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Plastic Surgeon Danbury, CT


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Plastic Surgeon Danbury, CT

Find a Plastic Surgeon in Danbury, CT to restructure or enhance different parts of the body.

Results for Danbury, CT

  • Valerie Staradub 50 Points

    Valerie Staradub

    WCMG Danbury Breast Surgery
    20 Germantown Road
    Danbury, CT 06810
  • Gregory Brucato

    Gregory Brucato

    27 Hospital Ave Ste 403
    Danbury, CT 06810
  • David Goldenberg

    David Goldenberg

    107 Newtown Rd Ste 2C
    Danbury, CT 06810
  • Boris Goldman

    Boris Goldman

    107 Newtown Rd Ste 2C
    Danbury, CT 06810
  • Teresita Mascardo

    Teresita Mascardo

    Distance: 8.16 mi
    598 Danbury Rd
    Ridgefield, CT 06877
  • Roger Badwal

    Roger Badwal

    Distance: 13.83 mi
    1 Pomperaug Office Park Ste 105
    Southbury, CT 06488
  • Dinesh Bhargava

    Dinesh Bhargava

    Distance: 17.89 mi
    3630 Hill Blvd Ste 203
    Jefferson Valley, NY 10535
  • Ellen A. Mahony, MD
    200 Points

    Ellen A. Mahony, MD

    Ellen A. Mahony, MD
    Distance: 18.2 mi
    131 Kings Highway North
    Westport, CT 06880
  • Joanne Salerno, Head Medical Aesthetician 90 Points

    Joanne Salerno, Head Medical Aesthetician

    Distance: 18.2 mi
    163 Main Street
    Westport, CT 06880
  • James Lyons, Plastic Surgeon 80 Points

    James Lyons, Plastic Surgeon

    James R Lyons M D P C
    Distance: 18.2 mi
    1 Morningside Drive North
    Westport, CT 06880
  • Richard Bensimon

    Richard Bensimon

    Distance: 18.2 mi
    489 Post Rd E, Comestic Surgery Ctr
    Westport, CT 06880
  • Jennifer Pogue

    Jennifer Pogue

    Distance: 18.2 mi
    166 Broad St Ste 401
    Westport, CT 06880
  • Joel Singer

    Joel Singer

    Distance: 18.2 mi
    32 Imperial Ave, Centre For Plastic Surgery
    Westport, CT 06880
  • Dennis Pastena 200 Points

    Dennis Pastena

    Dennis A. Pastena, MD
    Distance: 18.84 mi
    2050 Saw Mill River Road
    2nd Floor
    Yorktown Heights, NY 10598
  • Wilfred Brown, MD, FACS
    410 Points

    Wilfred Brown, MD, FACS

    Brown Plastic Surgery: Wilfred Brown, MD, FACS
    Distance: 19.23 mi
    Turnpike Office Park
    1579 Straits Turnpike
    Middlebury, CT 06762
  • Wilfred Brown

    Wilfred Brown

    Distance: 19.23 mi
    530 Middlebury Rd Ste 106B
    Middlebury, CT 06762
  • Laurence Kirwan, M.D., F.R.C.S., F.A.C.S.
    320 Points

    Laurence Kirwan, M.D., F.R.C.S., F.A.C.S.

    Distance: 19.3 mi
    148 East Avenue
    Suite 2A
    Norwalk, CT 06851
  • Sheldon Greenberg 20 Points

    Sheldon Greenberg

    Distance: 19.3 mi
    40 Cross St
    Norwalk, CT 06851
  • Ricky Rosen

    Ricky Rosen

    Distance: 19.3 mi
    605 West Ave
    Norwalk, CT 06850
  • John Farella 10 Points

    John Farella

    Distance: 19.34 mi
    666 Lexington Ave Ste 104
    Mount Kisco, NY 10549
  • Philip Bonanno

    Philip Bonanno

    Distance: 19.34 mi
    400 E Main St
    Mount Kisco, NY 10549
  • Sharon Dechiara

    Sharon Dechiara

    Distance: 19.34 mi
    400 E Main St, North Bldg
    Mount Kisco, NY 10549
  • David Palaia

    David Palaia

    Distance: 19.34 mi
    400 E Main St
    Mount Kisco, NY 10549
  • Dennis Pastena

    Dennis Pastena

    Distance: 19.34 mi
    39 Smith Ave
    Mount Kisco, NY 10549
  • Michael Rosenberg

    Michael Rosenberg

    Distance: 19.34 mi
    400 E Main St, Plas Recon Surg/2N
    Mount Kisco, NY 10549
  • John Reilly, MD 200 Points

    John Reilly, MD

    Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialists, LLC
    Distance: 19.47 mi
    2 Ivy Brook Rd, Suite 105
    Suite 105
    SHELTON, CT 06484
  • Alfred Sofer, MD
    390 Points

    Alfred Sofer, MD

    Plastic Surgery Center of Fairfield
    Distance: 20.11 mi
    33 Miller Street
    Fairfield, CT 06824
  • Jeffrey Rosenthal, M.D., Plastic Surgeon 200 Points

    Jeffrey Rosenthal, M.D., Plastic Surgeon

    Rosenthal Cosmetic & Skin Care Center
    Distance: 20.11 mi
    140 Sherman Streedt
    Fairfield, CT 06824
  • Joseph O'Connell

