Achromatopsia Prevention and Treatment


There is no known cure for achromatopsia. Several treatments do exist to help reduce the severity of some of the symptoms.
Eyewear: The heightened sensitivity to light that some individuals with achromatopsia experience may be alleviated through the use of visors or sunglasses with special filters or tinted lenses.
Red-tinted contact lenses have been developed that allow patients with incomplete achromatopsia to better detect red lights, such as stop lights.
Microscopic eyewear has been developed that could help patients with decreased clearness of vision read small print, such as in newspapers.
Head positions: If a patient displays nystagmus, the involuntary eye movements could be reduced by adjusting specific head or eye positions.

integrative therapies

Currently, there is a lack of scientific data on the use of integrative therapies for the treatment or prevention of achromatopsia.


There are currently no known ways to prevent congenital achromatopsia. However, acquired achromatopsia may be prevented by following routine safety measures to protect against brain damage, such as wearing a bicycle helmet or a seatbelt.