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Thoracic Surgeon Kingston, NY


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Thoracic Surgeon Kingston, NY

Find a Thoracic Surgeon in Kingston, NY to operate on organs in the chest.

Results for Kingston, NY

  • Cliff Connery 150 Points

    Cliff Connery

    Nuvance Health Medical Practices - Surgical Oncology
    1240 Ulster Avenue
    Kingston, NY 12401
  • James O Finnegan, MD

    James O Finnegan, MD

    KINGSTON, NY 12401
  • Jeffrey E Hatter, MD

    Jeffrey E Hatter, MD

    40 HURLEY AVE STE 16
    KINGSTON, NY 12401
  • Siyamek Neragi-Miandoab, MD

    Siyamek Neragi-Miandoab, MD

    Siyamek Neragi-Miandoab, MD
    Distance: 16.14 mi
    1 Columbia Street
    Suite 300
    Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

Nearby Cities

Poughkeepsie (16.15 mi)

Thoracic Surgeon Info

Thoracic Surgeon Summary:
A Thoracic Surgeon performs surgery on areas of the chest such as the heart, diaphragm, esophagus and lungs. A Thoracic Surgeon is a specialist who is able to treat cancers and abnormalities in the chest area as well as lung and heart conditions. Some of the conditions treated by a Thoracic Surgeon include emphysema, swallowing disorders, heart failure and heart defects. A Thoracic Surgeon is able to perform procedures such as heart transplant, lung transplant, lobectomy, valve repair and defect repair.

Thoracic Surgeon FAQs:
What is a

Thoracic Surgeon

A Thoracic Surgeon performs surgery and treats diseases in the chest, including those concerning the lungs, heart and esophagus.

What does a Thoracic Surgeon treat?
A Thoracic Surgeon can treat coronary artery disease, a Thoracic Surgeon can treat lung cancers, and a Thoracic Surgeon can treat abnormalities of the trachea and heart valves. A Thoracic Surgeon can perform surgery to treat these areas.

Where does a Thoracic Surgeon work?
A Thoracic Surgeon can work in a clinic or hospital.

Thoracic Surgeon Related Terms:
thoracic surgeon, cardiovascular surgeon, general thoracic surgeon, cardiothoracic surgeon, congenital heart surgeon