Tal Dagan, MD

Tal Dagan, MD
Tal Dagan MD PC 420 Madison Avenue, Suites 503-505 New York, NY 10017
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Left me with lifelong deformities. Internal and external scarring. Have visited 12 different double and triple board certified plastic surgeons in the US and 2 across the pond who are absolutely horrified. He is dishonest, and incapable. Tal Dagan should not be licensed to perform any further operations on any other potential victims.
by Attorney Representing Verified Patient xxx.xxx.164.207
December 27, 2015
Great doctor, I am super satisfied with my cosmetic surgical results, I would recommend to anyone
by J. hess xxx.xxx.97.133
July 26, 2014
I've never felt so taken advantage of by a doctor or his office.

I urge you readers, with as much compassion as I can possibly muster, to avoid him at all costs!!! I got billed $360 for unnecessary and predatory behaviors!!!! Read the other reviews if mine is too long --- I'm not the only one getting bamboozled.

In April 2013 (keep a note of that date), my left ear was bothering me because I felt a little pressure there and things sounded a bit muffled. I decided to ignore it for a couple days then decided to book a quick visit to Dr. Dagan. I filled out my paperwork and was seen by him roughly 15 minutes AFTER my appointment. He asked me a series of routine health questions. He then looked at my ear and suggested that I 'hold my breath, puff my cheeks and blow hard while holding my breath". Guess what. It worked! A sort of magic solution you learn in camp when your 12 years old. Like yawning to pop your ears. Very elementary stuff. I sheepishly confirmed that everything was okay. No problems here, its what happened afterwards.

As soon as I start to leave his office he says that I need to see the other doctor in the office and take a hearing test. I asked why? My hearing was fine and it was such a simple childish problem. He informed me that he needed to be sure. So I take the extra 10 minutes and did a bunch of elaborate, unnecessary tests. Completely utterly useless.

So he either 1) was making me do extra tests so that he could bill me more or 2) is an incompetent doctor that *really* believed I needed these tests. After so many years in practice, either one of these scenarios is despicable.

Almost an entire year passes without hearing from their office. I chalk it up to good karma. That the good doctor didn't bill me for his old wives tale remedy. NOPE. Last Monday, I get a call from their office saying that my bill is way past overdue. What a surprise this was to me, I haven't heard from them in AN ENTIRE YEAR.

I tell the receptionist I didnt know and that they had the wrong address on file. I tell her I was very surprised at my bill of $360 for procedures I didn't ask for and for his whole 2 minutes with me. She says she understood and got my email/address to resend it and that she would talk with the doctor about my experience. I was happy and said I would wait for her call before acting on anything.

Just one week passes, no word from their office. Much to my surprise, I get mail that says that I've been taken to collections and something about legal action. SURPRISE SURPRISE. I'm very worried at this point and call the receptionist, she first apologizes for not giving me a call back but when I bring up the collections bill, she changes her story and says she tried to call me but didn't reach me so she decided to file it for collections.

Either way, I ended up paying it because I'm not going to hurt my credit. But to have no contact for a YEAR, then go from bill to collections in a week is just criminal. I spoke with the same woman throughout and she knew the situation and still nothing.
by Michael xxx.xxx.12.98
March 19, 2014
Was this provider sympathetic to your situation?
Yes! They went above and beyond to make me feel special and respected
Does this provider ever overbook appointments here?
Never! They have lots of business, but they do such a great job of never overbooking.
Was it easy to make an appointment with this provider?
Yes! It was effortless!
Did this provider prominently display their diplomas or business license?
Definitely! I saw it as soon as I walked in!
Did this provider thoroughly explain the risks and benefits of your treatment?
Yes, they made sure I had all the information I needed to make a decision
by Anonymous xxx.xxx.164.124
May 08, 2013
Were you able to get answers to simple questions from this provider without scheduling an appointment?
Absolutely! I'm always able to get my questions answered over the phone right away!
Was it easy to make an appointment with this provider?
Yes! It was effortless!
Was this provider's staff friendly?
Yes, they went above and beyond
Were the waiting room chairs comfortable at this ENT Otolaryngologist's office?
Extremely comfortable; I could have fallen asleep
Does this provider have helpful information available online?
Yes, they have a great website and are present in many online directories
by Anonymous xxx.xxx.187.43
December 11, 2012
Did this provider answer all of your questions?
Was this provider's staff friendly?
Did you leave the office feeling satisfied with your visit?
Was this provider's office easy to locate?
Fairly Easy
Are you going to visit this provider again?
by Anonymous xxx.xxx.116.145
August 27, 2012
Did this provider answer all of your questions?
Every question I had was answered thoroughly
by Anonymous xxx.xxx.228.100
June 05, 2012
I found Dr. Dagan's name on a list of preferred physicians provided by my insurance company. I had no referral from anyone who had used his services nor any expectation of service or results on my first visit.

Dr. Dagan was the first and only Doctor in my many years of extensive experience with medical professionals who pro-actively called me the day after my initial visit (a half hour on the phone) to further discuss my case and provide me with all possible scenarios and choices. Talk about making me feel like he cared...in this day and age of medical professionals who don't quite act professionally, this was incredible and an unexpected and sincerely appreciated service. I would recommend Dr. Dagan highly to anyone in New York or out who has need to consult with an ENT specialist who cares.
by B. Silvermintz
January 04, 2012
I'm always amazed at how considerate and concerned they are for my well-being. Their advice is always wonderful and completely unbiased. As soon as I walked through the door, I was immediately greeted by the friendly staff. They went out of their way to make me feel special and appreciated. I've never seen anyone who is more respected by their staff. The entire staff only had great things to say about working there, and it made me want to return all the more. They are so kind and caring, and they stay open way past their closing time to help anyone who needs them. They wouldn't deny anyone that needed help. I know I can always count on them. Although I have never had much to complain about I know that they always adhere to the customer is always right policy here. They take every complaint very seriously and strive to ensure that clients leave satisfied with their visit each and every time.
by jack
August 03, 2011
The one thing that I really enjoy about this place is their high level of customer service. Their full attention is always on me and they never take personal calls during my appointment. I've been to other places that answer their phone and it just drives me crazy. They diagnosed my condition very quickly. I was confident that they were using the latest treatment methods. Dr. Dagan gives you the time and attention you deserve. He is very thorough in his explanations, making sure you understand what's going on. I would recommend him to my friends and family. He's a great doctor! Has great bedside manners.
by NYuppie
April 27, 2011
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