Spiritual healing


The use of spiritual healing can be traced as far back as the New Testament of the Bible. In modern times, a number of therapeutic techniques involve spiritual aspects, and there is overlap between these different approaches. Individuals and organizations involved with spiritual healing may use many different approaches and styles.
Some schools offer certification in healing, although official licensure is lacking in this area. In England, there are thousands of practitioners registered in numerous healing organizations. Organizations may require a minimum of 2 to 3 years of training for healers.
Some of the therapies used in the United States that involve spiritual healing or mind/body medicine include distance healing, therapeutic touch, Ayurveda, prayer, pastoral counseling, supernatural healing sources, metaphysical healing and Reiki. These therapies may be grouped under the concept of holistic care.
Spiritual healing is often practiced without charge, and many different approaches and durations have been used. Treatments may be given at healing centers, in the medical setting, in hospice programs, in the home, and from a distance. Spiritual healers may also work with patients over the Internet.

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Note: Researchers apply the term "spiritual healing" somewhat loosely. Some consider all energy-based modalities as forms of spiritual healing, even though they are taught as secular.