Dermatology Consultants PSC

Dermatology Consultants PSC
Dermatology Consultants PSC 1401 Harrodsburg Road C-415 Lexington, KY 40504
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This was the most frustrating visit I have ever had with any doctor. My finger was diagnosed with psoriasis I was told if the cream did not work, we would go to the next option. When she came in, she immediately said there is no other option and had to live with it. It was as if I was bothering her being there. I asked about an injection. She was belittling and condescending about my question and asked what would I like her to inject it with. I have googled possible treatment and it shows an injection with steroids may work. How does she not know this? She did ask me if I wanted a second opinion in the practice. Why would I spend money on another doctor when this PA should consult with the doctor? I spent 45.00 and not to mention what she will be charging the insurance for an appointment that told me nothing. This is definitely insurance fraud. It was so unethical. I am not sure how the practice allows this. It is truly astonishing. The whole appointment was patronizing.
by Gayla
May 10, 2022
My opinion is this is the WORST Dr. office in Lexington. I am a male and my wife try's to get me to go with her to the Dermatologist yearly to have a complete body check. We spend a lot of time in the sun and she wants to make sure no issues. We got appointments about 15 minutes apart with the same person. My wife went in first and she was in the room about 20 minutes. She waited while I went in for my appointment. I was in the room about 8 minutes and the person that checked by body was only in the room with me for about 2.5 minutes. They asked me to remove my shirt and she very quickly looked at my chest, back and arms. Then the exam was over and she left the room.

When I came out I asked my wife if they only do a very limited total body check, and she replied no she was ask to put on paper underwear and the person checked her entire body except where the underwear was.
A COMPLETE BODY CHECK BY A DOCTOR and they don't look at the entire body?? In my case they did not even check my legs or feet.


I called to complain about 15 minutes after we left and the office manager invited me back to be seen by someone else. At that point I felt like a creep begging a doctor to actually look at my body for cancer from the Sun. Also figured if that is the type of doctors they hire then that crap comes from the top down and I did not want anything to do with them.
by Michael
May 22, 2021
Very pleasant experience each year. Comforting to know that there are no problems with moles. Dr. Music is very professional and very personal.
by Jock Kinnett
May 27, 2016
I had read some reviews online about the procedure and was a bit nervous about it. All the reviews described it as horrible and painful. Your staff talked to be prior to the procedure and made me feel better. However, I think if I had been more aware when I left my first appt. with you guys, I would not have been as apprehensive. I think you need to go more in depth with educating your patients about their procedure. We do not always know enough about these things to even know what questions to ask.
by N Sanford
May 27, 2016
Staff and doctors were professional, thorough and friendly.
by S W
May 26, 2016
Dr. and Staff very friendly and efficent took excellent can of my needs!
by Kathy Wolverton
May 23, 2016
I had skin tags removed and a skin check. One spot taken off. I love this office.
by J Butler
May 22, 2016
Great overall experience.
by B A
May 21, 2016
Exceptional care and polite staff! Dr. Bark has excellent patient care and manners.
by Angela Jones
May 21, 2016
Excellent doctor! Very happy with visit. Knowledgable and thorough. Very friendly and personable.
by Nathan Womack
May 21, 2016
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