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Pediatrician Miami, FL



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Pediatrician Miami, FL

Find a Pediatrician in Miami, FL who offers pediatric services including primary medical care for infants, children and adolescents.

Results for Miami, FL

  • Carolyn Kienstra, MD
    150 Points

    Carolyn Kienstra, MD

    1475 Northwest 12th Avenue
    Miami, FL 33136
  • Cecilia Morales, MD
    150 Points

    Cecilia Morales, MD

    8932 Southwest 97th Avenue
    Miami, FL 33176
  • Judith Lederhandler, MD 150 Points

    Judith Lederhandler, MD

    Pediatrics Professional Assoc
    7001 SW 87th Ave
    Miami, FL 33173
  • Judith Schaechter, MD, MBA
    150 Points

    Judith Schaechter, MD, MBA

    1601 Northwest 12th Avenue
    Miami, FL 33136
  • Tossaporn Seeherunvong, MD
    150 Points

    Tossaporn Seeherunvong, MD

    1601 Northwest 12th Avenue
    Miami, FL 33136
  • Jonathan Tolentino, MD
    150 Points

    Jonathan Tolentino, MD

    7000 Southwest 62nd Avenue
    Miami, FL 33143
  • Nicole Torres, MD
    150 Points

    Nicole Torres, MD

    8932 Southwest 97th Avenue
    Miami, FL 33176
  • Stacy Zide, MD
    150 Points

    Stacy Zide, MD

    8932 Southwest 97th Avenue
    Miami, FL 33176
  • Edward Ziga, MD, MPH
    150 Points

    Edward Ziga, MD, MPH

    1475 Northwest 12th Avenue
    Miami, FL 33136
  • Harry Aguero, MD 140 Points

    Harry Aguero, MD

    6035 SW 40th St Ste 202
    Miami, FL 33155
  • Emilio Lopez, MD 140 Points

    Emilio Lopez, MD

    Kendall Pediatric Assoc
    10040 SW 40th Street
    Miami, FL 33175
  • Harvey Simovitch, MD 140 Points

    Harvey Simovitch, MD

    Pediatrics Professional Assoc
    7001 SW 87th Ave
    Miami, FL 33173
  • Jay Franklin, MD 130 Points

    Jay Franklin, MD

    8525 SW 92nd St
    Miami, FL 33156
  • Eva Hernandez Chin, MD 130 Points

    Eva Hernandez Chin, MD

    Jmh Health Plan
    1500 NW 12th Ave Ste 1107
    Miami, FL 33136
  • Noel Alonso, MD 130 Points

    Noel Alonso, MD

    Miami Childrens Hospital
    3100 SW 62nd Ave
    Miami, FL 33155
  • Jesus Negrette, MD 130 Points

    Jesus Negrette, MD

    8260 W Flagler St Ste 2I
    Miami, FL 33144
  • Luis Gonzalez Mendoza, MD 130 Points

    Luis Gonzalez Mendoza, MD

    Pediatric Endocrinology Assoc
    3100 SW 62nd Ave Ste 122
    Miami, FL 33155
  • Ennio Colon, MD 130 Points

    Ennio Colon, MD

    South Dade Pediatric Assoc
    8780 SW 92nd St Ste 100
    Miami, FL 33176
  • Jose Vargas, MD 130 Points

    Jose Vargas, MD

    8740 N Kendall Dr Ste 210
    Miami, FL 33176
  • Gladys Vazquez, MD 130 Points

    Gladys Vazquez, MD

    7000 SW 97th Ave Ste 201
    Miami, FL 33173
  • Armando Acevedo, MD 120 Points

    Armando Acevedo, MD

    351 NW 42nd Ave Ste 101
    Miami, FL 33126
  • Esteban Genao, MD 120 Points

    Esteban Genao, MD

    Crossings Pediatrics & Med Ctr
    13059 SW 112th St
    Miami, FL 33186
  • Gonzalo De Quesada, MD 120 Points

    Gonzalo De Quesada, MD

    9360 SW 72nd St Ste 205
    Miami, FL 33173
  • Gisele Mardy, MD 120 Points

    Gisele Mardy, MD

    9299 SW 152nd St Ste 207
    Miami, FL 33157
  • Gloria Riefkohl, MD 120 Points

    Gloria Riefkohl, MD

    Miami Childrens Hospital
    17615 SW 97th Ave, Miami Childrens Southdale
    Miami, FL 33157
  • Mark Ginsburg, MD 120 Points

    Mark Ginsburg, MD

    Pediatrics Professional Assoc
    7001 SW 87th Ave
    Miami, FL 33173
  • Jana Myers, MD 120 Points

    Jana Myers, MD

    Pediatrics Professional Assoc
    7001 SW 87th Ave
    Miami, FL 33173
  • Rolando Penate, MD 120 Points

    Rolando Penate, MD

    South FL Pediatrics Partners
    7000 SW 97th Ave Ste 118
    Miami, FL 33173
  • Leela Sridhar, MD 120 Points

    Leela Sridhar, MD

    7400 N Kendall Dr Ste 104
    Miami, FL 33156
  • Jacqueline Valdes Rafuls, MD 120 Points

    Jacqueline Valdes Rafuls, MD

    Tender Care Pediatrics
    11760 SW 40th St Ste 442
    Miami, FL 33175
  • Lucien Albert, MD 110 Points

