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Oral Surgeon Lubbock, TX


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Oral Surgeon Lubbock, TX

Find an oral surgeon in Lubbock, TX who specializes in jaw, TMJ, oral surgery, jaw aligning, teeth aligning, and more.

Results for Lubbock, TX

  • George Barrett, DDS
    1670 Points

    George Barrett, DDS

    7515 Quaker Ave
    Suite 200
    Lubbock, TX 79424
  • Ryan Higley, D.D.S.
    810 Points

    Ryan Higley, D.D.S.

    7515 Quaker Ave
    Suite 200
    Lubbock, TX 79424
  • -10 Points

    Caprock Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery PA

    5730 66th Street
    Lubbock, TX 79424

Oral Surgeon Info

Oral Surgeon Summary:
An Oral Surgeon specializes in the alignment of the jaw and facial areas. You might see an oral surgeon for extractions or facial tumor removals.

Oral Surgeon FAQs:
What does an

Oral Surgeon

Oral Surgeons are dentists who specialize in surgeries of the mouth, jaw and facial areas. Oral Surgeons are licensed dental professionals.

What types of surgeries does an Oral Surgeon perform?
A common surgery Oral Surgeons perform is tooth extraction. You can also see a Oral Surgeon to remove tumors in the facial area. Oral Surgeons can surgically reposition facial bones (jaw, cheekbones, etc). A Oral Surgeon is a specialized surgeon.

Oral Surgeon Related Terms:
dental implants, wisdom teeth removal, oral diseases, jaw surgery, orthognathic surgery, tumor resection, revision procedures for TMJ, anatomical modeling, oral sedation, Rembrandt whitening, EOLS, maxillofacial trauma, facial trauma, oral surgeon