Eliran Mor, MD

Eliran Mor, MD
California Center for Reproductive Health 16633 Ventura Boulevard Suite 1330 Encino, CA 91436
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My husband and I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Mor and his amazing staff. I've suffered from severe endometriosis for almost 20 years, but never did I believe it would lead to fertility issues. After trying on our own, we decided to seek some help. From our first meeting with Dr. Mor, we felt inspired by his confidence and knew he would be the one to help us conceive. Every visit to his office we were met with open arms from his wonderful nurses who became like family to us. Fertility issues are extremely difficult emotionally and physically for anyone - having such an amazing, confident, intelligent doctor help find us a way to not only get pregnant but also stay positive and calm made all the difference for us. Thank you Dr. Mor and team! We will miss you.
by AR xxx.xxx.93.12
March 31, 2020
Both Dr Woo and Dr Mor were delightful.

Dr Mor was my primary and I really appreciated how he took the time to explain what we were doing and what was coming up next each step of the way - you can tell he is also an educator as well as a physician. The practice has a couple of locations I needed to visit, with their own parking challenges, but one of the most regular ones was near my home so very convenient.

Their nurses across the various sites are quite busy, vary in friendliness and personability, but are always professional. There is also good communication across the practice, and staff are abreast of your updates, and your fertility news - good and bad, and act with sensitivity accordingly.

Admin staff was spotty, but whenever I had problems I just let Dr Mor know and he solved all matters with his usual care and attention. Special shout out to Julie in billing, who patiently held our hand through everything payment and insurance related - a true gem.

This is a great practice for your fertility journey.
by Adaora Nwandu xxx.xxx.111.47
September 19, 2019
Dr. Mor is the most compassionate, understanding, knowledgeable, and patient Reproductive Endocrinologist that anybody could ever ask for. He truly believes in individualized care. I was diagnosed with a rare form of premature ovarian failure and was given a 1-3% chance of becoming pregnant with my own eggs. He never let that discourage me and he continued in having faith that he could make it happen. I am excited to report that I am pregnant with my own eggs. The medical staff were amazing too with always being there for support and answering all my questions.
by Maria G. xxx.xxx.74.57
November 22, 2018
I can't believe we're pregnant with a health and beautiful baby boy!!! I'm almost 14 weeks pregnant and we just finished our 1st trimester screening and everything came back excellent!!!

We've been with Dr. Mor for about a year and I have to say they have set the bar really high! Dr. Mor and Dr. Woo are both so kind, caring and take the time to explain every step of the way and even the times where I've had to call back all the nurses were very fast and helpful and both Dr Mor and Dr. Woo have called me back to answer my questions.

We were able to get a consultation almost immediately when we found out we had to see a fertility specialist. Dr. Mor was the 1st person we called because of the amazing reviews on yelp and coincidentally my best friend saw Dr. Mor days before me and she just had her healthy and beautiful twins on Monday!

I've never had to wait long to be seen and even on their busiest days I had to maybe wait 15 minutes which is amazing! Cindy and Yvonne are also AMAZING explaining all the billing and insurance so clearly.

