Levy Tilkin DDS Orthodontists

Levy Tilkin DDS Orthodontists
Levy Tilkin DDS Orthodontists 11120 New Hampshire Avenue Silver Spring, MD 20904
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While some aspects of there service was fine, the biggest disappointment I had was with the end result of my treatment.
I let them know I was concerned that my teeth where not lined up correctly but Dr. Tilkin assured me that it looked the way it was supposed to. So they took of the braces and gave me a retainer. I felt that it was obvious that my teeth were not aligned correctly.

I then got a second opinion from another orthodontists. Dr. Gerlein told me that my treatment was not done correctly. He estimated that a retreat to correct my teeth to the right position would take 18 months

Problems that resulted from orthodontic treatment with Nancy Tlikin and Lisa Demarco included moderate protrusion of upper front teeth and mandibular crowding.

The treatment included
"-fixed appliances on upper and lower arches in order to improve maxillary and mandibular intercuspation and achieve proper anterior coupling and canine guidance.
- Elastics will be needed to retract lower anteriors. Treatment time estimated to be 18 months."

I truly regret not choosing a different orthodontist to being with. Demarco and Tilkin have wasted my time and money.
Terrible experience, Demarco and Tilkin did more harm then good and caused problems that where not there before.
I had braces with Drs. DeMarco and Tilkin and my smile was not only straightened but their staff boosted my confidence. This practice not only does braces but treats you like family and gives you nothing but respect and care no matter what your age. I was so comfortable at this office that when my braces were removed and I got my retainers, I didn't want to leave! I have never been treated with more dignity and respect or felt so comfortable in a dental office before. Highly recommended!!!
They will leave you're teeth halfway straight then scrape them up.
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