Beau Doubleday, DC, DACNB

Beau Doubleday, DC, DACNB
Doubleday Spine & BRAIN of Southwest Michigan 601 South Shore Dr Battle Creek, MI 49014
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5 star average for Service
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Working in a factory for so many years, Dr. Doubleday has helped me so I can do my job without all the pain. He listens and is very knowledgeable.
by Valerie Mayes
April 28, 2021
Great office and Doctor
by Joanne
May 19, 2020
Life as we know it and live it can get us out of sorts and for several years, Dr. Doubleday has redirected what was out of alignment. Then after a car accident 4 years ago, sustained injuries that flare from time to time and a TBI, Dr. Doubleday and his staff never gave up on getting me where I am today! I am grateful for the neurological, spine, massage (no one like Gena Reed) therapy, laser (Stacie you’re a rock star) therapy and genuine care of my whole person! I feel great now and owe so much of that to their practice!
by Peggy Damon
October 15, 2019
He has an amazing understanding of the body and how to keep everything in line. My family couldn't move without him.
by Sue
April 03, 2019
He has helped me get back on the move again after having hips issues do to sitting at a desk all day.
by Modijo
April 01, 2019
A major difference in the chiropractors I have seen and the Doctors here. Extremely professional, I learned about my diagnosis, my plan of treatment and backup plans. It was like they new what I was going to say or not say. They did a full exam and described the findings and how it contributed to my condition. Then he told me my last chiro was close to solving my problem. He treated me three times, I was 99 percent better. This was after 10 years of treatments from injections to cervical fusion and then lumbar fusion. I will say this again, three treatments I was 99 percent better! Then he sent me back to my original chiropractor with a plan for him to follow.

My family has been going to DO's and chiro's before I can remember. I was mentally trained for another chiropractor and what I got was a specialist. This guy knew his stuff, and I'm very happy my doctor looked up to him and sent me there for care.
by Ty
March 31, 2017
Dr. Doubleday has been treating my whole family for years and I trust him implicitly. He relieved my son's recurring back pain during the football season using the FNOR technique in ONE treatment! I appreciate his continuous education to grow his knowledge and skills to treat his patients and recommend him often with confidence.
by Beth Denbrock
January 27, 2016
Education makes a difference. My wife called knowing he could help me.
The office was closed but he responded. I thought I should go see my normal doctor again. We did yard work the day before, I shoveled and immediately felt sore. The next morning I could get out of bed. My wife called, emailed, face booked, etc. He gave up time with his family to help me. I was still skeptical but he explained everything until I totally understood. When I left, I felt great. I never thought my pain could be totally resolved with one crack. But I feel great and just want others to know that this is ten times better than my last experience.
by Josh
May 25, 2015
My 4 year old had been constipated for 8 days. I had been to the pediatrician who told me to give suppositories and prescribed colace and told I would have to wait for the problem to work itself out. Not satisfied with that answer and watching my daughter suffer from pain every day I took her to see Dr. Beau Doubleday. He was excellent with her and thoroughly explained to me how the digestive system works and gave me some exercises to do with her and suggested some natural supplements and adjusted her. Within 24 hours, my daughter was cleaned out and back to herself. I am so thankful. Wish I could give more than 5 stars!
by Tracy
January 10, 2015
great facility and doctors are wonderful
by annie
November 12, 2014
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