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Carmel Health and Living 118 Medical Dr Carmel, IN 46032
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3 star average for Service
4 star average for Environment
3 star average for Expertise
3 star average for Staff
3.5 star average for Recommended
Because my husband had a trach and was a dialysis patient, he had to be put into CHL if he wanted to leave the hospital, until he was stable enough to return home. Our first day at CHL was horrific. The medics took him to his room, put him in his bed, and that's where he sat until almost two hours later, when a tech finally came in. No one greeted us, checked on him, and we never seen his nurse until almost two hours after we arrived. I began asking questions and the tech had no clue about anything. When the nurse finally came in, she knew nothing either. I began to regret sending him to CHL. Finally someone from office staff came in because I had made friends with her during the admission process. She answered all of my questions and helped us get settled and let me know how to get ahold of her overnight or anytime that I needed her. We've been here almost three months now. We've found that the office staff, therapy, activities, etc are awesome. It's the people that care for my husband, not so much. They never know anything when you ask them, they say they'll return in a minute and it's hours later, my husband has bruises and cuts all over him from falling, they take forever to answer call lights, certain staff members are nice, truly care, and go out of their way to take care of you. Others are here for the paycheck and sit around playing on their phone and chit chatting, many of the staff members are just not understanding or care about someone's situation. They speak down to the resident's or treat them like their just a 'thing' that they have to take care of. They don't treat the resident's with respect or consideration for their situation. My husband's case manager also sucks at her job. I've seen/spoken with her ONCE in the three months we've been here. I didn't even know that's who she was when I spoke with her. The second time I spoke with her about a family emergency, she was very rude, told me she didn't have time to deal with the family emergency and that it wasn't her job, and went ahead and went home when she was suppose to be helping me reach my husband during our emergency with one of his children. His case manager told me during a care plan meeting, I had to ask for weeks after we arrived, that if I wanted him transferred to any other rehab, I had to do all the work myself. When he became able to be transferred, I had other rehabs calling to get paperwork for him and she wouldn't fax the other rehabs his paperwork and we once again had to contact the business office staff member that I've become friends with to get her to fax the paperwork. The respitory staff, that is contracted out, is awesome. I couldn't have asked for better care. The respitory staff and I have fought with nursing since the day my husband arrived to follow respitory orders and they just wont. My husbands trach was taken out close to two months ago and his stoma is just now 75% closed because nursing won't follow orders and keep it clean and covered like their suppose to. CHL is constantly switching workers around or contracting people in because they don't have enough staff. So the temp staff has no idea about the resident's their working with so they don't get the care they need or the quality they would be getting if they weren't switching worked around constantly. I would ONLY bring my husband back here again IF there was no other choice, but I would make sure I was able to stay with him or see him everyday. He has short and long term memory problems and he is even telling me their not taking very good care of him. They call me complaining of his behavior recently and when I speak to him it's because he wants out of here. If you HAVE to bring someone here or be a resident, make sure you have someone that can check on you daily and is very aware of everything going on daily!
I would never suggest anyone getting, "rehab," or even being admitted for long-term care. You wouldn't believe the incompetent nurses and staff. If you want your loved one to leave the hospital only to die of neglect, then take them there! UTI, Pressure wounds, dehydration, and that's not including the medication errors that happen daily. Want your grandpa to lie all day covered in feces? Well drop him on off, Carmel Health and Living will be happy to kill him;)
Their staff was not friendly at all, I didn't feel welcome there. I would never visit them again. I was very disappointed. I don't appreciate hearing about the CNA's sexual escapades when they are supposed to be providing care for their patients. Very unprofessional and rude! All they seem to care about is a pay check.
Did this provider answer all of your questions?
Every question I had was answered thoroughly
Was this provider's staff friendly?
Yes, they went above and beyond
Did you leave the office feeling satisfied with your visit?
Was this provider's office easy to locate?
Absolutely! It couldn't have been easier!
Are you going to visit this provider again?
Without a doubt!
Would you recommend this nursing home to others?
Was this provider argumentative or easily angered?
No, they were very calm and understanding
Did you notice a foul odor when you arrived at this provider's office?
A little, it was faint but I noticed one
Was this provider's staff friendly?
Friendly Enough
Was there annoying music playing while you waited or during your visit?
No, there was no annoying music
Did this provider seem well-trained and experienced?
Yes, they seemed very qualified
Did this provider use excessive foul language?
Did this provider show attention to detail?
Yes, I've never had to worry about them missing any important information
Are you confident that this provider will continue working with you until a solution is reached?
Yes, I know I can count on them to find a solution
Did this provider seem irritated to be working with you?
Not at all, they were glad to help me with anything I needed
Does this provider promptly return your phone calls?
Definitely! They always call me back very quickly!
They didn't listen to anything I had to say! Whenever I tried to get a word in, they either interrupted me or cut me off before I could finish. They left me completely alone for a long time and I became very nervous. They seemed like they were extremely irritated to be at work, and that they couldn't wait for me to leave. They didn't seem to want to help anyone.
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