Dennis Molloy, D.C.

Dennis Molloy, D.C.
Molloy Chiropractic Center 201 US Hwy. 45 #A Vernon Hills, IL 60061
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We are so lucky to have found Dr. Molloy. Our teenage daughter has been a patient of Dr. Molloy's for a variety of sport related injuries. He is extremely knowledgeable and has a keen sense of identifying the problem and prescribing the correct therapy. He is never in a rush and is kind and compassionate. I just can't refer him enough to anyone that who is looking to get their body back in tune and functioning the way that it should without pain. Also, Terry at the front desk is very welcoming and she will always greet you with a warm hello!
by Joseph Kelly
May 06, 2022
Dr. Dennis Molloy is highly recommended as a chiropractor and holistic wellness practitioner. Most appreciated is Dr. Dennis’ kind manner with his patients. I walked into his office a literal ‘train wreck’ and from the first visit, my healing was noticeably in progress. What is important to note is the depth of knowledge and targeted approach that supports the improvements with regular appointments, along with his taking that extra time to find the secondary cause of the imbalance. By example; I would suggest asking Dr. Dennis about sinus inflammation as a contributing factor needing resolution! The office itself is a lovely wellness center, and Drs. Molloy have a staff that welcoming and professionally efficient. I find the quality of my life is enhanced by the care received with Molloy Chiropractic Center.
by Sherilyn
October 18, 2021
I was brought to Dr. Dennis Molloy with severe low back pain 3 years ago. I could not breathe and move, that how painful it was. After first treatment I had a relieve. Dr. Molloy diagnosed the problem right away and began his treatment to eliminate pain.
I visited him recently with strange symptoms of burning pain in my ear, head, neck and shoulder. ER doctor was not able to help me, CT scan did not show anything. Dr. Molloy diagnosed the source of the problem and began treatment. I wish, I would skip ER and come to him right away. He is not only experienced and knowledgeable doctor, he has a special "magic touch".
by Yuliya
October 08, 2019
I can not thank Dr’s Molloy for all their care & expertise !!! I have been in pain for over a year with a neck/ shoulder injury & within less than a month I am already feeling so much relief!!! Needless to say I have been recommending Molloy Chiropractic to all my family & friends!
by Pam D
July 31, 2019
I have been going to Dr. Molloy for over 25 years for various ailments and with each problem, I have been helped tremendously. He is extremely knowledgeable and caring. His goal is to get you feeling better and staying better. I would and have recommended him to various neighbors and friends.
by Carol B
April 11, 2019
Dr. Molloy cured me of my tension headaches. After a few visits I noticed a difference. Now I go in for a quick tune up when needed. I went from being in pain for 1-3 days at a time a couple of times a month to maybe one or two headaches a year. Amazing! And Dr. Molloy listens well and tries to problem solve and offer new ideas. He is not a chiropractor who tells you that you need to come in 2 or 3 times a week for x number of weeks. You come in until you are better, at his recommendation and your own discretion. Completely low pressure and trustworthy!!
by Amy Karasick
August 16, 2017
I was a week from scheduling cervical (neck) surgery because I
had been in severe pain and no other specialists had helped to
alleviate it. Mind you, I was in such pain that
I could barely dress myself or walk to another room. I had spent almost 2 months basically
sitting in a recliner to get some relief. My husband had to even drive me to each of
the appointments. I tried everything short of the surgery including steroid packs, prescription pain medication, physical therapy, and a cortisone injection with no relief. After receiving an X-ray, 2 MRI's for the neck and shoulder (to rule out shoulder problems),
I received a diagnosis of cervical stenosis (a narrowing of the spinal column with herniated discs). When the previous methods did not work, I met with a spinal surgeon and was about to schedule surgery.
My kind sister-in-law recommended Dr. Molloy. I was reluctant because how could a
chiropractor help when my diagnosis was a narrow spine?
But I kept an open mind and was willing to try anything.
I was able to get in immediately to see Dr. Molloy. He was friendly, kind, and answered all questions readily.
He took his own X-rays and found that in addition to the herniated discs that I also had a
rotated disc in my upper back (something that was never looked at previously).
I began to see Dr. Molloy 4-5 days a week for approximately two months. At these visits, he gave adjustments (I'm very happy to report that my rotated disc is back in place!), used a muscle stimulator on my upper back (due to the tense muscles), and used ultrasound to
reduce the nerve inflammation. This is the third month since I began seeing him and I am
happy to report that I am significantly better. I no longer take any prescription pain medication. I only see him once per week for ultrasound and now have gotten back to all daily activities!
I very highly recommend Dr. Molloy. He is really one of the best doctors out there!
by Karla
May 17, 2016
Dr Molloy is a "miracle worker and i mean that with all my heart !! He has been helping me and my family for many years whenever we hurt ourselves and he always has a way to repair the damage and make it better.......i am never disappointed can be a little problem or a big problem or injury and he always finds a way to fix it and i am soooooo soooooo thankful for all he has done can trust him .....he is really good and never did any harm never only helped and healed.....i thank God for him i really do i thank God for him.........thank you Dr. Molloy thank you so much !!!!!!!!!!! debbie
by debbie
March 07, 2016
My wife and I have been seeing Dr. Molloy as needed for many years, sometimes with pretty serious issues, and he has always provided a cure. He saved me from "the knife" at least twice. Dr. "Dennis" is a true professional, caring, friendly and totally dedicated to his patients well being. In addition, his office staff is very friendly and helpful.
by Kenneth Teglia
January 29, 2016
There is no doctor that I have ever visited that I would rate higher than Dr Molloy. I ruptured 3 discs 30 years ago and up until visiting Dr Molloy, have lived with chronic pain. I have been going to Dr Molloy for approx 10 years now and the pain has dramatically decreased. I very rarely have to go in and when I do, I am back in shape in no time. My husband and I refer everyone we know to him.
by Sandy LaBuda
April 19, 2015
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