I'm so happy that we have a healthy pregnancy but I was so sad to graduate from Dr. Mor's office. I wish they delivered my baby too but they referred us to an amazing OBGYN so I know we're in good hands!
by Laura Haag xxx.xxx.145.108
August 15, 2018
by Xiaorui xxx.xxx.39.193
February 08, 2018
We couldn’t be happier we chose Dr. Mor and his staff to take us through the journey towards conceiving a child. I’ve been on fertility treatments for many years already, treated by a few other fertility doctors before meeting Dr. Mor and I have to say he is the most kind, patient and professional doctor we’ve had. After going through so much, we finally found the perfect match with Dr. Mor, who was always happy to answer all my questions (I always had a list of questions for each appointment), his positive and supportive attitude always made it a pleasure to go to the clinic. The staff was also always very kind and well informed of every detail of my process, and always happy to answer any question either by email or phone with excellent responsiveness and professionalism. Minimal waiting times was also an excellent plus.
Dr. Mor is an extremely talented and amazing doctor. We would recommend him to anyone experiencing infertility. We are so grateful and happy with our experience, it’s a shame we can’t continue with him through the rest of the pregnancy!
by G xxx.xxx.245.217
November 10, 2017
My husband and I had discussed having a child together for over a year. We had a lot of challenges in our way and had a lot to consider before making a final decision. Once we made the decision to try to have a child together we began having consultations with various doctors for help. We did not know where to begin, what kind of questions to ask or what to expect. After months of consultations and uncertainty of the decision we made, we met Dr. Mor and his staff. This was a perfect fit for us. For the first time we felt like our story was personal not just to us but also to the doctor and his staff. I know we were not their only clients but they made us feel that way. Every appointment Dr. Mor and his staff would remember personal details about our lives and asked us questions about how we are doing outside of patient related questions. We had many procedures with Dr, Mor and these were procedures we knew little about and had to trust Dr. Mor every step of the way. And I can confidently say that we felt very comfortable and confident being under Dr. Mor's care. I know this is what he does for a living and it can be easy to disregard "silly" questions or fears but Dr. Mor and his staff made it a point to make sure every question that we had was also important to them and addressed to our full satisfaction. They helped us financially, emotionally and professionally. They even sacrificed their regular working hours to help us out with our schedule. Who does that? My husband and I are blessed to have found Dr. Mor and the center for reproduction. Their education, compassion, friendliness, professionalism is incomparable. We are very grateful. Thank you.
by Belinda Rossi xxx.xxx.250.120
September 14, 2017
IVF is such a personal and vulnerable experience. Dr. Mor has such a personable approach that ALWAYS makes both a woman and her partner, feel heard and safe . His professionalism, knowledge and genuine commitment to your journey is who he is. Phone calls are returned quickly, questions are answered, wait times are short, scheduling is easy and the nursing staff are fantastic - that is all part of his fantastic office. But my advice is look for a Dr you trust and understands you and your journey....
by Abbey xxx.xxx.82.209
September 02, 2017
I am not sure where to start because I have so much to say but first, I would like to thank Dr. Mor for his recommendations and assistance in helping my Husband and I conceive a child. We are so very excited and can’t wait for our bundle of joy to arrive in September 2017!! Dr. Mor was a referral from my OBGYN. When I had my first consultation with Dr. Mor, my impression was that he had an easy going personality, was knowledgeable and honest. I knew he was the perfect doctor for us. One thing I appreciated is that we discussed all our current options and he didn’t push for IVF. He indicated that we should exhaust all conservative treatment first and then if that didn’t work then IVF would be the last resort. We went with his recommendation and had 2 IUI’s. Unfortunately, they were not successful so we moved on to IVF. Throughout the process, Dr. Mor and his staff were extremely helpful. I always got my questions answered timely and I felt like everyone had become more like a part of my family. When I got the egg retrieval procedure, the entire staff were friendly and comforting. I am not a fan of needles but the nurse and anesthesiologist were phenomenal. I would highly recommend for you to consider Dr. Mor if you are looking to expand your family. I can’t say enough how blessed we are to be expecting. Especially when we thought it might not be a possibility or that we would have to start the IVF process all over again if it didn’t work. I am very happy to say that our first IVF cycle was successful!! My piece of advice to give others is to always follow your doctor’s recommendations. They are the professionals and know what’s best for you. Should we decide to have more children in the future, I will definitely be going back to Dr. Mor. Once again, thank you to Dr. Mor and your ENTIRE staff for supporting my husband and I on this journey!!! You made the gift of life possible and what seemed like a long and scary journey through IVF, you turned it around to positivity. We will miss you now that we have graduated but will forever have you in our hearts. Thank you!!!
by Michelle xxx.xxx.197.253
March 14, 2017
My gyn recommended Dr Mor 4 years ago, when we talked about freezing my eggs (at 34, still single at the time). Dr Mor and his staff were fantastic and showed so much kindness and understanding. Dr Mor made me feel it was the right decision for me to make at this point, so I could increase my chances to become pregnant later on. At the time he was able to retrieve 52 eggs (48 were viable) which I was told was a terrific number. Fast forward 3 1/2 years later, my boyfriend and I decided to try having a baby. Unfortunately we struggled with infertility and decided to meet with Dr Mor again. Dr Mor recommended IVF with my frozen eggs. He also sent me to a genetic consellor as we were concerned my autoimmune disorder may prevent us from having a healthy pregnancy (and I was also concerned about passing this genetic disease on to our kids). First IVF trial we became pregnant... to my complete surprise (I expected it would take a few trials). After so many years of dreaming of a baby, I can't believe I'm finally pregnant. Dr Mor made our dream come true, despite infertility, auto-immune disorders and other factors playing against us. He's an awesome fertility doctor if you need one! I've recommended to other friends who also loved him. Definitely going back to Dr Mor for baby #2!
by Frenchmommy xxx.xxx.197.91
January 13, 2017
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