Nicholas Spirtos, DO

Nicholas Spirtos, DO
DR NICHOLAS J SPIRTOS 468 E Market St Akron, OH 44304
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My wife and I visited Spirtos in 2014 for IVF. Everything was physically fine with both of us, but there was a potential genetic disease so we needed to test the embryos, thus IVF.

Bottom line is to stay away from this lunatic and this clinic if you don't want to be prodded with metal probes and abused in general, both physically and mentally. Eve though we didn't like RGI in Akron, they seem like angels after our experience with Spirtos.

My wife visited the clinic by herself the first time and stated that she was prodded with metal probes in her uterus. This is something that I understand used to be a normal practice, but a long time ago, before ultrasound machines were available. My wife also stated that she was squeezed by Spirtos inappropriately, so I was present at all subsequent visits to eliminate that possibility from occurring. I must say that most fertility doctors, I notice, have a great opinion of themselves and what they do. After all, it is a noble profession. But Spirtos is an egotistical megalomaniac and that comes through when you speak to him. He honestly believes that he is just smarter than anyone else, which is hard to believe once you actually have a conversation with this dumdum. But it is difficult to suggest anything to him or to talk to him as a peer, if not impossible. I normally can find a way to have a reasonable conversation with a**holes, but Spirtos is in a league by himself as far as that goes. I just feel very sorry for a poor dog that has to live with this a** hole.

Beyond his awful bedside manner, Spirtos is not a very competent doctor. He has a book with IVF schedules and he uses it without much deviation. During the actual egg retrieval, there were 12 egg cysts but he was only able to retrieve 6 eggs. What? At least Moretuzzo at RGI where we were before Spirtos got 14 eggs out of 14 cysts. He failed to mention this as a negative or even offer an apology for messing up, but we kind of expected this. He uses technology from 1970's, including metal probes he likes to stick in uterus. And likes he does: I was present once when he was doing that to my wife and there is a weird perverted expression on his face as his probe is deep inside woman's uterus and he hears woman's screams. I really think that this pervert likes this. Most other clinics use ultrasound for these kinds of procedures, but he insists on using metal probes. And yes, we asked about having an ultrasound instead.

Lastly, this clinic is outdated and very expensive. The cost was about 20% more than RGI, and it is clear they do not put money back in the office; it has not been re-decorated since 1975 :-) As a microcosm of Spirtos' financial practices, we were paying a bill for about 13K one time, and 'Sandra' forgot to give us a vaginal cleaner that Spirtos insisted my wife uses. I thought she would just give the vaginal cleaner to us, but instead, she crossed the price on the bill and wrote a new one, only $40 higher, to account for vaginal cleaner. And no, the vaginal cleaner was not golden or anything....just shows you how they think.

As I said earlier, bottom line is to stay away. If you must go somewhere in Akron, I feel sorry for you, but do go to RGI in Akron; they won't prod you with metal poles, although you will feel like you are on a conveyor belt. But anything is better that this block hole Spirtos. We had no luck with IVF with him and as we were leaving last time, he tried to peddle to us some donor eggs for about $20K saying that was "the only way" for us to get pregnant successfully. That turned out to be nonsense as well, as we are now expecting and have conceved with very little difficulty.

Stay away from Spirtos. You will be glad you did.
by Cocerned Patient
July 09, 2015
I was referred to this doctor because my husband and I were having difficulties conceiving. Before even reviewing our records and histories, he began jumping to conclusions. He wasn't very welcoming or warm and spoke in a scolding tone. He wouldn't let us both in his office, like we were kids, meeting with myself alone first, then my husband. Noticing that we are overweight, he immediately told me that I needed to lose 70lbs to conceive and that my husband needed to lose a "significant amount of weight" or we'd never get pregnant. He made comments under his breathe once he found out that I am bipolar, he voiced that in his opinion, my having childern would be dangerous and ill-advised. (After later talking to the physician I see for my disorder, he completely disagreed.) He continued by guilting my husband for being a diabetic, eluding that my husband wouldn't live to see his childern grow up. He concluded the meetings by telling us that we had an expensive problem on our hands that could have been prevented if we weren't overweight.

We walked out and never returned. My husband and I may be overweight, but we live active lifestyles and are in good shape. We eat a balanced, low carb diet and work out 2 hours a day. My husband's diabetes is under control and he has lost 130lbs in the past two years. Also, my bipolar disorder has been under control and I have been doing fine without medicene for a year. But he didn't seem to care.

We almost gave up on getting pregnant, afraid that all doctors would be as insensitive as he was. A family friend talked us into getting a second opinion. Thankfully we did. The new doctor completely disagreed with the previous diagnosis/ opinion. He ran a few tests, put me on some pills and here I am, pregnant. We love our new doctor. He and his staff are wonderful.
by starlightmom
July 07, 2009
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