John K Willis II, MD

John K Willis II, MD
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Both of my boys go see Dr. Willis every month They are K-4 grade age. He treats each one of them as an individual whereas other doctors we've been to for their ADHD Saint thinks that they should be on like the same exact medication instead of realizing that they're different one is so Siri year that he needs an atypical antipsychotic( considered the gold standard children who have to have this type as far as safety & negative side effects. It has changed my life and my entire family's life. Dr. Willis has really taken the time to get to know me and my family. I don't understand where are the other people are coming from because he can come off as a brusque but he really does care and he is a great doctor. Trust me no doctor is perfect, because it is taking us about 15 doctors,to get him to the point he is at now. I love the fact that Dr. Willis's office is decorated in cartoon characters. It is a teaching hospitaland if the doctor has someone following them around that means they're very well respected and good at what they do.
To the second person who talked about her son-i'm sorry that his personality did not clesh well. I honestly was not too thrilled when I met him the first time but some of the best doctors at trading complicated cases don't have perfect bedside manner. He has changed our life my son went from being held back in kindergarten to now all A's honor roll. And no he's not a zombie or anything like that in fact his ADHD is a daily struggle but the way your appointment made you feel is how I was made to feel at all these other doctors appointments Dr. Willis look to town and saw that I needed help. Since the age of two, my older child has been banging his head into concrete walls that type of thing. No one would really take me seriouslyand I didn't really want to bring the attention so I ordered a helmet for children with epilepsy and autism and he wore that in case he decided to throw a fit.
All I'm saying is what is a miracle doctor for one mom may be just a stepping stone along the way to finding a great doctor for your family. A word of advice, get your doctor to send three or four referrals for an appointment with a pediatric neurologist and whichever doctor cause you back first usually song will have a cancellation and you can find out how to kind of get around having to wait for months because I know how that is too. Hopefully this helps someone to read something positive 😀
by Amy Peterson
October 04, 2015
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Not the worst, but certainly not the best
by Anonymous
November 03, 2011
We saw dr willis after my son had a car accident w/ abnormalties that came back on his MRI, he has a dehyrdated disc and 2 bulging discs. We first had to go through the entire visit with medical students who were training under him. Then he came in with his BOOKSACK and went a million mph asking questions like he was on speed. I cannot understand a dr having zero patience who is treating children!! My son could not even keep up with the exam. He rushed through the entire visit and told my son he needed to quit "whining" and get back to his activities!! My son is suffering everyday with pain from these injuries and we waited over a month for an appointment. When, we walked out my son was in tears because he was not validated in his pain. And for me the mother, i could have slapped this dr and gave him a couple bulging discs and told him to quit whining and get back to his activities. RIDICULOUS!!! STAY AWAYI would never recommend them to anyone. They were terrible.
June 29, 2011
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