Miriam Sivkin, MD

Miriam Sivkin, MD
Milford Ob-Gyn Assoc 247 Broad St, Southern Ct Womens Health Milford, CT 06460
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I have been going to Dr. Sivkin for the last year. Hoping that things would get better. Every time I go she tells me she doesn't believe anything I say that's going on with me and that she really can't do anything about the fibroids and polyps she found in my uterus because my state ins. Does not pay her but a dollar to do things and she is worth more than that and won't do anything about pain and bleeding I am having due to the fibroids and polyps because she doesn't get paid enough. I also had been complaining about numbness and no feeling or sexual want at all after a c section as well as yeast infections. She keeps telling me it's all in my head. My husband. And with me to an appointment to hear the same things. He tried to tell her all the things going on with me and she said it doesn't matter what he says and she doesn't believe him either. This last appointment she finally agreed to do a biopsy of my cervix and uterus. I got an appointment the next week. The next day they called me saying they had to change it to 2 months later and there was no room for me. They will only give me an appointment 1-3 months out due to having state ins. And they do tell me that everytime. she is rude, pushy, and in inconsiderate about your feelings. She does not care and is only in practice for the money.
Yes, the doctor is very abrupt and can be quite confusing when she, admittedly, talks quite quickly. However, she attended my labor and delivery never having met me before. Every time she was in the room, she went out of her way to develop a connection with me while distracting me from the pain by asking questions about me. She did everything she could to help me, explained things to my husband if I was unable to pay attention, and when it was time to deliver my son, she helped to prevent the need for an episiotomy. My delivery was easier and my recovery was almost painless because Dr. Sivkin was truly involved and concerned the whole time. If her manner is a little brisk, but her care is 100%, I'm happy to put aside my desire to be treated with kid gloves.
How would you compare this provider to others in his/her field that you have visited?
Did the waiting room smell clean?
Did this provider seem knowledgeable and competent?
Does the provider's staff maintain a professional appearance?
Definitely yes
Does this provider answer the phone in a reasonable time when you call?
Did this OBGYN fully explain your treatment's risks and benefits?
Did the OBGYN follow up with you to see how you were doing?
Did you think that this provider was thorough with you during your appointment?
Was your OBGYN considerate of any discomfort you may have experienced during the exam?
The best
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Is the OBGYN's staff helpful when you need it?
Did the OBGYN follow up with you to see how you were doing?
Did you feel that your appointment with this OBGYN was worth it?
Did you think that this OBGYN was thorough with you during your appointment?
Was the temperature in the exam room pleasant?
I don't know what's going on with Dr. Sivkin's office, I'm finding a new doctor! She is getting rid of her friendly staff who has always been very kind and helpful; she goes through co-physicians yearly, I think Dr. Sivkin can't get along with anyone she hires, and her newest physician treats patients and the staff like dirt under her feet! I wasn't fully respected when I saw the new doctor who acted like she's all high and mighty and apparently she's just out of medical school. I want someone with more experience, and much friendlier to patients and the staff who fill her appointments! Dr Sivkin talks so fast I can't understand what she's trying to tell me about my results, and she was very rude to her own staff, in front of the patients in the front area. I think she wants to pay as few people as possible, and make her staff run in circles trying to do things all at once. I had to wait 50 minutes for staff to make phone calls for me cause Dr Sivkin said I need to see a specialist at Yale. Her staff would have helped me quickly, but Dr Sivkin didn't give them all the information about my results so they could make an efficient phone call to a specialist. The office phones kept ringing so the staff was constantly interrupted. Then other patients were leaving and needed follow up appointments, so again the staff was interrupted and everything was crazy there. I felt really bad for the staff who was working hard, while one doctor, Fran sat in the back on her lap top, and Dr Sivkin was drinking a Pepsi or something. The doctors are pretty harsh. I also don't understand why they don't update their waiting room. The saggy sofas look like they're 30 years old! Dr Sivkin made me come back too many times for simple results she could've just phoned me about, but she refuses to make calls about any results - good or bad - and I had to keep shelling out expensive co-pays. The staff work hard, but Dr Sivkin is letting them all go, so frankly this place SUCKS! On to new care somewhere else!
Dr. Sivkin talks so fast you can't understand her. Very uncaring and cold. Can see why she went through many partners at her practice. Front staff not helpful
Were you able to get answers to simple questions from this provider without scheduling an appointment?
No, this provider rarely answers questions over the phone
Does this provider adhere to the customer is always right policy?
Sometimes, but not always
Did this provider rush your appointment?
Yes, I barely had any time to ask questions
Does this provider ever overbook appointments here?
Sometimes, they should allow for more time in between appointments
Does this provider welcome questions?
No, They dismissed my questions as unimportant
Is this provider's business conveniently located?
Yes, it is very conveniently located
Were the staff members able to answer your questions?
Yes, they were able to answer my questions
Is this business in a safe neighborhood?
Yes, it was in a safe enough neighborhood
Is this business handicap-accessible?
Yes, but it seemed extremely out-of-date
Was there annoying music playing while you waited or during your visit?
Yes, but it didn't bother me much
Does this provider maintain a professional appearance?
No, he/she did not appear to care very much
Did this provider ever postpone your appointment?
Sometimes, a little too often
Was this provider's office easy to locate?
Fairly Easy
Did they follow up with you after your appointment?
No. I still haven't talked to them.
Is this provider's business conveniently located?
Yes, it is very conveniently located
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