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Physiatrist San Francisco, CA



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Physiatrist San Francisco, CA

Find a Physiatrist in San Francisco, CA to help with back pain, neck pain, joint pain, spinal injuries, arthritis and much more.

Results for San Francisco, CA

  • James Nguyen 250 Points

    James Nguyen

    Dignity Health Medical Group - Saint Francis/St. Mary's
    2250 Hayes St
    Ste 302
    San Francisco, CA 94117
  • Irene Minkowsky 20 Points

    Irene Minkowsky

    2000 Van Ness Ave Ste 305
    San Francisco, CA 94109
  • Jerel Glassman

    Jerel Glassman

    1 Shrader St St Marys Spine Ctr
    San Francisco, CA 94117
  • Arkady Goldstein

    Arkady Goldstein

    4444 Geary Blvd Ste 207
    San Francisco, CA 94118
  • Ward Gypson III

    Ward Gypson III

    1530 5th Ave Ste E
    San Francisco, CA 94122
  • David Kell

    David Kell

    900 Hyde St St Francis Mem Hosp
    San Francisco, CA 94109
  • Benjamin Lau

    Benjamin Lau

    4306 Geary Blvd Ste 201
    San Francisco, CA 94118
  • Christina Schroeder, M.D.

    Christina Schroeder, M.D.

    2425 Geary Blvd
    San Francisco, CA 94115
  • Henrietta Sholars

    Henrietta Sholars

    29 29th St
    San Francisco, CA 94110
  • Judy Silverman

    Judy Silverman

    1 Shrader St
    San Francisco, CA 94117
  • Robert Sine

    Robert Sine

    2250 Hayes St 1st Fl
    San Francisco, CA 94117
  • James Stark

    James Stark

    900 Hyde St
    San Francisco, CA 94109
  • Stanley Yarnell

    Stanley Yarnell

    450 Stanyan St Dept PM
    San Francisco, CA 94117
  • Stanley Yarnell

    Stanley Yarnell

    2250 Hayes St
    San Francisco, CA 94117
  • Dennis Nakamura

    Dennis Nakamura

    Distance: 8.33 mi
    1200 El Camino Real Dept Phys Med & Rehab
    South San Francisco, CA 94080
  • David Walton, M.D.

    David Walton, M.D.

    Distance: 8.36 mi
    280 W MacArthur Blvd
    Oakland, CA 94611
  • Chester Wong

    Chester Wong

    Distance: 8.36 mi
    333 Hegenberger Rd Ste 478
    Oakland, CA 94621
  • Herbert Goodman

    Herbert Goodman

    Distance: 10.42 mi
    2001 Dwight Way Dept PM
    Berkeley, CA 94704
  • Janet Lord

    Janet Lord

    Distance: 10.42 mi
    3031 Telegraph Ave Ste 241
    Berkeley, CA 94705
  • Jill Mackinnon

    Jill Mackinnon

    Distance: 10.42 mi
    2001 Dwight Way Ste 2350
    Berkeley, CA 94704
  • Jennie Byrd

    Jennie Byrd

    Distance: 13.55 mi
    2089 Vale Rd Ste 11
    San Pablo, CA 94806
  • Thomas Williams

    Thomas Williams

    Distance: 14.79 mi
    13855 E 14th St
    San Leandro, CA 94578
  • Cassius Scott, MD 10 Points

    Cassius Scott, MD

    Distance: 15.01 mi
    99 Montecillo Rd
    San Rafael, CA 94903
  • Lefkos Aftonomos

    Lefkos Aftonomos

    Distance: 15.52 mi
    100 S San Mateo Dr
    San Mateo, CA 94401
  • Christian Bocobo

    Christian Bocobo

    Distance: 15.52 mi
    101 S San Mateo Dr Ste 208
    San Mateo, CA 94401
  • Dave Davis

    Dave Davis

    Distance: 15.52 mi
    50 S San Mateo Dr Ste 440
    San Mateo, CA 94401
  • Alvaro Rodriguez

    Alvaro Rodriguez

    Distance: 15.52 mi
    100 S San Mateo Dr
    San Mateo, CA 94401
  • Benjamin Greer

    Benjamin Greer

    Distance: 19.03 mi
    19850 Lake Chabot Rd
    Castro Valley, CA 94546
  • Eduardo Lin

    Eduardo Lin

    Distance: 19.03 mi
    19850 Lake Chabot Rd
    Castro Valley, CA 94546
  • John Dana Jr

    John Dana Jr

    Distance: 21.36 mi
    1981 N Broadway Ste 180
    Walnut Creek, CA 94596
  • Joseph Narloch

