Jujitsu was developed in Japan during the feudal period. Jujitsu is an ancient Japanese martial art that involves grappling, joint lock techniques, strikes and sweeps and ground fighting. In Japanese, the word jujutsu means "gentle skill". The word is a broad term including Judo and a few other martial arts. All jujitsu includes a courteous and respectful atmosphere, a uniform, which generally consists of a plain white robe and pants, and the abstinence of ostentatious display. Jujitsu also involves no trophies, contracts, tags or badges.
Jujitsu involves the incorporation of three different states of mind. These states of mind are Zanshin, Mushin, and Fudoshin. The combination of these elements is said to lead to power, preparation and the potential to excel in this martial art. Zanshin means remaining spirit. The principle of Zanshin is to be ready for anything at any given time. Mushin means no mind and allows for spontaneity and instantaneous action. Finally, Fudoshin means immovable mind.

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