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Nursing Home Brooklyn, NY


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Nursing Home Brooklyn, NY

Find a nursing home in Brooklyn, NY to care for a loved one.

Results for Brooklyn, NY

  • Jesicka Farinha, CNA
    200 Points

    Jesicka Farinha, CNA

    Kateri Residence
    123 Crystal street
    Brooklyn, NY 11208
  • 190 Points

    Norwegian Christian Home & Health Center

    1270 67th St
    Brooklyn, NY 11219
  • Crown Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, SNF&Rehab 180 Points

    Crown Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, SNF&Rehab

    Crown Nursing & Rehabilitation Center
    3457 Nostrand Avenue
    Brooklyn, NY 11229
  • 160 Points

    Sea-Crest Health Care Center

    3035 W 24th St
    Brooklyn, NY 11224
  • 150 Points

    Haym Salomon Home for the Aged

    2300 Cropsey Ave
    Brooklyn, NY 11214
  • 120 Points

    Saint Joachim & Anne Residence

    2720 Surf Ave
    Brooklyn, NY 11224
  • DENNIS MORRIS, CNA 110 Points


    Brooklyn Queen Nursing Home
    2749 Linden Blvd
    Brooklyn, NY 11208
  • 100 Points

    Palm Gardens Ctr for Nursing & Rehab

    615 Avenue C
    Brooklyn, NY 11218
  • 80 Points

    Shorefront Jewish Geriatric Center

    3015 W 29th St
    Brooklyn, NY 11224
  • 40 Points

    Sheepshead Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

    2840 Knapp St
    Brooklyn, NY 11235
  • 20 Points

    Cabs Nursing Home Co Inc

    270 Nostrand Ave
    Brooklyn, NY 11205
  • 20 Points

    Carlton Nursing Home

    405 Carlton Ave
    Brooklyn, NY 11238
  • 20 Points

    Crown Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

    3457 Nostrand Ave
    Brooklyn, NY 11229
  • 20 Points

    Greenpark Care Center

    140 St Edwards St
    Brooklyn, NY 11201
  • 20 Points

    Holy Family Home

    1740 84th St
    Brooklyn, NY 11214
  • 20 Points

    New York Congregational Home for the Aged

    135 Linden Blvd
    Brooklyn, NY 11226
  • 20 Points

    Wartburg Lutheran Home for the Aging/Wartburg Nursing Home

    50 Sheffield Ave
    Brooklyn, NY 11207
  • 10 Points

    Aishel Avraham Residential Health Facility Inc

    40 Heyward St
    Brooklyn, NY 11211
  • 10 Points

    Independent Living

    2906 Fort Hamilton Parkway
    Brooklyn, NY 11218
  • 10 Points

    Menorah Home & Hospital for the Aged & Infirm Inc

    1516 Oriental Blvd
    Brooklyn, NY 11235
  • 10 Points

    Oxford Nursing Home

    144 S Oxford St
    Brooklyn, NY 11217
  • 10 Points

    Parkshore Health Care Center

    1555 Rockaway Pkwy
    Brooklyn, NY 11236
  • 10 Points

    Prospect Park Nursing Home Inc

    1455 Coney Island Ave
    Brooklyn, NY 11230
  • Atlantis Rehab and Residential Care

    140 Saint Edwards St
    Brooklyn, NY 11201
  • Augustana Lutheran Home

    5434 2nd Ave
    Brooklyn, NY 11220
  • Bethany Methodist Home Inc

    604 E 40th St
    Brooklyn, NY 11203
  • Bikur Cholim of Sea Gate

    4605 Surf Ave
    Brooklyn, NY 11224
  • Bishop Henry B Hucles Nurs Hm

    835 Herkimer St
    Brooklyn, NY 11233
  • Boro Park Center

    4915 10th Avenue
    Brooklyn, NY 11219
  • Brooklyn Center

    1455 Coney Island Ave
    Brooklyn, NY 11230
  • Brooklyn Queen Nursing Home

    2749 Linden Blvd
    Brooklyn, NY 11208
  • -20 Points

    Brooklyn United Methodist Church Home

    1485 Dumont Ave
    Brooklyn, NY 11208

Nursing Home Info

Nursing Home Summary:
A nursing home is a long-term care facility that offers around the clock nursing care for individuals with chronic illness or injury who are unable to care for themselves in an independent manner. Nursing homes house those who are elderly and unable to continue caring for themselves, as well as individuals of all ages who have chronic health concerns or permanent physical or mental disabilities that prevent them from being able to care for themselves. A nursing home may also be referred to as a nursing facility, skilled nursing, nursing center, convalescent home, retirement home, assisted living, elderly home, rehabilitation center, rehab center, eldercare, Alzheimer care and/or rest home.

Nursing Home Conditions Treated:

While nursing homes do not treat medical conditions in the same way that physicians and hospital facilities do, the medical staff does provide monitoring and care for those with chronic illness, severe injuries, physical disabilities, developmental disabilities, and mental disabilities. The assistants in nursing homes also provide daily care and personal services to those residents who cannot complete these tasks without assistance.

Nursing Home Specialties:

There are a variety of treatment modalities used in nursing homes, with the majority of care being provided by a nursing staff and nursing assistants. The nursing home may lean more toward task-oriented care or resident-oriented care or somewhere in between the two approaches. There are basically three common types of nursing care facilities in the United States, including Intermediate Care Facilities, Assisted Living Facilities, and Skilled Nursing Facilities.

Nursing Home Procedures and Treatments:

The staff in nursing homes help to provide custodial care for their residents. They help with those who need assistance for bathing, grooming, dressing, and eating. Nursing staff gives oversight to distribution of treatments including prescribed and over-the-counter medications. Some additional treatments provided in a nursing home setting involve occupational therapy, physical therapy, and providing transportation to medical appointments.

Nursing Home Details:

Each state performs inspections on nursing homes to be sure they meet specific certification requirements. The designated inspection agency in each state is responsible for licensing and certification of nursing homes. Depending on the type of facility, the state may have the final say on certification, or the result of the inspection may be sent to a regional office where the final decision will be made. There is also inspection performed at the federal level, especially for those facilities that are publicly funded or receive payments from Medicare and Medicaid. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is also responsible for inspections, certification, and licensing in these cases.

Nursing Home FAQs:

Aren't nursing homes for older people?
While nursing homes do provide care for elderly residents, they also provide care for people of all ages who have chronic illnesses or disabilities that require around the clock medical care or help with custodial care issues.

Aren't nursing homes expensive?
Like other care providers, nursing home costs vary depending on the type of facility. While private facilities may cost more than state facilities, both types of facilities typically take different types of insurance payments as well. Help is available for those with low income.

How do I know when it is time to consider a nursing home or assisted living center?
The decision to consider assisted living or skilled nursing typically depends on the availability and willingness of family to meet the needs of the person in care. When the care requirements of someone become too impractical for family, then it is time to seriously consider assisted living or nursing care. When an individual has mental or physical disabilities that make it unsafe to be without 24 hour care and supervision, then an assisted living center should be considered. When an individual has serious health issues requiring 24 hour nursing, then a facility with skilled nursing available should be considered.

How can I make sure the nursing home provides the level of care I need?
Call the nursing home before-hand. Ask to talk to the head nurse. Ask if they they provide skilled or custodial care. Ask if a bed is available. It is a good idea to print this nursing home checklist and simply run through the list of questions on the phone.

How do I know if a nursing home is Medicare or Medicaid-certified?
The easiest way to find out is to find a local nursing home in the directory and call them to confirm.

How do I find the best nursing home in my area?
Every nursing home is different. It is recommended that you invest enough time to find the best nursing home that fits within your budget. Doing complete reference checks and spending time in the facility before committing is the best way to do research.

Nursing Home Related Terms:
nursing home, retirement home, disability, elderly, aging, assisted living, skilled nursing, nursing facility, nursing center, convalescent home, elderly home, rehabilitation center, rehab center, eldercare, Alzheimer care and/or rest home