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Plastic Surgeon Las Vegas, NV


Plastic Surgeons

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Plastic Surgeon Las Vegas, NV

Find a Plastic Surgeon in Las Vegas, NV to restructure or enhance different parts of the body.

Results for Las Vegas, NV

  • George Alexander 650 Points

    George Alexander

    725 Village Center Cir
    Las Vegas, NV 89128
  • Samir Pancholi, DO
    630 Points

    Samir Pancholi, DO

    Cosmetic Surgery of Las Vegas: Dr. Samir Pancholi
    6910 S Cimarron Rd, Suite 150
    Las Vegas, NV 89113
  • Lane Smith, MD
    430 Points

    Lane Smith, MD

    8871 West Sahara Ave.
    Las Vegas, NV 89117
  • Souzan El-Eid 250 Points

    Souzan El-Eid

    Souzan El-Eid, MD, FACS
    9280 W. Sunset Road
    Suite 100
    Las Vegas, NV 89148
  • Marvin Spann, M.D.
    250 Points

    Marvin Spann, M.D.

    2615 BOX CANYON DR
    Las Vegas, NV 89128
  • Frank Stile, MD, FACS
    200 Points

    Frank Stile, MD, FACS

    Esthetique Plastique
    8954 Spanish Ridge Ave.
    Las Vegas, NV 89148
  • Lane Smith, MD
    200 Points

    Lane Smith, MD

    Smith Plastic Surgery
    7650 W Sahara Ave
    Las Vegas, NV 89117
  • Janice Eggert 20 Points

    Janice Eggert

    2080 E Flamingo Rd Ste 210
    Las Vegas, NV 89119
  • Walter Sullivan 20 Points

    Walter Sullivan

    500 S Rancho Dr Ste 8B, Nevada Plastic Surg
    Las Vegas, NV 89106
  • John Alway

    John Alway

    351 N Buffalo Dr Ste B
    Las Vegas, NV 89145
  • Goesel Anson

    Goesel Anson

    7135 W Sahara Ave Ste 200
    Las Vegas, NV 89117
  • Joseph Bongiovi Jr

    Joseph Bongiovi Jr

    2121 E Flamingo Rd Ste 200
    Las Vegas, NV 89119
  • William Canada

    William Canada

    8068 W Sahara Ave Ste G
    Las Vegas, NV 89117
  • Jacob Crittenden III

    Jacob Crittenden III

    6170 W Lake Mead Blvd, Pmb 331
    Las Vegas, NV 89108
  • Donald Dombrowski

    Donald Dombrowski

    3000 W Charleston Blvd
    Las Vegas, NV 89102
  • Charles Ebert

    Charles Ebert

    2450 W Charleston Blvd
    Las Vegas, NV 89102
  • Julio Garcia

    Julio Garcia

    3017 W Charleston Blvd Ste 70
    Las Vegas, NV 89102
  • Stephen Gordon

    Stephen Gordon

    7710 W Sahara Ave Ste 102
    Las Vegas, NV 89117
  • Mary Herte

    Mary Herte

    2555 Montessouri St Ste A
    Las Vegas, NV 89117
  • Peter Lee

    Peter Lee

    2080 E Flamingo Rd Ste 320
    Las Vegas, NV 89119
  • Stephen Miller

    Stephen Miller

    3085 E Flamingo Rd Ste A
    Las Vegas, NV 89121
  • John Minoli

    John Minoli

    4760 S Pecos Rd Ste 200
    Las Vegas, NV 89121
  • Brian Parker

    Brian Parker

    331 N Buffalo Dr Ste B
    Las Vegas, NV 89145
  • William Rifley

    William Rifley

    2800 N Tenaya Way Ste 201
    Las Vegas, NV 89128
  • Benjamin Rodriguez

    Benjamin Rodriguez

    3000 W Charleston Blvd
    Las Vegas, NV 89102
  • Himansu Shah

    Himansu Shah

    1707 W Charleston Blvd Ste 190
    Las Vegas, NV 89102
  • Charles Vinnik

    Charles Vinnik

    1580 E Desert Inn Rd Fl 2
    Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Stephen Weiland -10 Points

    Stephen Weiland

    653 N Town Center Dr Ste 108
    Las Vegas, NV 89144
  • William Zamboni

    William Zamboni

    2040 W Charleston Blvd Ste 301
    Las Vegas, NV 89102
  • Christopher Khorsandi, Plastic Surgeon
    310 Points

    Christopher Khorsandi, Plastic Surgeon

    VIP Plastic Surgery
    Distance: 12.75 mi
    2779 Sunridge Heights Pkwy
    Suite 100
    Henderson, NV 89052
  • Arthur M. Cambeiro, MD
    300 Points

