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Pediatric Neurologist Dallas, TX


Pediatric Neurologists

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Pediatric Neurologist Dallas, TX

Find a pediatric neurologist in Dallas, TX to treat a child with an affliction of the nervous system.

Results for Dallas, TX

  • Kimberly Goodspeed 250 Points

    Kimberly Goodspeed

    Children's Health Specialty Center Mockingbird 1
    1341 W Mockingbird Ln
    Ste 240W
    Dallas, TX 75247
  • Susan Arnold 150 Points

    Susan Arnold

    Children's Health Specialty Center Dallas Campus
    2350 North Stemmons Freeway
    Suite F5400
    Dallas, TX 75207

Pediatric Neurologist Info

Pediatric Neurologist FAQs:
What is a

Pediatric Neurologist

A Pediatric Neurologist is a physician who treats children with nervous system disorders, including diseases of the spinal cord, nerves, and brain. A Pediatric Neurologist examines nerves in the head and neck, muscle movement, balance, reflexes, memory and speech.

What procedures does a Pediatric Neurologist perform?
A Pediatric Neurologist can perform CAT scans, MRIs, EEGs and spinal taps.

What type of nervous system disorders does a Pediatric Neurologist treat?
A Pediatric Neurologist can treat Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, Meningitis, Speech Disorders, Seizure Disorders, Spinal Cord Disorders, and many other nervous system diseases in children.

How can I find a Pediatric Neurologist?
A Pediatric Neurologist can work in hospitals and children's hospitals. Your pediatrician can provide you with a referral to a Pediatric Neurologist or you can use the Pediatric Neurologist search above to find the nearest Pediatric Neurologist to you.

Pediatric Neurologist Related Terms:
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