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Pediatric Cardiologist Dallas, TX


Cardiologists - Pediatric

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Pediatric Cardiologist Dallas, TX

Find a pediatric cardiologist in Dallas, TX to help with a child's circulatory system.

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Pediatric Cardiologist Info

Pediatric Cardiologist FAQs:
What is a

Pediatric Cardiologist

A Pediatric Cardiologist is a physician who is certified to diagnose and treat disorders of a child's circulatory system and/or cardiovascular system -- the heart, arteries, and veins. A Pediatric Cardiologist is the same as a Cardiologist except that a Pediatric Cardiologist treats children. Heart disease can affect adolescents, young children or a fetus in the womb. These patients are cared for by a Pediatric Cardiologist. There are two types of heart disease that affect children -- congenital heart disease and acquired heart disease.

What type of education or degrees does a Pediatric Cardiologist need?
To become a Pediatric Cardiologist one has to complete seven plus years of medical school and postgraduate training. A Pediatric Cardiologist must become board certified in Internal Medicine. Then, for an additional three to five years, a Pediatric Cardiologist will study conditions specific to blood circulation, blood vessels and the heart. A Pediatric Cardiologist must be very familiar not only with anatomy and physiology, but also with modern computerized diagnostic equipment.

What types of accreditation or licensing are required for a Pediatric Cardiologist?
A Pediatric Cardiologist, or any doctor seeking licensure, would apply for a license to practice medicine in his or her state, a Pediatric Cardiologist would need to graduate from medical school, pass a three-part test (starting in medical school) called the National Boards in Medicine, and complete at least one year of residency. There are additional credentials that most people get, such as board certification in their specialty (e.g. Pediatrician) or sub-specialty (e.g. Pediatric Cardiologist).

Pediatric Cardiologist Related Terms:
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