    Joseph Narloch

    Distance: 21.36 mi
    PO Box 31396
    Walnut Creek, CA 94598
  • Anita Roth

    Anita Roth

    Distance: 21.36 mi
    120 La Casa Via Ste 208
    Walnut Creek, CA 94598
  • Robert Gamburd

    Robert Gamburd

    Distance: 22.38 mi
    500 Arguello St Ste 100
    Redwood City, CA 94063
  • Gerald Keane

    Gerald Keane

    Distance: 22.38 mi
    500 Arguello St Ste 100
    Redwood City, CA 94063
  • Christina Rising

    Christina Rising

    Distance: 22.38 mi
    1150 Veterans Blvd
    Redwood City, CA 94063
  • Mark Sontag

    Mark Sontag

    Distance: 22.38 mi
    1690 Woodside Rd Ste 102
    Redwood City, CA 94061
  • Kirsten Young

    Kirsten Young

    Distance: 22.38 mi
    363 Main St # C
    Redwood City, CA 94063
  • David Padgett 10 Points

    David Padgett

    Distance: 24.1 mi
    7777 Norris Canyon Rd
    San Ramon, CA 94583
  • Alan Roth 10 Points

    Alan Roth

    Distance: 24.1 mi
    5201 Norris Canyon Rd Ste 320
    San Ramon, CA 94583
  • Robert Clark

    Robert Clark

    Distance: 24.41 mi
    832 Walnut Ave #Qrtc
    Vallejo, CA 94592
  • Benton Giap

    Benton Giap

    Distance: 24.41 mi
    975 Sereno Dr Rehabilitation Center
    Vallejo, CA 94589
  • Monica Sheridan

    Monica Sheridan

    Distance: 24.41 mi
    975 Sereno Dr
    Vallejo, CA 94589
  • Spencer Wang

    Spencer Wang

    Distance: 24.41 mi
    975 Sereno Dr
    Vallejo, CA 94589
  • Marco Zolezzi

    Marco Zolezzi

    Distance: 24.41 mi
    975 Sereno Dr Kaiser-Permanente
    Vallejo, CA 94589
  • David Cope

    David Cope

    Distance: 25.4 mi
    1001 Galaxy Way Ste 300
    Concord, CA 94520
  • Robert Millard

    Robert Millard

    Distance: 25.7 mi
    2884 Sand Hill Rd Ste 110
    Menlo Park, CA 94025

Physiatrist Info

Physiatrist Summary:
Physiatrists reduce or relieve pain and restore function that has been hindered due to illness or injury. Physiatrists are able to treat chronic disorders as well as short-term conditions such as auto injury, sports injury or work-related injury. A Physiatrist may utilize pain medicine, physical medicine or rehabilitation to help the patient regain mobility and function. Physiatry is a non-surgical form of medicine that takes into account a patient's entire health, not just their symptoms.

Physiatrist FAQs:
What is a Physiatrist?
A Physiatrist is a physician who specializes in pain medicine, physical medicine and rehabilitation. Physiatry is a form of medicine that focuses on treating the entire patient, not just their symptoms. A Physiatrist attempts to diagnose and treat pain as well as restore maximum function that has been lost due to illness, injury or other disabling conditions.

What happens during a visit to a Physiatrist?
A Physiatrist will typically provide a comprehensive assessment of the patient's condition after going over their medical history. They will then determine the proper course of action that will help the patient regain function or alleviate pain. This may involve prescribing personalized exercises, physical therapy, medication or strengthening exercises.

What conditions can be treated by a Physiatrist?
A Physiatrist is able to treat short-term conditions such as accident injury, sports injury or recovery from childbirth. Those who are experiencing diminished energy or ease of movement due to illness can also benefit from the care of a Physiatrist. A Physiatrist can also help individuals with chronic health issues such as arthritis, back problems or obesity.

What type of education or degrees does a Physiatrist need?
A Physiatrist is required to complete medical school as well as four years of additional postdoctoral training in a physical medicine and rehabilitation residency. They must also take both a written and oral examination administered by the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation to become board certified.

How do I find a Physiatrist in my city and state?
The directory will help you locate a Physiatrist in your state. Select Physiatrist from the professionals menu and select the state that you are looking to locate a Physiatrist in. After you have located your state, find the city that you will need a Physiatrist in. Select the state and city and you will see a list of Physiatrists in your city and state.

Physiatrist Related Terms:
physical therapy, physical medicine, rehabilitation specialist, rehabilitation physician, pain management