Kamilia Smith, M.D.

Kamilia Smith, M.D.
3600 Gaston Ave Barnett Suite 601 Dallas, TX 75246
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by Anonymous xxx.xxx.169.97
June 30, 2014
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Fairly Easy
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Yes, I felt pressured
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Yes, they seemed like they wanted to be somewhere else
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No, I don't think they appreciate my loyalty
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Fairly current
by Anonymous xxx.xxx.133.60
December 05, 2012
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Every question I had was answered thoroughly
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by Anonymous xxx.xxx.43.227
July 09, 2012
I was pregnant after my first IVF round with twin boys. I was considered high risk because of the muli-birth. Branning never thought it was necessary to check me more often than a regular mom until "I reached viability". Ok, understandable. Maybe he is just trying to treat me this way so I calm down and not be so stressed. He did recommend me to a MFM who would do my scans every month and then when I saw Branning we could go over the scans. I felt uncomfortable with Branning and this plan. I also felt uncomfortable that he dismissed all my concerns. I knew I should of looked for a different doc at that point but what a pain when your are preg and you just think you are being too hormonal. At my 18 week scan I was to get a pelvic exam. He had to deliver a baby that afternoon and was running behind. He didn’t have the time. "Everything is fine, we don’t need to do one". I didn’t feel like arguing with him. That night Dalton's water broke and I found myself in the emergency room at Baylor early that morning. It took 3 pages to get a hold of Branning, who then told me to hang out till he gets in in the morning. No scan no nothing. I waited till 10am the next day to find out what was going on with my babies. They broke the news that Dalton would not make it and Andrew had a 10% chance of surviving if Dalton delivered nice and easy and my cervix closed back up. Their thoughts: a fluke. I had no infection and the scan indicated my cervix was closed. They left, that was all they could offer. I would stay in the hospital till I delivered which was within 72 hours. Branning came back the next day. I had a million questions. He told me "Remember when your first boyfriend broke up with you and you thought it was the end of the world? and then as time went by, you realized it was not that bad?" I couldn’t believe he was relating losing my babies to a lost boyfriend! Anyway, I went on with the million questions. All I got out of him was "I know you have ADD and not listening. We told you all that we could. We just don’t know. You have a type A personality don’t you?" He got frustrated; I did to so he left. I sat there with my husband in total confusion and utter devastation. We got a second opinion and it turns out I have an incompetent cervix. I had 2 LEEPs done and this compromised my cervical strength. When I asked Branning about it he said it could be a possibility but he didn’t believe it. As to why he didn’t offer me a cerclage? He told me you cant diagnose IC until 3 losses. I had 2 surgeries on my cervix and was pregnant with twins? This Dr. didn’t think my cervix might be compromised???? I am sorry but he SHOULD HAVE KNOWN! I should have been informed. It gets worse....>>
After 10 days later, Branning said there was nothing more they could do. I was to be discharged and go home to wait out an infection. Dalton's foot was now exposed out my vagina. If I went into labor at home and Dalton came out "Place him in a towel or diaper and hold him close till you get to the hospital." After more opinions we found out, this might not be an ordinary infection I was waiting on. Those cases like this (exposed limb in vagina)lead too sever complications from the infection. Andrew had 1% chance at this point and I had a high percent chance of the infection leading to a hysterectomy. We called Branning and after 4 phone calls he calls back at 4:30pm. We said "remember the option of induction you offered us? we would like to move forward with that" He said he understood and could not fault us for this decision but due to his religious beliefs, he considered this an abortion. I could go to any commercial clinic and get this taken care of, Baylor would not accommodate me. That was the last time we spoke to Branning.
I know Branning has a lot of patients, I know IC can’t be diagnosed without just cause (loss or caught IC behavior), I know many people who have had LEEPS and no complications. I am not here to scare anyone either. Sometimes when you do more than is necessary, you end up making things worse. Take with you what you can with this information.>>
by akm0036
April 08, 2009
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