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Dr. Ditson's knowledge of the spine and, more importantly, the interconnections of systems is unparalleled. He can connect seemingly unrelated symptoms to discover their root cause. Granted, this must be on a case by case basis, but I have been very impressed with him as he treated myself and my family.

Chiropractic is not an instant cure, but it can be instantly affective. Dr. Ditson is a teacher as well as a practitioner, a storyteller who believes in the truth of chiropractic care. His focus is not on outward appearances: the office is small and the wallpaper (yes, wallpaper) looks likes it's been around awhile. It is not a formal experience, visiting with Dr. Ditson. But it is worthwhile.

A visit isn't usually quick. He takes his time. Sometimes he gets so caught up in explaining or sharing a story that you have to be persistent in getting to the point, but the journey is part of the treatment and, sometimes, it is in the storytelling that he elicits that one detail of your background that elucidates your problem.

It's uncanny.

If you are expecting lavish treatment, this is not the office for you. But if you are looking for a knowledgeable chiropractor who treats conditions as non-invasively as possible (he favors an instrument for adjustments and avuncular therapy: ear points, as it were), he might be your best choice.

Moreover, he stands by his work. I tried supplements free. Only once we found the right combination did I begin to buy. That is incredible. All the cost was on him for my wellness. He charges for effective care, not speculation.

He is to my experience a good chiropractor and a good man.
Is this business in a safe neighborhood?
Yes, it was in a safe enough neighborhood
Was this acupuncturist argumentative or easily angered?
No. It was a calm appointment.
Did a staff member acknowledge or greet you when you entered?
Yes, Immediately! They gave me a friendly greeting as soon as I walked in
Did this provider ever take personal phone calls while in the appointment room with you?
No, they've never taken personal calls with me
Did this provider's staff seem to respect him/her?
Definitely! They staff spoke very highly of him/her
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