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Optometrists in zip codes near Ocala, FL



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Optometrist Ocala, FL

Find an eye care provider in Ocala, FL to help with glasses, contact lenses, eye conditions, eye exams, and more.

Zip Codes nearby Ocala, FL

  • 34470 (3.05 mi) (3 matches)
  • 34471 (3.16 mi) (9 matches)
  • 34474 (3.94 mi) (16 matches)
  • 34488 (5.38 mi) (1 match)
  • 34480 (6.07 mi) (1 match)
  • 34476 (7.74 mi) (1 match)
  • 34420 (11.49 mi) (2 matches)
  • 34473 (11.52 mi) (1 match)
  • 34481 (12.05 mi) (1 match)
  • 34491 (14.66 mi) (5 matches)
  • 34432 (17.25 mi) (4 matches)
  • 32163 (19.67 mi) (1 match)
  • 32159 (22.18 mi) (3 matches)
  • 34442 (22.55 mi) (1 match)
  • 34431 (22.66 mi) (1 match)
  • 32162 (22.9 mi) (5 matches)
  • 34453 (24.98 mi) (2 matches)

Optometrist Info

Optometrist Summary:
Some Optometrists treat conditions using corrective lenses, prescription medications, minor in-office procedures (like removal of foreign bodies), and other non-surgical treatments. Optometrists may also provide a wide range of eye care services such as routine exams and Lasik eye surgery. Optometrists are often called eye doctors.

Optometrist FAQs:

What is an Optometrist?

An Optometrist provides vision care by diagnosing and treating the eye. An Optometrist prescribes glasses and contact lenses. An Optometrist can also prescribe medication for eye diseases.

When should I see an Optometrist?
Everyone should see an Optometrist regularly to prevent diseases such as Glaucoma. You should also see an Optometrist if you are experiencing any eye problems such as pain, redness, blurred vision or eye strain.

What is the difference between an ophthalmologist, optometrist and optician?
An optometrist provides primary eye care and services including routine exams and dispensing prescriptions for glasses and contact lenses. An optician designs, finishes, fits, and sells glasses and contact lenses. An ophthalmologist can provide primary eye care but also specializes in eye surgery and the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and injuries.

Optometrist Related Terms:
routine eye exams, contact lens fitting, corneal refractive therapy, low vision correction, glasses, myopia, nearsightedness, farsightedness, optometry, optometrist