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OBGYN Philadelphia, PA


Gynecologists & Obstetricians (OBGYN)

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OBGYN Philadelphia, PA

Find the best OBGYN in Philadelphia, PA for obstetrics or gynecology services.

Results for Philadelphia, PA

  • Hector Colon, MD 100 Points

    Hector Colon, MD

    5501 Old York Rd, Albert Ernstein Med Ctr
    Philadelphia, PA 19141
  • George Coukos, MD 100 Points

    George Coukos, MD

    3400 Spruce St, Hosp Univ Of Pennsylvania
    Philadelphia, PA 19104
  • Anthony Del Conte III, MD 100 Points

    Anthony Del Conte III, MD

    PO Box 8299
    Philadelphia, PA 19101
  • Kristin Desimone, MD 100 Points

    Kristin Desimone, MD

    833 Chestnut St Ste 301
    Philadelphia, PA 19107
  • 100 Points

    Drs C and D Czarnecki Pa

    9412 Academy Rd
    Philadelphia, PA 19114
  • Carolyn Chambers, MD 100 Points

    Carolyn Chambers, MD

    Einstein Womens Health Care
    7201 Rising Sun Ave
    Philadelphia, PA 19111
  • Sze-Ya Yeh, MD 100 Points

    Sze-Ya Yeh, MD

    5501 Old York Rd Ste 410
    Philadelphia, PA 19141
  • Bernard Eskin, MD 100 Points

    Bernard Eskin, MD

    4190 City Ave Ste 418
    Philadelphia, PA 19131
  • Robert Block, MD 100 Points

    Robert Block, MD

    Fhcs Physcians Svc
    9501 Roosevelt Blvd Ste 404
    Philadelphia, PA 19114
  • Iraj Forouzan Gandashmin, MD 100 Points

    Iraj Forouzan Gandashmin, MD

    245 N 15th St, Ms 495 Debpt Obgyn McP
    Philadelphia, PA 19102
  • Osnat Geifman Holtzman, MD 100 Points

    Osnat Geifman Holtzman, MD

    3401 N Broad St, Temple Univ Hosp
    Philadelphia, PA 19140
  • Eugene Hagan, MD 100 Points

    Eugene Hagan, MD

    3101 Cottman Ave
    Philadelphia, PA 19149
  • Ann Honebrink, MD 100 Points

    Ann Honebrink, MD

    800 Spruce St Ste 8
    Philadelphia, PA 19107
  • Michael Mennuti, MD 100 Points

    Michael Mennuti, MD

    Hospital Of University Penn
    3400 Spruce St Dept Obgyn
    Philadelphia, PA 19104
  • Howard Isaacson, MD 100 Points

    Howard Isaacson, MD

    7348 Drexel Rd
    Philadelphia, PA 19151
  • Lisa Turri, MD 100 Points

    Lisa Turri, MD

    Island Obstetrical & Gyn Assoc
    1328 W Ritner St
    Philadelphia, PA 19148
  • Rochelle Joly, MD 100 Points

    Rochelle Joly, MD

    3701 Market St
    3rd Floor
    Philadelphia, PA 19104
  • Benjamin Kendall, MD 100 Points

    Benjamin Kendall, MD

    111 S 11th St Ste G4150
    Philadelphia, PA 19107
  • Kathleen Kuhlman, MD 100 Points

    Kathleen Kuhlman, MD

    216 N Broad St Fl 4, Feinstein Bldg Ms 990
    Philadelphia, PA 19102
  • Marc Landsberg, M.D. 100 Points

    Marc Landsberg, M.D.

    1094 Welsh Rd
    Philadelphia, PA 19115
  • Amy Levine, MD 100 Points

    Amy Levine, MD

    245 N 15th St Fl 16
    Philadelphia, PA 19102
  • Lisa Levine, MD 100 Points

    Lisa Levine, MD

    3701 Market St
    3rd Floor
    Philadelphia, PA 19104
  • Mary Loveland, MD 100 Points

    Mary Loveland, MD

    5735 Ridge Ave
    Suite 202
    Philadelphia, PA 19128
  • Jack Ludmir, MD 100 Points

    Jack Ludmir, MD

    800 Spruce St.
    2 Pine East/ Pennsylvania Hospital
    Philadelphia, PA 19107
  • Luigi Mastroianni Jr, MD 100 Points

    Luigi Mastroianni Jr, MD

    3400 Spruce St
    Philadelphia, PA 19104
  • Pooja Mehta, MD 100 Points

    Pooja Mehta, MD

    3400 Spruce St
    5 Dulles
    Philadelphia, PA 19104
  • Stuart Weiner, MD 100 Points

    Stuart Weiner, MD

    Mid-Atlantic Maternal Ftl Inst
    834 Chestnut St Ste 400
    Philadelphia, PA 19107
  • Shahab Minassian, MD 100 Points

    Shahab Minassian, MD

    3300 Henry Ave
    Philadelphia, PA 19129
  • Yonsook Kim, MD 100 Points

    Yonsook Kim, MD

    Newman Medical Hosp-Physiatry
    1015 Chestnut St Ste 601
    Philadelphia, PA 19107
  • Paul Nyirjesy, MD 100 Points