    Joseph O'Connell

    Distance: 20.11 mi
    55 Walls Dr
    Fairfield, CT 06824
  • Saul Asken

    Saul Asken

    Distance: 21.85 mi
    722 Post Rd Ste 200
    Darien, CT 06820
  • Christine Hamilton Hall

    Christine Hamilton Hall

    Distance: 21.85 mi
    17 Old Kings Hwy S Ste 6
    Darien, CT 06820
  • Fredric Newman

    Fredric Newman

    Distance: 21.85 mi
    722 Post Rd
    Darien, CT 06820
  • Jeffrey Arons, MD 330 Points

    Jeffrey Arons, MD

    Jeffrey A. Arons MD PC
    Distance: 23.28 mi
    245 Amity Road #107
    Woodbridge, CT 06525
  • Stanley Foster 20 Points

    Stanley Foster

    Distance: 23.69 mi
    1389 W Main St Ste 306
    Waterbury, CT 06708
  • Prasad Sureddi

    Prasad Sureddi

    Distance: 23.69 mi
    714 Chase Pkwy
    Waterbury, CT 06708
  • Jeffrey Benjamin

    Jeffrey Benjamin

    Distance: 23.99 mi
    166 W Broad St Ste 401
    Stamford, CT 06902
  • Harold Gewirtz

    Harold Gewirtz

    Distance: 23.99 mi
    70 Mill River St
    Stamford, CT 06902
  • Arthur Rosenstock

    Arthur Rosenstock

    Distance: 23.99 mi
    1290 Summer St Ste 3100
    Stamford, CT 06905
  • Daniel Brauman

    Daniel Brauman

    Distance: 24.55 mi
    222 Westchester Ave Ste 102
    West Harrison, NY 10604
  • Charles Salzberg

    Charles Salzberg

    Distance: 27.69 mi
    95 Grasslands Rd Dept Ps, Westchester Cty Med Ctr
    Valhalla, NY 10595
  • Jane Arbuckle Petro

    Jane Arbuckle Petro

    Distance: 29.64 mi
    303 North St Ste 307
    White Plains, NY 10605
  • Robert Bernard

    Robert Bernard

    Distance: 29.64 mi
    10 Chester Ave
    White Plains, NY 10601
  • Mordcai Blau

    Mordcai Blau

    Distance: 29.64 mi
    12 Greenridge Ave
    White Plains, NY 10605
  • Robert Ciardullo

    Robert Ciardullo

    Distance: 29.64 mi
    170 Maple Ave Ste 305
    White Plains, NY 10601

Plastic Surgeon Info

Plastic Surgeon Summary:
Plastic Surgeons are medical professionals that restructure or enhance parts of the body. Although many believe plastic surgeons only perform elective or cosmetic surgeries, plastic surgeons also correct medical defects, deformities and scarring. Many patients visit a Plastic Surgeon following a critical trauma or injury. Some of the most common procedures plastic surgeons perform include tumor removal, skin grafts, breast augmentation, and cleft palate surgeries. Plastic Surgeons can sometimes provide non-surgical alternatives to surgery including collagen injections and laser therapy.

Plastic Surgeon FAQs:
What is a

Plastic Surgeon

A Plastic Surgeon is a medical professional that performs enhancement, reconstructive, and anti-aging surgeries to correct medical problems or to enhance a patient's appearance. Patients seeking to enhance their natural features, resolve a non-emergency, functional hindrance, or to correct a medical problem would likely consult with a Plastic Surgeon.

What is the difference between a Cosmetic Surgeon and a Plastic Surgeon?
A Cosmetic Surgeon is a doctor that primarily performs elective and cosmetic surgeries. Cosmetic surgeries are typically not covered by health insurance companies. Plastic Surgeons, however, can perform both cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries. In addition to enhancement and anti-aging surgeries, Plastic Surgeons are authorized to correct congenital deformities, developmental abnormalities, and defects caused by injury, trauma, or disease. A patient's health insurance will generally cover reconstructive surgery, although coverage will vary.

How do I find a Plastic Surgeon in my city and state?
The directory will help you locate a Plastic Surgeon in your state. Select Plastic Surgeon from the 'Professionals' Menu and select the state that you are seeking a Plastic Surgeon in. After you have located your state, find the city that you will need a Plastic Surgeon in. After you select your city and state, a list of Plastic Surgeons in your city and state will be provided.

What are some common procedures Plastic Surgeons perform?
Some of the most common procedures Plastic Surgeons perform include: breast augmentation or reduction, cleft palate surgery, skin grafts, scar repair, tumor removal, rhinoplasty and face lifts.

What are the most common reconstructive surgeries Plastic Surgeons perform?
The three most common reconstructive surgeries Plastic Surgeons perform are breast, cleft palate and hand reconstructive surgeries.

Why would a patient seek breast augmentation or breast reduction?
Patients with disproportionately large breasts sometimes suffer back, neck, and knee pain, and often seek breast reduction to improve function and relieve discomfort. Patients seek breast augmentation for cosmetic enhancement, or for reconstructive purposes after a mastectomy.

Plastic Surgeon Related Terms:
breast augmentation, breast reduction, face lift, liposuction, cleft palate surgery, skin graft, cleft palates, tumor surgery, breast lift, rhinoplasty, nose job, breast implants