Drinking His Way to A Pain Free Day

How Joe Cross Re-Invented Himself Through Juicing

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By Karl Lawrence on Friday, January 1, 2016
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In this week’s episode of Your Best Life, Karl interviews Joe Cross, who is famous for his award winning documentary film Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. In the film, Joe travelled across America for sixty days consuming nothing but freshly juiced vegetables and fruit. Joe inspires people to change their diets and tap into the nutrition found in plants. During the show, Karl and Joe discuss Joe’s personal journey, the benefits of juicing, and what it means to reboot.

Main Questions Asked:

  • What inspired you to take the approach you did?
  • What were your doctors telling you before your ‘juice only’ journey?
  • Walk us through the process of being in a place of being ready to go ‘walkabout’ in the United States for 60 days?
  • When was it during the process that you struggled the most?
  • How long did it take you to get comfortable with the process?
  • What was the biggest ah-ha moment that came in the first 90 days?
  • How did you pick the juices you wanted to start with?
  • Did you have any juicing set backs along the way?
  • Talk about the Reboot With Joe program and how it works.
  • What benefits can people expect from juicing?

Key Lessons Learned:

  • The human body will ‘break’ if you starve it of Mother Nature’s nutrients.
  • Living
  • 70% of all disease is caused by lifestyle choices.
  • When you are ready to listen and you hear something interesting, it sets you on a path of working out what you can do to make changes.
  • US-based physicians only get a few days of training regarding nutrition and the impact on the body.
  • People don’t like being ‘told’ what to do; they like being ‘shown’ what to do.
  • The human body is well equipped to deal with famine for up to 2-3 months. In America, we have a problem with ‘feast’ not ‘famine.’
  • Eating too much is a new phenomenon for the human species. Many of us are paying the price for not being mindful of eating too much food.

Joe's Juicing Journey

  • It took Joe a year from deciding he needed to make the change to actually starting.
  • It took Joe 60 days of eating Juice and 90 days of eating plants before he was off all medication and 100lbs lighter.
  • There are two types of struggle:
    • i) Physical struggle
    • ii) Mental struggle
  • Mental struggle comes and goes and is the reminder of cravings.
  • The best way to change the world is to start with yourself.


  • Juicing is essentially drinking the water that is filtered through plants.
  • There are two ways to juice. The first is to do a ‘reboot,’ which is juice only.
  • Long-term juicing-only is for extreme situations.
  • The second way to juice is incorporating juicing into the regular life.
  • The juices on Joe’s menu came down to taste, that he knew he had to make green juice, but also made orange, purple and red.
  • The juices had a lot of vegetables and not just fruit and things that were full of sugar.
  • The different colors of juices are ways of providing micronutrients as there are lots of different values in each color of fruit and vegetables.
  • When you juice, you are extracting the water out of the plant and leaving the fiber behind.
  • If you’re getting into juicing, there is a lot to learn such as what kind of juicer you need to buy, the difference between juicing and blending, what ingredients are right for what you are trying to accomplishing.
  • Joe learned that you can’t juice avocados or bananas. The can be blended but not juiced.
  • If you are going to juice for more than 15 days, it is recommended to take a plant protein.

Benefits From Juicing

  • Reducing inflammation, immune system benefits, and increase in energy.
  • You are flooding your system with micronutrients.
  • Juicing will help loosen up the bowel.
  • You are in ‘survival mode,’ so your senses start to come alive.
  • You can focus more, have more energy, and can concentrate better.
  • Improved eyesight, hearing, sense of smell, and touch.


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