    Arthur M. Cambeiro, MD

    SurgiSpa Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery
    Distance: 12.75 mi
    2370 W Horizon Ridge Pkwy #130
    Henderson, NV 89052
  • Josette Spotts 250 Points

    Josette Spotts

    Josette E. Spotts, MD, FACS
    Distance: 12.75 mi
    1485 W. Warm Springs Road
    Suite 105
    Henderson, NV 89014
  • Andres Resto, MD 180 Points

    Andres Resto, MD

    Andres G. Resto, MD, FACS
    Distance: 12.75 mi
    1485 W Warm Springs Rd
    Suite 105
    Henderson, NV 89014
  • Andres Resto
    100 Points

    Andres Resto

    Distance: 12.75 mi
    1485 W Warm Springs Rd Ste 105
    Henderson, NV 89014
  • Barry Markman 10 Points

    Barry Markman

    Distance: 12.75 mi
    2756 N Green Valley Pkwy, #402
    Henderson, NV 89014
  • Jeffrey Roth

    Jeffrey Roth

    Distance: 12.75 mi
    299 N Pecos Rd
    Henderson, NV 89074

Nearby Cities

Henderson (12.75 mi)

Plastic Surgeon Info

Plastic Surgeon Summary:
Plastic Surgeons are medical professionals that restructure or enhance parts of the body. Although many believe plastic surgeons only perform elective or cosmetic surgeries, plastic surgeons also correct medical defects, deformities and scarring. Many patients visit a Plastic Surgeon following a critical trauma or injury. Some of the most common procedures plastic surgeons perform include tumor removal, skin grafts, breast augmentation, and cleft palate surgeries. Plastic Surgeons can sometimes provide non-surgical alternatives to surgery including collagen injections and laser therapy.

Plastic Surgeon FAQs:
What is a

Plastic Surgeon

A Plastic Surgeon is a medical professional that performs enhancement, reconstructive, and anti-aging surgeries to correct medical problems or to enhance a patient's appearance. Patients seeking to enhance their natural features, resolve a non-emergency, functional hindrance, or to correct a medical problem would likely consult with a Plastic Surgeon.

What is the difference between a Cosmetic Surgeon and a Plastic Surgeon?
A Cosmetic Surgeon is a doctor that primarily performs elective and cosmetic surgeries. Cosmetic surgeries are typically not covered by health insurance companies. Plastic Surgeons, however, can perform both cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries. In addition to enhancement and anti-aging surgeries, Plastic Surgeons are authorized to correct congenital deformities, developmental abnormalities, and defects caused by injury, trauma, or disease. A patient's health insurance will generally cover reconstructive surgery, although coverage will vary.

How do I find a Plastic Surgeon in my city and state?
The directory will help you locate a Plastic Surgeon in your state. Select Plastic Surgeon from the 'Professionals' Menu and select the state that you are seeking a Plastic Surgeon in. After you have located your state, find the city that you will need a Plastic Surgeon in. After you select your city and state, a list of Plastic Surgeons in your city and state will be provided.

What are some common procedures Plastic Surgeons perform?
Some of the most common procedures Plastic Surgeons perform include: breast augmentation or reduction, cleft palate surgery, skin grafts, scar repair, tumor removal, rhinoplasty and face lifts.

What are the most common reconstructive surgeries Plastic Surgeons perform?
The three most common reconstructive surgeries Plastic Surgeons perform are breast, cleft palate and hand reconstructive surgeries.

Why would a patient seek breast augmentation or breast reduction?
Patients with disproportionately large breasts sometimes suffer back, neck, and knee pain, and often seek breast reduction to improve function and relieve discomfort. Patients seek breast augmentation for cosmetic enhancement, or for reconstructive purposes after a mastectomy.

Plastic Surgeon Related Terms:
breast augmentation, breast reduction, face lift, liposuction, cleft palate surgery, skin graft, cleft palates, tumor surgery, breast lift, rhinoplasty, nose job, breast implants