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By Karl Lawrence on Friday, August 7, 2015
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In this week's episode of Your Best Life, Karl interviews Dr. Christiane Northrup, who is a board certified OBGYN and the former assistant clinical professor of OBGYN at Maine Medical Center. Dr. Northrup is the world's foremost authority in everything that goes right with the female body. She is a New York Times bestselling author and leading proponent of medicine that acknowledges the unity of mind, body, emotions, and spirit. In 2013, Readers Digest named Dr. Northrup one of the top 100 Most Trusted People in America. During the show, Karl and Dr. Northrup discuss menopause, orgasms, rejection, Caitlyn Jenner, the blue zone, and what it means to be an ageless goddess.

Key Lessons Learned:

  • Being ageless is a choice, and you need to make a decision to live your best life.
  • The best way to get rid of shame is to laugh and shine a light on it as shame can't live in the dark.
  • So much of what we are is about our programming. What we think about, we focus on; what we focus on can manifest.
  • A cause of health is righteous anger. When your innocence or the innocence of someone else is threatened, it makes sense to say or do something.
  • Your income is the average of the 5 people you most frequently hang out with.
  • You are what you consume; TV, radio, books, etc.

Menopause and Orgasms

  • Christiane believes that menopause is a hormonal change to support a spiritual reawakening.
  • 50% of women after menopause suffer from FSD (female sexual dysfunction). Often women, after the age of 50, live from the neck up, but that doesn't need to be the case.
  • Many women think the only way to have a lot of orgasms is to have the right partner, but that isn't true.
  • When you bring your attention to your female erotic anatomy, you'll feel things change. This is what consciousness does.

The Ageless Goddess

  • This is a woman who knows there is an eternal part of her, and most of her is not in a physical body (higher self).
  • Age is nothing but a cultural portal.
  • The developmental timeline for people is varied.
  • Getting older is inevitable. Aging is optional.
  • When you feel as though you are running out of time, simply stop being a certain age!
  • Give up past hang-ups, preconceptions, dogma, and anything else that has you bound.
  • Joy is contagious and amplifies everything else that goes on.


  • We have been taught to deny our passions and suffer in order to live a 'right' life.
  • It's easier not to follow through than risk rejection.
  • The pain of rejection registers in the brain and body as acutely as a broken leg.
  • It takes no courage to be a naysayer.
  • There is so much cultural acceptance and support for negativity.

Healthy Centenarians

  • They all live in sub-cultures of wellness.
  • We all co-author each other's biology.
  • If you are constantly around negativity, that will adversely affect you.

Blue Zone Envy

  • These are places in the world where people live healthy after the age of 80, e.g. Okinawa.
  • Christiane believes that each of us has the ability to create our own blue zone.
  • People with the most varied social contact have the best immunity.
  • Communal dining experiences change the way food is digested and how it is made into tissue.
  • Positives and negatives come together and equalize in energy flows.
  • The health of people's blood and bones for chakra is wired in by our sense of safety and security and sense of belonging.

Thank you for listening!

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Posted 3 years ago by Bella David
It is a new found freedom to me.
Posted 8 years ago by Susan Hobbs
It's very consoling to know about "cultural portal". I love to hear our development and the expansion to a better understanding about "menopause". This one word can make or break a soul, a marriage, a family and a community. Thank you so much for sharing in such eloquent manner and delightful way of just discovering that all the while, almost everything is all inside of us...
Posted 8 years ago by Ruthjean
The topics that aren't female specific are great for men too.
Posted 9 years ago by Phil
Some quite good points, but do expand into other aspects that affect aging. I deal with a lot of stress reduction, diet, relaxation techniques, etc.

Retired professor of psychology and gerontology, Gestalt therapist.
Posted 9 years ago by Dr. Elizabeth Kaspar

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