuries. She never called. 24/7 I am wishing I had never found her as an "acupuncturist" in the yellow pages. I wish I would have retained an attorney so at least I could get the money back that I paid for her to injure me and use it to seek further pain management treatment for the injuries she caused. I fear I will have to have surgery. All for tendonitis in the elbow.
by Anne Kirkwood xxx.xxx.135.7
February 16, 2013
Did you feel like your pain was lessened after your chiropractic treatment?
Did this provider answer all of your questions?
Was this provider's staff friendly?
Did you leave the office feeling satisfied with your visit?
by Anonymous xxx.xxx.61.27
April 19, 2012
Did this provider prominently display their diplomas or business license?
Definitely! I saw it as soon as I walked in!
Was this provider friendly?
I didn't feel very welcome
Do you feel that you could have received better service somewhere else?
Yes! I know that I would have gotten better service anywhere else!
Did this provider wear an obnoxious cologne?
No, they didn't wear any cologne
Is this provider easy to reach in an emergency?
Yes, they answered my call right away
by Anonymous
February 23, 2011
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