Peter J Bregman, DPM

Peter J Bregman, DPM
Dr. Peter J Bregman 7135 West Sahara Avenue Suite 201 Las Vegas, NV 89117
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Absolutely horrible. I am not one for doctors and haven’t been to one in years but I have been in so much pain lately that I decided to make an appt.
when I got there I felt like Dr. Bregman was in a hurry to get out of the room. He told me he thought I may have Tarsel tunneling. When I asked what that was I was told to look it up. He then told me about a procedure he wanted to do for my bunions. When I asked about that again I was told to read up on it on his website. Forgive me if I’m wrong but isn’t that what doctors are for to explain things not send me to the internet. So I paid $30 to be told to do research on the internet.
He also said he was going to have his PA wrap my foot but never explained why just that it would explain a lot.
This experience has just made me not trust doctors even more. So very disappointed
by Heather Ericson
May 20, 2019
I was extremely pleased with Dr. Bregman. From start to finish he covered all aspects of what I should expect both pre and post surgery. When a situation arose where a follow-up appointment was inadvertently scheduled later than expected Dr. Bregman personally got involved and corrected the problem in a very timely manner. His attentiveness and patient support was very much appreciated. Bottom line, I feel Dr. Bregman is a highly skilled surgeon and possesses a high level of professionalism. I would not hesitate to use him again.
by Gary
January 11, 2019
Dr. Bregman is a wonderful Doctor. His knowledge and compassion for his patient are remarkable. I came to him for help after going through a failed Morton's Neuroma Surgery. He immediately knew what had happened and was sure that he could help relieve some of the pain that I was in. He had everything that I needed in place before my surgery, so all I had to do was go home and begin recovering! He performed a Peripheral Nerve Graft and kept in constant contact through the healing process. He is always easily accessible via email with his patients. He has stuck with me for almost 3 years now and just recently performed an implant surgery with a StimRouter device, which appears to be working. Thank You for continuing to make my quality of life better, Dr. Bregman.
by Dawn Wiltse
October 25, 2018
The toes on my right foot were leaning towards my big toe and some toes were curling under. I saw Dr. Bregman and he diagnosed a torn ligament. He did surgery on November 30 to repair the ligament and straighten my toes. I was amazed that I had such little pain after the surgery. Dr Bregman personally called me the day after surgery to see how I was doing. I am recovering nicely with taped toes and wearing a boot. It's nice to see straight toes again! I can't say enough about how knowledgeable, compassionate and considerate Dr Bregman and his medical assistant, Lis are. Should the need arise, I would definitely see Dr Bregman. I highly recommend him.
by Denise Gyenes
December 18, 2017
I came to Dr Bergman through the Veteran's Affairs Choice program and was extremely impressed from the beginning. His staff are amazingly friendly, competent, and outstanding problem solvers - they know their stuff!! Dr Bergman is knowledgeable with a warm personality and delightful bedside manner - from the first appointment through surgery to the post operation phase his professionalism and true concern for his patient's welfare was evident. I thank everyone for the treatment I've received and am still receiving - I look forward to having my other foot done by this wonderful team of professionals!
by MMichael
September 29, 2017
I have been a patient of Dr. Bregman for over a year now. I came to him after a very traumatic Morton's Neuroma surgery done by a different Doctor. Dr. Bregman knew right away what was wrong and advised me that he could give me quality of life back. He was so compassionate and knowledgeable. Him and his staff are so efficient, it's truly amazing how smooth it all goes whenever you need anything. Before my surgery with Dr. Bregman, they had my medications set up and a knee scooter already for me. All I had to do after surgery was to go home. Because of my fears to go into another surgery, Dr. Bregman made sure that I didn't feel anything, even for a couple of days afterwards. I have seen Dr. Bregman many times now and I will tell you this: My surgery turned out to give me some of my life back...he was able to do exactly what he said that he could do. I have many other medical issues that occurred from the surgery with that other Doctor and Dr. Bregman, though not in his field of medicine, continues to help me through it all. I email him at different hours and no matter what, he literally gets back to me so fast, that sometimes I think that I haven't even hit the SEND button yet! He never rushes me when I'm in his Office and thoroughly explains things to me. If he doesn't know the answer to something I ask, he gets the answer. Truly a one in a million Doctor. I can't stress to you enough, that if you or someone you know are looking for a Foot Doctor...Dr. Bregman is the one! You'll be very happy with this Doctor, as he is not only Great at what he does, he has a humanness to his Patients that is very rare these days. I thank God every day that I chose Dr. Bregman and I'll never go elsewhere if it involves my foot. Thank You for being who you are Dr. Bregman!
by Dawn Wiltse
September 10, 2017
I came to Doctor Bregman after enduring a very traumatic Neuroma surgery at the hands of a different Doctor. I was left with: my toes feeling like they were being sawed off at the foot 24/7 AND the bone on the bottom of my foot felt like it was broke in half, flopping in excruciating pain with every step. I couldn't sleep, sit, stand, walk or work...I had No Life! The courtesy and efficiency of Dr. Bregman's staff is truly impressive. I have never had to wait beyond my scheduled appointment time and if anything, get called back 3-5 minutes ahead. Dr. Bregman's assistant Doug, did the initial fact gathering from me. He is always polite and professional. Upon meeting Dr. Bregman for the first time, he politely introduced himself and got right to the point. He immediately knew what had been done to me and he actually cared! He told me that the good news was...the pain is fixable! It would require another surgery but, it was 99% successful at taking away the pain that the cut nerves were causing me. Dr. Bregman never rushes me and really listens to what I am saying. He explains everything in detail, questioning to make sure that you understand. My Post-op appointments, Medications needed and Knee Scooter were all set up before my surgery AND I knew what to expect after surgery! My surgery was on 8/6/2016 (you can watch a video of my procedure on Dr. Bregman's site under You Tube Videos...titled: Dawn's failed Morton's Neurectomy). He had to repair more than initially thought with lots of grafting. I was completely numb for 2 days after the surgery and once the numbness wore off, I had NO PAIN in my toes!!! Now, I am still healing but, I can tell you this...Dr. Bregman literally has given me my life back and to date...I still have No Pain in my toes! Believe what he tells you...if he says that he can fix or make something better for you...he can!
**Thank You is not enough to express what you have done for me Dr. Bregman
by Dawn Wiltse
August 31, 2016
Dr Bregman is a brilliant surgeon who restored quality to my life. Prior to surgery I could not walk through Costco without stabbing pain in my foot. Now I enjoy long walks with my husband daily. He is compassionate, listened to my concerns, and explained my procedure in depth. Dr. Bregman gave me a sense of confidence and trust. Throughout my journey Dr. Bregman always made himself available to me by; office visits, phone calls and even email communication. Simply put, Dr. Bregman is the best and I would recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone who has foot or ankle problems.
by Marie
February 16, 2016
I started having severe pain in my ankles to the point it really really hurt when I walked. I went to see a local podiatrist, and several visits later and a couple shots of cortisone the pain had become much worse and I didn’t have much confidence in that particular doctor at all.

