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Psychiatrist San Antonio, TX



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Psychiatrist San Antonio, TX

Find a psychiatrist in San Antonio, TX who can help with mental health, depression, stress, anxiety, counseling, family and relationships, therapy, and more.

Results for San Antonio, TX

  • Jolene Moore, M.D.
    570 Points

    Jolene Moore, M.D.

    Jolene C. Moore, M.D.
    8231 Fredericksburg Road
    Room 3
    San Antonio, TX 78229
  • Walter W Root, MD
    490 Points

    Walter W Root, MD

    Stone Oak Mental Health Group, PLLC
    20079 Stone Oak Parkway
    San Antonio, TX 78258
  • Joseph Simpson, MD 340 Points

    Joseph Simpson, MD

    Schuenemeyer and Simpson Mds
    9480 Huebner Rd
    San Antonio, TX 78240
  • Jason Miller, DO 310 Points

    Jason Miller, DO

    1854 Lockhill Selma
    San Antonio, TX 78213
  • Eileen Smith, MD 290 Points

    Eileen Smith, MD

    8601 Village Dr Ste 118
    San Antonio, TX 78217
  • Jorge Maldonado, MD
    240 Points

    Jorge Maldonado, MD

    Psychosomatic Institute of San Antonio
    1634 Lockhill Selma
    San Antonio, TX 78213
  • Gundlapalli Surya, MD 240 Points

    Gundlapalli Surya, MD

    8038 Wurzbach Rd Ste 680
    San Antonio, TX 78229
  • Raymond Potterf, MD 230 Points

    Raymond Potterf, MD

    7410 John Smith Ste 208
    San Antonio, TX 78229
  • Toni Dollinger, MD 220 Points

    Toni Dollinger, MD

    Toni R. Dollinger, MD, PA
    4501 McCullough Ave., Suite 105
    San Antonio, TX 78212
  • Clark Terrell, MD 220 Points

    Clark Terrell, MD

    Z A & Assoc
    11124 Wurzbach Rd Ste 206
    San Antonio, TX 78230
  • Shawna Deeves, MD 210 Points

    Shawna Deeves, MD

    15600 San Pedro Suite 202
    San Antonio, TX 78232
  • John  Pichot, M.D.
    200 Points

    John Pichot, M.D.

    Psychiatry Private Practice
    5625 Broadway
    San Antonio, TX 78209
  • Enrique Garza Trevino, MD 200 Points

    Enrique Garza Trevino, MD

    San Antonio Mood Disorders
    730 N Main Ste 615
    San Antonio, TX 78205
  • Cornelius Nau Jr, MD 180 Points

    Cornelius Nau Jr, MD

    4204 Gardendale St Ste 203
    San Antonio, TX 78229
  • Teresita Balderas, MD 170 Points

    Teresita Balderas, MD

    84 NE Loop 410 Ste 140
    San Antonio, TX 78216
  • Charles Sargent, MD 170 Points

    Charles Sargent, MD

    Garden Oaks Counseling
    2832 Nacogdoches Rd
    San Antonio, TX 78217
  • Ronald Brenz, DO 160 Points

    Ronald Brenz, DO

    8038 Wurzbach Rd Ste 234
    San Antonio, TX 78229
  • Robert Kalter, MD 160 Points

    Robert Kalter, MD

    12042 Blanco Rd Ste 308
    San Antonio, TX 78216
  • James Wicoff, MD 160 Points

    James Wicoff, MD

    11124 Wurzbach Rd Ste 300
    San Antonio, TX 78230
  • Thomas Weiss, MD 150 Points

    Thomas Weiss, MD

    8122 Datapoint Dr Ste 1010
    San Antonio, TX 78229
  • Claudio Cepeda, MD 140 Points

    Claudio Cepeda, MD

    8535 Tom Slick
    San Antonio, TX 78229
  • Aneta Schuenemeyer, MD 140 Points

    Aneta Schuenemeyer, MD

    2829 Babcock Rd Ste 640, Santa Rosa Tower I NW
    San Antonio, TX 78229
  • Brian Skop, MD 140 Points

    Brian Skop, MD

    14815 San Pedro Ave
    San Antonio, TX 78232
  • Hugo Hernandez, MD 130 Points

    Hugo Hernandez, MD

    343 W Houston St Ste 807
    San Antonio, TX 78205
  • Jacques Baillargeon, MD 130 Points

    Jacques Baillargeon, MD

    Jacques Baillargeon & Assoc
    8245 Fredericksburg Rd
    San Antonio, TX 78229
  • Luz Starck, MD 130 Points

    Luz Starck, MD

    South Texas Behavioral Mdcn
    14855 Blanco Rd Ste 220
    San Antonio, TX 78216
  • Roberta Jones, MD 130 Points

    Roberta Jones, MD

    Tejas Anesthesia
    2040 Babcock Rd Ste 304
    San Antonio, TX 78229
  • Robin Hostetter, MD 120 Points

    Robin Hostetter, MD

    Adult Parent Child Consltn
    8038 Wurzbach Rd Ste 570
    San Antonio, TX 78229
  • Damaso Oliva, MD 120 Points

