Detoxification therapy (cleansing)


Detoxification is a broad term that encompasses many different ways of cleansing the body's internal systems and organs. Major methods include chelation therapy (EDTA therapy), colonic irrigation, nutritional supplementation, several varieties of herbal medicine, dietary therapy, fasting, juicing, probiotics, hydrotherapy, sauna and exercise.
Four main types of toxins are addressed through detoxification: heavy metals, chemical toxins, microbial compounds, and byproducts from protein metabolism. Advocates believe detoxification cleanses the body, clears the skin, enhances the senses, helps weight loss, improves fertility, improves flexibility, increases vitamin and mineral absorption, purifies, reduces blood fat levels, reduces symptoms of toxicity, rejuvenates, rests organs, and slows aging.
Organs that perform detoxification functions for the body include the skin, liver, intestines and kidneys. Many methods of detoxification focus on strengthening or supporting the natural processes of these organs.
For many methods of detoxification there is little or no evidence from clinical trials to enable recommendations for or against their use. See individual monographs on this site for reviews of the available evidence.

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Not included in this review: Alcoholism and drug abuse detoxification.