Long-Dei Liu, M.D.

Long-Dei Liu, M.D.
12555 Garden Grove Blvd Suite 402 Garden Grove, CA 92843
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Dr. Long Dei Liu is the worst doctor in the United States.
Dr. Liu killed my wife. An Orange County Superior Court found Dr. Lu to be negligent and that his negligence caused the death of the love of my life on November 2, 2015.
My wife was 26 years of age, a beautiful and intelligent woman, who graduated college and who was employed as a Chief Financial Officer for a large company.
My wife was referred by a friend to an obstetrician, Long-Dei Liu, M.D. who had an office in Garden Grove.
On March 9, 2014, my wife went into labor and was told by Dr. Liu to go to Garden Grove Hospital. Around 9:00 p.m. that evening, my wife underwent a C-section. Immediately thereafter, the anesthesiologist and surgical nurses recognized that my wife had massive bleeding and they tried to contact Dr. Liu. Dr. Liu could not be found and the anesthesiologist had to order blood and medicine for the patient.
Dr. Liu finally returned about 50 minutes later. At that time, my wife had received 3 units of blood and was in critical condition. She was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit. My wife was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit around 12:35 a.m. She was bleeding, in shock, she was unstable, and in critical condition. Her blood pressure was 90/37; her heart rate 149; her oxygen saturation was only 89% and she had a distended abdomen.
Dr. Liu never even made any note in the Intensive Care Unit before leaving my wife after she arrived in the ICU. Dr. Liu never even gave instructions to any nurse what to do or when to call him. Dr. Liu never even called the hospital after arriving home to check on my wife. About two hours later - my wife bled to death.
Dr. Liu did not allow the family to go to see my wife before my wife bled to death and never apologized to me or my family. A lawsuit was filed (Orange County Superior Court Case No. 30-2014-00728553) and there was an 8-week trial. Thanks to my brilliant attorney, Neil Howard, at the end of the trial, the jury found that Dr. Liu was negligent and that his negligence caused the death of my wife. The jury awarded that Dr. Liu pay around $10,000,000 (present value).
Careless doctor Long-Dei Liu ----might be a killer of both mother and baby
Dr. Long-Dei Liu was my wife's obstetrician in America. Due to his negligence and a series of faults, ,my babyboy was stuck in obstetric canal for more than 20 minute, and he lost breath and heartbeat for 10minutes after birth! This leads to hypoxia in his brain, axillary nerve injury and clavicle fracture on right side. My wife suffered from postpartum hemorrhage, and had to received three surgeries after delivery. My baby was then transferred to NICU of another hospital nearby. I was extremely terrified when the doctor in NICU told me that my baby’s survival chance was only 10%, and even if he survived, he will most likely to fall to a disability. After two weeks of rescue and treatment, the baby is now temporarily out of danger, the diagnosis were : 1.temporary control of hypoxic brain damage. We need to wait for 18months to know whether there is any sequelae which may impact baby’s intelligence. 2.nerve injury on right arm, which required long time physical therapy, and there is a risk that the right arm may never function normally.
After consulted with other medical experts, we realized how irresponsible Dr. Liu is!
First of all, Dr. Liu only measured blood pressure and body weight for my wife during antenatal examinations. He did not do any urine test, blood test or glucose test even though my wife mentioned that she has gestational hyperglycemia. He just simply said: it’s not a big deal if you control it well. However, hyperglycemia, larger fetus and aged puerpera are three risk fators of the shoulder dystocia in delivery. Unfortunately, Dr. Liu ignored them.
Second, before labor, Dr. Liu had already found fetal heartbeat was abnormal, but he did not consider to do Caesarean section for my wife, and even worse, he did not tell us the risks of continuing eutocia. His false decision directly led to serious consequences to both of the baby and the mother.
Third, Dr. Liu did not operate correctly according to the standard procedures when he found the fetal shoulder dystocia. He did not inform us about the risks either. His faults caused my baby stucked in obstetric canal for more than 20 minute, and resulted in baby’s brain hypoxia and right arm nerves injury, and mother’s severe postpartum hemorrhage.
My wife and my son almost died because of Dr. Liu false operation and decision! However everytime when I asked Dr. Liu about the situation of delivery, he always told me:” It is not a big deal, everything is fine.”
God bless, my wife and son survived after all what had happened. But the most unbelievable thing is, Dr. Liu did not realize what he had done improperly and he did not feel sorry for his mistakes. He insisted that there was no problem! He even said that maternal mortality is common, and it is very lucky that my wife doesn’t have to do hysterectomy due to bleeding! He even claimed that he’s not afraid if we decide to sue him, because his insurance company would pay all for his lawsuit. How dare him!
Now I realized that why this seventy-year-old doctor commit such a stupid mistake again and again. The main reason is that he does not care about life, and this careless resulted in his extremely irresponsible attitude, and forced my family take all the risks without awaring the truth.
We do not intend to let Dr. Liu to bear our financial burden, and we do not have time or energy to sue him. But we hope that more people could see this article before selecting Dr. Liu as their doctor, and those agencies which may have cooperation with him are able to have a prudential consideration before making choices.
Just a couple of days after my wife discharged, another pregnant woman who is also Dr. Liu’s patient, gave a baby birth in the car before arriving hospital. This is because when she called Dr. Liu at late night and said that she was suffering a severe pain of uterine contraction every 2 minutes, Dr. Liu insisted that she should stay home until midnight. Unfortunately the baby was born in the car at 10:00pm without preparation. We can imagine the sanitary condition in a car. The mother had a huge tearing wound that needed to be sewed, but Dr. Liu arrived the hospital half a hour later. The other doctors and nurses in this hospital were shocked and asked Dr. Liu: "Are you mad to let her deliver in the car??" Such stupid mistake is unbelievable in the US with advanced medical condition.
Accidents happened twice a week and bring irreversible harm to the mothers and babies! Actually these are not accidents! I can only say that he was too old to make basic professional judgment, he was too muddled to have normal human conscience!
Cherish our life and keep away from the killing doctor Long-Dei Liu!
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