    Damaso Oliva, MD

    Alamo Psychiatric Care
    343 W Houston St Ste 301
    San Antonio, TX 78205
  • Steven Pliszka, MD 120 Points

    Steven Pliszka, MD

    Med Svc Res & Development Plan Univ Of Tx Hlth Sciences Ctr
    7703 Floyd Curl Dr
    San Antonio, TX 78229
  • Moises Rodriguez, MD 120 Points

    Moises Rodriguez, MD

    8535 Wurzbach Rd Ste 108
    San Antonio, TX 78240
  • Benigno Fernandez, MD 120 Points

    Benigno Fernandez, MD

    Salmeron & Fernandez
    2143 E Hildebrand Ave
    San Antonio, TX 78209
  • Melvin Cohen, MD 120 Points

    Melvin Cohen, MD

    Z A & Assoc
    14800 San Pedro Ave Ste 110
    San Antonio, TX 78232
  • Ernest Casillas, MD 110 Points

    Ernest Casillas, MD

    311 Camden St Ste 211
    San Antonio, TX 78215
  • Violetta Del Castillo, MD 110 Points

    Violetta Del Castillo, MD

    343 W Houston St Ste 807
    San Antonio, TX 78205
  • Dean Faulk, MD 110 Points

    Dean Faulk, MD

    7711 Louis Pasteur Dr Ste 812
    San Antonio, TX 78229
  • Harry Croft, MD 110 Points

    Harry Croft, MD

    Harry A Croft & Assoc
    8038 Wurzbach Rd Ste 570
    San Antonio, TX 78229
  • Patrick Holden, MD 110 Points

    Patrick Holden, MD

    7703 Floyd Curl Dr, Dept Of Psychiatry
    San Antonio, TX 78229
  • Malathi Koli, MD 110 Points

    Malathi Koli, MD

    14350 Northbrook Dr Ste 230
    San Antonio, TX 78232
  • Charles Bowden, MD 110 Points

    Charles Bowden, MD

    Med Svc Res & Development Plan Univ Of Tx Hlth Sciences Ctr
    7703 Floyd Curl Dr # 7792, Dept Of Psychiatry
    San Antonio, TX 78229
  • Kenneth Matthews, MD 110 Points

    Kenneth Matthews, MD

    Med Svc Res & Development Plan Univ Of Tx Hlth Sciences Ctr
    7703 Floyd Curl Dr, Msc 7792
    San Antonio, TX 78229
  • Douglas Morgan, MD 110 Points

    Douglas Morgan, MD

    1100 NE Loop 410 Ste 72
    San Antonio, TX 78209
  • Michael Arambula, MD 110 Points

    Michael Arambula, MD

    North San Antonio Eye Assoc
    14800 N US Highway 281 Ste 110
    San Antonio, TX 78232
  • Efren Olea, MD 110 Points

    Efren Olea, MD

    343 W Houston St Ste 408
    San Antonio, TX 78205
  • Helen Pankowsky, MD 110 Points

    Helen Pankowsky, MD

    Pankowsky Helen MD
    15810 Purple Sage Road
    San Antonio, TX 78255

Psychiatrist Info

Psychiatrist Summary:
Psychiatry involves the treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of mental illness. A psychiatrist diagnoses mental and emotional disorders using assessments and may order further psychiatric diagnostic laboratory tests if necessary. Mental and emotional disorders including difficulty coping, stress, trauma, mood and anxiety disorders, substance-abuse disorders, sexual issues, schizophrenia, and addictions may be helped by different forms of psychiatry.

Common Treatments: Psychiatrists commonly treat children and adults suffering from attention deficit disorder (ADD), clinical depression, eating disorders, anxiety disorders, phobias, paranoia, psychosis, OCD, and panic attacks. Additional disorders treated by psychiatrists are: mania, schizophrenia, claustrophobia, paranoia, agoraphobia, social anxiety disorder, hallucinations, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and panic disorder.

Psychiatrist FAQs:
What is a


A Psychiatrist is a licensed physician who specializes in the evaluation, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of mental and emotional disorders.

What is the Difference between a Psychologist and a Psychiatrist?

Psychologists are concerned with the different aspects of behavior and mental processes and cannot prescribe medications. A clinical psychologist uses psychotherapy and other counseling skills to improve emotional and mental health. A Psychiatrist is a medical doctor who performs psychotherapy but can also prescribe medicine.

Why might I see a Psychiatrist?

You could see a Psychiatrist for abuse, addictions, anxiety, coping mechanism issues, depression, an eating disorder, emotional distress, personal growth, phobias, relationship issues, sexual problems, and trauma.

What are the requirements for becoming a licensed Psychiatrist?

A Psychiatrist must have a Masters or a Doctoral Degree from an accredited school. Other requirements toward becoming a Psychiatrist include residency training and board certifications that vary from state to state.

Psychiatrist Related Terms:
anxiety, behavioral disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, suicide, relationship difficulties, chronic mental illness, parenting issues, adjustment disorders, personality disorders, lobotomy, antidepressants