Through recommendations from friends I made an appointment with Dr. Peter Bregman. By this time I was in so much pain I was crying in his office. He must’ve thought I was a lunatic but I had been dealing with the pain and decreased ability to walk for some time. At my very first appointment with him, Dr. Bregman, with certainty and confidence, physically examined my ankles. He suspected that there were issues with the soft tissue and those suspicions were confirmed with MRI’s of both ankles. Severe destruction of the tendons and ligaments in both of my ankles equally. I was thrilled that Dr. Bregman had known immediately what the issue was before it was even confirmed. I immediately felt like he knew what he was doing. A welcome change from my previous experience.

Dr. Bregman’s approach for treatment was conservative in nature. I wanted to have both surgeries done at one time and get it over with but he informed me that that was not the best choice and he wouldn’t even consider doing both at once. He did surgery on each ankle separately to repair/replace the tendons and ligaments including using an artificial ligament to augment the procedure. The surgeries were done three months apart followed by physical therapy. There were no complications with either surgery. He is excellent at what he does and he was always available if I needed to communicate with him via phone or email.

I had the first surgery April 2015 and the second in July 2015. Today is January 19, 2016, it has been 9 and 6 months respectively since my surgeries. The scars are extremely minimal, I can walk, use the stairs, and just recently ceased using any and all braces/assistive devices. Running and dancing might still be a little ways off, but seeing as how it wasn’t that long ago that I could hardly walk…I am thrilled! The recovery has been a smooth one and I am so happy and blessed to finally have my mobility and independence back again! I highly recommend Dr. Peter Bregman for any foot/ankle problems you may have!
by Cipriana Bovill
January 20, 2016
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October 31, 2015
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