Brent Binder, M.S.,D.C.

Brent Binder, M.S.,D.C.
Pain Relief Chiropractic 4909 Louise Drive Suite 102 Mechanicsburg, PA 17055
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Doctor Binder, I mean, what can I say? Phenomenal bedside manner and knowledge, able and willing to listen to your chief complaints. My spine has been beaten up from years of military service. His expertise in his field has kept me from using narcotic pain meds and allowed me to ride a motorcycle again. I have been seeing him since 2017, and I go in when needed, and every time I leave, I feel like a teenager again. If you have not visited him yet and are in York, Harrisburg, or wherever and need chiropractic care, I urge you to see him; he is a fantastic practitioner.
by Joe Kissinger
April 21, 2023
Dr. Binder is a caring professional who really does bring pain relief!
by Robin
January 23, 2023
In my experience Dr.Binder is both a skilled practitioner and a gifted healer
by (Ms.) Terry O'H Stark
February 17, 2022
After watching almost all of Dr. B's amazing youtube videos I clicked on the About tab and was totally floored that he was located in Mechanicsburg, Pa. I thought about calling to try to get in but thought there's no way he could have openings. A couple days later I called. I was scheduled quickly and was freaking out that I was actually going to be treated by him. Today was my boyfriend and my appt and O.M.G. I can not believe how awesome and caring and down to earth he was. I was adjusted like I've never been adjusted. I can't say just how grateful I am to have him as my chiropractor. God Bless You!
by Heather Fitting & Jon Rudacille
October 12, 2020

Gentle Reader,

I drove 500 miles to see Dr. Binder the first time. I flew back a month later. I will go again in several weeks. Why, you’re wondering? Because this Chiropractor sat down with me, looked me in the eyes and asked to serve me to the best of his ability. (Not in so many words, but 100% in intent.)

He listened to my concerns. We discussed options. We drew our personal boundaries, decided on a care plan and implemented it. I have a chronic pain condition and an autoimmune issue brewing. Dr. Binder was able to turn the volume down on the throbbing, photophobia, allodynia, hyperacusis and nausea.

Dr. Binder looks at the body, mind and spirit globally. An amalgamation, of sorts. He doesn’t just consider a singular facet of one’s experience as defining that person; rather he looks at how the pieces of the person interlock and cause a manifestation in our musculoskeletal system.

His manipulations are sublime. To begin, he tells me there will be no surprises and he will guide me through everything. He kept his promise. No surprises, gentle manipulation, yet thorough. During the adjustment, get speaks gently while explaining what he intends to do. He also makes a bevy of noises which alerts the hypervigilant as to his location in the room.

I guess it boils down to whether Dr. Binder relieved my migraines. The answer is no. He did, however bring the intensity of the pain down significantly. I am able to have more functional days. When I do get a migraine, I remember to pay attention to my breath and I lie down. If those tactics do not bear fruit then I turn to pharmaceuticals.
In all honesty, I feel changes occurring and I am excited to see what is to come.

I would highly recommend Dr. Binder to those seeking chiropractic care. His table-side manner along with his vast knowledge and quick wit...not to mention his personal immersion in the ideals of an advanced, more introspective and fulfilling life, is worth the price of admission.
by L. Hamilton
October 12, 2019
Dr B is caring, gentle and very effective. He is a wonderful listener and he sincerely wants the best for his clients. I recommend him highly.
He gives wonderful adjustments. His office manager, Misty is very friendly and helpful. He is the only chiropractor that I recommend in the area.
by Sandy Westerman
November 06, 2017
Always spot-on with relieving my pain. Dr. Binder doesn't keep you coming back for no reason. He alleviates your pain based individually assessing you as a person - not a diagnosis code! He's a holistic practitioner - and I trust him completely.
Isn't it great you can book your own appointment online! Same day!!
by Sylvia
November 07, 2016
I've been coming to this practice for over 20 years after visiting several other practices for chronic back pain. Pain can hit at any time, disrupting normal mobility for days and even weeks. Brent Binder is friendly, caring and understanding when there is an urgent needed for treatment during these times. He has never required me to provide costly X-rays, pay high prices, or be on a regular course of treatments to manage my pain. I love the flexibility in my hectic life to be able to come in when I need to for a treatment without feeling obligated to make a follow-up appointment when I don't need it. Since coming to this practice my chronic pain is extremely manageable. I feel better 1-2 days after my treatment and typically do not need to return until the next flare up. He provides me with healthy alternatives to pain killers that actually work without harming my body. I cannot say enough good things about him!
by Melody
September 07, 2016
no more back pain
by lvillnave
September 06, 2016
I have been going to Dr. Binder for a couple tears now. He took me at my worst and helped me get better. He talked with me about other options then just medication, like Teas or Exercises to do, He is one of the only solutions to my Migraines outside of Medication that helps. I have had chronic back pain all my life and Dr. Bind has helped me lessen the pain. This man not only uses his hands to heal, but also his heart and mind as well. He answers all my question even when I know I am acting like a little kid and asking why about everything. He is a great Doctor and an even better person. I would recommend him to anyone. He is the type of person that if he doesn’t have the answer he will ether find it or help you find someone that has the answer. I have lessened the times I have to go to my family doctor because of getting in better health due to his suggestions.
by Michael Santamaria
July 07, 2015
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