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Massage Therapist Prattville, AL


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Massage Therapist Prattville, AL

Find a massage therapist in Prattville, AL.

Results for Prattville, AL

  • June Ryan
    250 Points

    June Ryan

    Total Freedom Wellness Spa
    694 A Commerce Court
    Prattville, AL 36066
  • Nikki Roberts, LMT
    420 Points

    Nikki Roberts, LMT

    Peaceful Kneads Massage
    Distance: 11.49 mi
    7111 Halcyon Park Drive
    Montgomery, AL 36117
  • Dan Hendrix, Owner opperator therapist instructor
    410 Points

    Dan Hendrix, Owner opperator therapist instructor

    Advanced Clinic @ Root Salon
    Distance: 11.49 mi
    Montgomery East Plaza Shopping Center, 5485 Atlanta Hwy
    Inside Root Salon
    Montgomery, AL 36101
  • Erline Taylor, LMT 701
    230 Points

    Erline Taylor, LMT 701

    Taylor Touch Therapy
    Distance: 11.49 mi
    8448 Crossland Loop
    Montgomery, AL 36117
  • Michael Hudgins, Dr. 100 Points

    Michael Hudgins, Dr.

    Oasis Massage and Bodywork
    Distance: 11.49 mi
    5287 Vaughn Road
    Montgomery, AL 36117
  • 70 Points

    Mind & Body Holistic Spa

    Distance: 11.49 mi
    1035 Woodley Rd
    Montgomery, AL 36106
  • 10 Points

    Tokyo Spa

    Distance: 11.49 mi
    1205 E South Blvd
    Montgomery, AL 36116
  • Carmack Ann

    Distance: 11.49 mi
    6013 E Shirley Ln
    Montgomery, AL 36117
  • Le Spa Blue

    Distance: 11.49 mi
    7956 Vaughn Rd #131
    Montgomery, AL 36101
  • Massage Masters Inc

    Distance: 11.49 mi
    3042 Mcgehee Rd
    Montgomery, AL 36111
  • Taylor Neuromuscular Therapy

    Distance: 11.49 mi
    1209 Mulberry St
    Montgomery, AL 36106
  • The Backrub Store

    Distance: 11.49 mi
    2959 Montgomery Mall
    Montgomery, AL 36116

Nearby Cities

Montgomery (11.49 mi)

Massage Therapist Info

Massage Therapist Summary:
A Massage Therapist uses massage to treat patients. A massage therapist needs a license to practice, which can be obtained after a training program. Massage therapists can work for a spa, clinic, or in private practice.

Massage Therapist FAQs:
What is a

Massage Therapist

A Massage Therapist is a professional who uses massage to treat muscles.

What types of Massage does a Massage Therapist use?
A Massage Therapist practices many different types of massage, including acupressure, deep tissue massage, sports massage and Swedish massage.

Why should I see a Massage Therapist?
You can see a Massage Therapist to relieve pain, stimulate or relax your muscles, or tone your muscles.

What is the benefit of visiting a Massage Therapist?
There are many benefits of visiting a Massage Therapist, including easing tension or pain, improving circulation, healing and relaxing.

Massage Therapist Related Terms:
massage, therapy, tension relief, pain relief, circulation, healing, relaxing, relaxation, muscles, Swedish massage, sports massage, acupressure, massage therapist