Facial flushing


Facial flushing occurs when there is increased blood flow to the face causing the face to suddenly become red. This may also cause the face to feel warm or hot. Sometimes the neck and chest may also become red. Most people have experienced facial flushing when they have felt embarrassed (blushing) or angry.
There are hundreds of potential causes of facial flushing. Some of the most common causes of facial flushing include alcohol consumption, allergies, drug reactions, emotions (e.g. embarrassment or anger), reactions to food additives, menopause, exposure to extreme temperatures (hot and cold), and skin disorders (like rosacea).
The exact prevalence of facial flushing has not been established. This is because facial flushing is a common symptom of many illnesses, disorders, and reactions.
Symptoms of facial flushing may be treated with a cool compress or by drinking cool fluids. However, the only way to prevent facial flushing from returning is to treat the underlying cause. Once the cause is treated, symptoms may resolve.

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