    Paul Nyirjesy, MD

    245 N 15th St, 16th Fl New College Bldg
    Philadelphia, PA 19102
  • Pasquale Patrizio, MD 100 Points

    Pasquale Patrizio, MD

    3400 Spruce St, 106 Dulles Bldg
    Philadelphia, PA 19104
  • 100 Points

    Pennsylvania Medical Professionals, Pc

    8815 Germantown Ave
    Suite 40
    Philadelphia, PA 19118
  • Meena Phatak, MD 100 Points

    Meena Phatak, MD

    2 Penn Blvd Ste 215, Medical Office Bldg
    Philadelphia, PA 19144
  • Benjamin Gocial, MD 100 Points

    Benjamin Gocial, MD

    Philadelphia Fertility Inst
    815 Locust St
    Philadelphia, PA 19107
  • Jacqueline Gutmann, MD 100 Points

    Jacqueline Gutmann, MD

    Philadelphia Fertility; Womens Institute For Fertility Endocrinology & Menopause
    815 Locust St
    Philadelphia, PA 19107
  • Marc Simon, MD 100 Points

    Marc Simon, MD

    Philadelphia Ob/Gyn
    3998 Red Lion Rd Ste 230
    Philadelphia, PA 19114
  • 100 Points

    Philadelphia Women's Center, Inc.

    777 Appletree St
    7th Floor
    Philadelphia, PA 19106
  • Anne Raunio, MD 100 Points

    Anne Raunio, MD

    Physicians For Woman
    1 Medical Center Blvd
    Philadelphia, PA 19178
  • James Pickar, MD 100 Points

    James Pickar, MD

    PO Box 42528, Wyeth Research
    Philadelphia, PA 19101
  • Yvonne Prioleau, M.D. 100 Points

    Yvonne Prioleau, M.D.

    301 S 8th St
    Suite 2a
    Philadelphia, PA 19106
  • David Goodner, MD 100 Points

    David Goodner, MD

    Professional Health Care
    601 Walnut St
    Philadelphia, PA 19106
  • Rajan Natalayil Renga, MD 100 Points

    Rajan Natalayil Renga, MD

    3400 N Broad St
    Philadelphia, PA 19140
  • Michael Schiavone, MD 100 Points

    Michael Schiavone, MD

    7439 Frankford Ave Ste 2A
    Philadelphia, PA 19136
  • Cynthia Silber, MD 100 Points

    Cynthia Silber, MD

    1025 Walnut St Rm 107
    Philadelphia, PA 19107
  • Ryan Sobel, MD 100 Points

    Ryan Sobel, MD

    833 Chestnut St Frnt 1
    Philadelphia, PA 19107
  • Steven Sondheimer, MD 100 Points

    Steven Sondheimer, MD

    3701 Market St
    7th & 8th Floor
    Philadelphia, PA 19104
  • Henry Su, D.O. 100 Points

    Henry Su, D.O.

    841 E Hunting Park Ave
    Suite 201
    Philadelphia, PA 19124
  • Carmen Sultana, MD 100 Points

    Carmen Sultana, MD

    834 Chestnut St Ste 400, Thos Jefferson U/Obgyn
    Philadelphia, PA 19107
  • Robert Cogan, MD 100 Points

    Robert Cogan, MD

    Tempell Physicians Inc
    2230 E Allegheny Ave
    Philadelphia, PA 19134
  • James Young, MD 100 Points

    James Young, MD

    Temple Community Medcial Ctr
    4231 N 5th St
    Philadelphia, PA 19140


OBGYN Summary:
An OBGYN specializes in female gynecology and reproductive health issues. An OGBYN is able to provide diagnosis, prevention and treatment for the female reproductive organs in both their pregnant and non-pregnant state. An OBGYN cares for a woman throughout the extent of her pregnancy, providing comprehensive care for both mother and child. An OBGYN is also able to treat non-pregnant women who require preventive gynecology care such as PAP smears or who require treatment for a specific gynecological condition.

What does


stand for?
OBGYN stands for Obstetrician (OB) and Gynecologist (GYN)

What is an OBGYN?
An Obstetrician (the first part of OB/GYN) is a physician who specializes in pregnancy.

What is a Gynecologist?
A Gynecologist (the second part of OB/GYN) is a physician who specializes in the female reproductive system.

Why should one see an OBGYN?
One can see an OBGYN for female reproductive or sexual health issues, pregnancy or infertility. One may also see an OBGYN regarding irregular vaginal bleeding, cancer or urinary tract disorders. An OBGYN can also perform routine breast exams.

How do I find an OBGYN in my city and state?
The directory will help you locate an OBGYN in your state. Select OBGYN from the professionals menu and select the state that you are looking to locate an OBGYN in. After you have located your state, find the city that you will need an OBGYN in. Select the state and city and you will see a list of OBGYNs in your city and state.

OBGYN Related Terms:
OBGYN, gynecology, obstetrics, gynecologist, obstetrician, baby, pregnancy, trimester, birth, reproductive, reproduction, fertilization, ultrasound, high risk pregnancy, multiple pregnancy, c-section birth, natural child birth, PAP smear, sexual health, STD screening