California jimson weed


Datura wrightii (California jimson weed), and to a lesser extent, Datura stramonium, are common plants in California in the United States, with a repulsive smell and a harsh, astringent flavor to their leaves. In California, the plant is frequently called jimson weed, which has lead to confusion among scientists and clinicians who may not realize that the plant is actually Datura wrightii, not Datura stramonium.
Datura wrightii has been widely used in California. It is also a potentially dangerous plant that has killed many, especially teenagers. Abuse of the plant has been promoted on the Internet, in books, and by word of mouth.
However, many southwestern Native American cultures used Datura wrightii during puberty ceremonies, specifically to induce visions. It was and continues to be a popular herbal medicine among Native Americans who know how to use it safely. It is sometimes sold in Mexican shops as hierba del diablo.
Use of this plant may cause respiratory depression that may result in death. Datura contains atropine and scopolamine, which may induce visual and auditory hallucinations, confusion, panic, and other conditions.

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Not included in this review: Jimson weed (Datura stramonium) or Datura suaveolens.

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