Whole body treatments


Body treatments are a group of therapies that are performed to supposedly improve the appearance of the skin or help an individual lose weight. In general, these treatments involve applying a mixture of substances to almost all of the patient's exposed skin or submerging the body in specialized baths. Body wraps, seaweed wraps, and mud baths are all types of all-over body treatments. Most people consider all over body treatments to be a relaxing experience. Relaxation and temporary cosmetic changes are the primary reason people receive whole body treatments.
Advocates claim that body wraps may successfully alter the appearance of the skin and cause weight loss. Generally, these effects are advertised as being relatively short-lived. However, some providers of whole body treatments claim that regular application will result in long-term cosmetic changes.
Whole body treatments have their origin in a variety of cultures. The diverse and varied materials used in whole body treatments were not created in any one time or place. The wide selection of body treatment types and materials used in whole body treatments in contemporary spas is a unique fusion of many different cultural practices.
Due to the amounts of materials and space required, whole body treatments are most commonly practiced at spas.
Though advocates purport that whole body treatments remove toxins from the body and infuse the skin with nutrients that create a healthy appearance for the skin, there is a lack of higher quality clinical trials have been conducted to evaluate these claims. Research conducted by manufacturers of individual products may be potentially biased.
Some whole body treatments may provide symptom relief for individuals with skin conditions that cover most of their bodies, such as psoriasis. The treatments are also sometimes used by individuals with rheumatic complaints, such as arthritis.

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