Julie Qu

Julie Qu
2120 W. Spring Creek Pkwy Ste D Plano, TX 75023
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I wish I could give her more than 5 stars! She is amazing and very sweet! I came in with a pain I've had under my right rib cage for 5+ years. I've been to doctors and specialists over the years and many tests later and they couldn't find anything wrong. She knew exactly what it was and began treating it immediately. She also helped me with losing weight with ear acupuncture. She places tiny needles on my ears and I wear them at all times. It works miraculously! By the next day, my cravings were completely gone and my appetite decreased significantly. Sugary foods and some foods that weren't good for me started tasting bad to me so I didn't want them. Also I eat about a 1/4 of what I used to and I'm not hungry! I have lost 9lbs in a little over a month. No more fad/crash diets! Do it the natural way!! And I have to mention that my digestion has been A LOT better too. Don't let the cost deter you! She works miracles! Well worth it!
by Rachel Finn xxx.xxx.49.66
August 01, 2016
I had a very good experience with Julie Qu. She was very kind and always
was attentive to my comfort and needs.
I find her very professional and was genuinely work to take care of problems
in my lower back and other areas.

I would recommend you go and see for yourself.
by Gary Buckner xxx.xxx.129.57
December 08, 2014
I had a very bad experience with Dr Julie Qu. I went to her for pain in my knees because of tendonitis. While she was sticking needles, I had a lot of pain and in the past, I had accupuncture for my back but it was never painful.After the session, I developed a bruise where she stuck one of the needles and my knee pain got worse. the pain from the bruise stayed for more than a week. During my first visit, she sold me a six session package and it was completely dumb on my part to buy that but thought I could save some money..I was not happy that she caused a bruise on my knee which made my pain worse so I took an appointment with her to tell her how I felt....when I explained how my pain got worse, all she did was to defend herself and didn't seem a bit concerned about me....and when I asked her to refund my money, she got really upset and she said she is going to charge me 50$ for making appointment and not getting treatment and causing her a loss of one session's payment...this is what really made me angry....this is totally unprofessional...all she is about, is making her money and she doesn't care a damn about healing you....from the way, the needles caused pain, I even doubt her proficiency at accupuncture......I would not recommend her at all to anyone.....her package deals are a trap to make you keep going to her so beware....
by Anonymous
April 10, 2009
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