    Lucien Albert, MD

    5811 N Miami Ave
    Miami, FL 33127
  • Leonard Askowitz, MD 110 Points

    Leonard Askowitz, MD

    8700 N Kendall Dr Ste 214
    Miami, FL 33176
  • Maria Carballosa, MD 110 Points

    Maria Carballosa, MD

    3628 NW 7th St
    Miami, FL 33125
  • Adriana Castro, MD 110 Points

    Adriana Castro, MD

    9220 SW 72nd St
    Miami, FL 33173
  • Fernando Diez, MD 110 Points

    Fernando Diez, MD

    7805 Coral Way Ste 102
    Miami, FL 33155
  • Onelia Garcia Lage, MD 110 Points

    Onelia Garcia Lage, MD

    1601 NW 12th Ave Rm 1057A
    Miami, FL 33136
  • Julia Belkowitz, MD 110 Points

    Julia Belkowitz, MD

    Jackson Memorial Hospital
    1601 NW 12th Ave Ste 4067
    Miami, FL 33136
  • Philip Paul, MD 110 Points

    Philip Paul, MD

    Kings Bay Pediatrics
    9595 N Kendall Dr Ste 103
    Miami, FL 33176
  • Clara Lagueruela, MD 110 Points

    Clara Lagueruela, MD

    7000 SW 97th Ave Ste 203
    Miami, FL 33173
  • Ana Contreras, MD 110 Points

    Ana Contreras, MD

    Mch Physicians Group
    9000 SW 152nd St Ste 107
    Miami, FL 33157
  • Oscar Loret De Mola, MD 110 Points

    Oscar Loret De Mola, MD

    Miami Pediatric Gastroenterolg
    3200 SW 60th Ct Ste 204
    Miami, FL 33155
  • William Muinos, MD 110 Points

    William Muinos, MD

    Pediatric Gastroenterology
    3200 SW 60th Ct Ste 204
    Miami, FL 33155
  • Kaylee Kuhn, MD 110 Points

    Kaylee Kuhn, MD

    Pediatrics Professional Assoc
    7001 SW 87th Ave
    Miami, FL 33173
  • Vivian Peraza, MD 110 Points

    Vivian Peraza, MD

    4894 NW 4th St
    Miami, FL 33126
  • Jonathan Baumgard, MD 110 Points

    Jonathan Baumgard, MD

    South Dade Pediatric Assoc
    8780 SW 92nd St Ste 100
    Miami, FL 33176
  • M Moustafa Tamer, MD 110 Points

    M Moustafa Tamer, MD

    University Of Miami Medical Group
    PO Box 16960
    Miami, FL 33101
  • Eugene Hershorin, MD 110 Points

    Eugene Hershorin, MD

    University-Miami Care Pdtrcs
    18469 S Dixie Hwy
    Miami, FL 33157
  • Rodney Young, MD 110 Points

    Rodney Young, MD

    1190 NW 95th St Ste 41
    Miami, FL 33150
  • Jose Perez Vila, MD 100 Points

    Jose Perez Vila, MD

    8th Street Medical Group
    3600 W Flagler St
    Miami, FL 33135
  • Mercedes Abdul Ruhman, MD 100 Points

    Mercedes Abdul Ruhman, MD

    801 NW 49th St Ste 222
    Miami, FL 33127

Pediatrician Info

Pediatrician Summary:
Pediatricians practice pediatrics which is a focus on the mental, social and physical health of children from birth to adulthood. Pediatricians diagnose and treat infections, illnesses, injuries and childhood diseases. Pediatricians can choose to enter general care or they can specialize in a system of the body, such as heart, kidney, or lung conditions.

Education and Training: After attending four years of medical school, a student wishing to practice pediatrics must complete three years of pediatric training as an intern or resident. To become a pediatric specialist, another one to three years of training is required. There are 12 different specialties that a pediatrician can choose to enter. Once the training has been completed, three Medical Licensing Certification exams must be passed, followed by the American Board of Pediatrics Certification Exam. This exam must be passed every seven years in order to retain certification and licensing.

Pediatrician FAQs:
What is a Pediatrician?
A Pediatrician is a physician who cares for children, from an infant to adolescent age. A Pediatrician specializes in diseases in young, growing bodies.

What duties does a Pediatrician have?
A Pediatrician gives immunization shots, orders tests to diagnose disease, treats infections and injuries, and advises on the nutritional needs of children. A Pediatrician can help with behavioral problems, developmental disorders, stress and depression in children.

What should one look for in a pediatrician?
When searching for a Pediatrician one may want to consider:
- What is the Pediatrician's office location and hours?
- Is the Pediatrician available after hours?
- How is the Pediatrician's office presentation?
- Does the Pediatrician accept the right insurance?
- Does the Pediatrician provide referrals?
- Which hospital is the Pediatrician affiliated with?
- Is there an in-office laboratory?

Pediatrician Related Terms:
children's health, immunization, strep throat, chicken pox, ear infection, childhood diseases, vaccine, MMR, Hepatitis children vaccine, Diphtheria Tetanus Pertussis child vaccine, influenza child vaccine, Hepatitis vaccine, Meningococcal child vaccine, child Swine flu vaccine