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Internist Allen, TX



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Internist Allen, TX

Find an internist in Allen, TX that specializes in integrative medicine, annual physicals, sports physicals, acute care, primary care, chronic disease care, illness, cancer screening, and more.

Results for Allen, TX

  • Robert Barnett, MD 530 Points

    Robert Barnett, MD

    997 Raintree Circle, Suite 130
    Allen, TX 75013
  • Shelley Walton Pillard, MD 150 Points

    Shelley Walton Pillard, MD

    400 N Allen Dr Ste 202
    Allen, TX 75013
  • John Connolly, MD 120 Points

    John Connolly, MD

    410 N Allen Drive
    Allen, TX 75013
  • Shahrukh Kureishy, MD 110 Points

    Shahrukh Kureishy, MD

    Central Il Lung Internists
    515 W Main St Ste 115
    Allen, TX 75013
  • Luan Pho, MD 110 Points

    Luan Pho, MD

    1105 Central Expy N Ste 260
    Allen, TX 75013
  • Syed Hussain Shah, MD 100 Points

    Syed Hussain Shah, MD

    Dakota Clinic Ltd-Lisbon
    819 E Main St
    Allen, TX 75002
  • Snehal Kolhe, MD -10 Points

    Snehal Kolhe, MD

    Apollo Medical Associates
    Distance: 4.4 mi
    431 East Stacy Road, Ste 107
    Fairview, TX 75069
  • Pamela Moore, MD 460 Points

    Pamela Moore, MD

    Distance: 5.99 mi
    6300 Stonewood Dr Ste 200
    Plano, TX 75024
  • Rosemary Bates, MD 430 Points

    Rosemary Bates, MD

    Plano Medical Assoc
    Distance: 5.99 mi
    3900 W 15th St Ste 503
    Plano, TX 75075
  • Agnes Kinra, MD 420 Points

    Agnes Kinra, MD

    Agnes Kinra, MD, PA
    Distance: 5.99 mi
    4104 West 15th Street Suite 101
    Plano, TX 75093
  • Arash Tirandaz, MD,FACP 420 Points

    Arash Tirandaz, MD,FACP

    Distance: 5.99 mi
    6124 W. Parker Rd. #234
    Plano, TX 75093
  • Lillian White, MD 290 Points

    Lillian White, MD

    Internal Medicine
    Distance: 5.99 mi
    5068 W Plano Pkwy
    Plano, TX 75093
  • Janna Massar 270 Points

    Janna Massar

    Dr. Janna Massar, MD
    Distance: 5.99 mi
    2208 Dallas Parkway
    Suite 325 C1
    Plano, TX 75093
  • Gary Tigges, MD 230 Points

    Gary Tigges, MD

    Plano Internal Medicine Assoc
    Distance: 5.99 mi
    6300 W Parker Rd Ste 420
    Plano, TX 75093
  • Louis Torres, MD 190 Points

    Louis Torres, MD

    Medical Clinic of North Texas
    Distance: 5.99 mi
    5501 Independence Pkwy
    Plano, TX 75023
  • Varsha Solanki, MD 180 Points

    Varsha Solanki, MD

    Distance: 5.99 mi
    4801 W Park Blvd Ste 425
    Plano, TX 75093
  • Muhammad Farooqi, MD 160 Points

    Muhammad Farooqi, MD

    Distance: 5.99 mi
    1212 Coit Rd Ste 112
    Plano, TX 75075
  • Brenda Rude, MD 150 Points

    Brenda Rude, MD

    Austin Diagnostic Clinic
    Distance: 5.99 mi
    6300 Stonewood Dr Ste 200
    Plano, TX 75024
  • Adrian Nguyen, MD 150 Points

    Adrian Nguyen, MD

    Distance: 5.99 mi
    3900 W 15th St Ste 205
    Plano, TX 75075
  • Timothy Chappell, MD 140 Points

    Timothy Chappell, MD

    Collin County Pulmonary Assoc
    Distance: 5.99 mi
    1630 Coit Rd Ste 104
    Plano, TX 75075
  • 140 Points

    Medical Clinic of North Texas PLLC

    Distance: 5.99 mi
    5501 Independence Pkwy
    Suite 110
    Plano, TX 75023
  • John Wittenberg, MD 140 Points

    John Wittenberg, MD

    Distance: 5.99 mi
    4100 W 15th St Ste 202
    Plano, TX 75093
  • Neha Dhudshia, MD 130 Points

    Neha Dhudshia, MD

    Distance: 5.99 mi
    6300 W Parker Rd
    Plano, TX 75093
  • Ladan Bakhtari, MD 130 Points

    Ladan Bakhtari, MD

    Doctors Of Internal Medicine
    Distance: 5.99 mi
    5941 Dallas Parkway
    Plano, TX 75093
  • David Garza, MD 130 Points

    David Garza, MD

    Doctors Of Internal Medicine
    Distance: 5.99 mi
    3801 W 15th St Ste 360
    Plano, TX 75075
  • John Hughes, MD 130 Points

    John Hughes, MD

    Southwest Pulmonary Associates Llp
    Distance: 5.99 mi
    6124 W Parker Rd Ste 131
    Plano, TX 75093
  • Mahmood Khan, MD 120 Points

    Mahmood Khan, MD

    Distance: 5.99 mi
    3900 W 15th St Ste 507
    Plano, TX 75075
  • Rupal Chiniwala, MD 110 Points

    Rupal Chiniwala, MD

    Distance: 5.99 mi
    1321 Berkley Ct
    Plano, TX 75023
  • Ann Arnold, MD 110 Points

    Ann Arnold, MD

    Diagnostic Medical Assoc Of TX
    Distance: 5.99 mi
    3900 W 15th St Ste 404
    Plano, TX 75075
  • Darshan Kapadia, MD 110 Points

    Darshan Kapadia, MD

    Distance: 5.99 mi
    6300 W Parker Rd Ste 421
    Plano, TX 75093
  • Boram Park 100 Points

    Boram Park

    Baylor Scott & White Dallas Diagnostic Association - Plano
    Distance: 5.99 mi
    4716 Alliance Blvd
    Ste 500
    Plano, TX 75093
  • Michael Blackmon, MD 100 Points

    Michael Blackmon, MD

    Distance: 5.99 mi
    6124 W Parker Rd Ste 131
    Plano, TX 75093
  • Jose Rivera Alvarado, MD 100 Points

    Jose Rivera Alvarado, MD

    Legacy Heart Center
    Distance: 5.99 mi
    6601 Preston Road
    Plano, TX 75024
  • Lisa Medwedeff, MD 100 Points

    Lisa Medwedeff, MD

    Distance: 5.99 mi
    6300 W Parker Rd Ste 224
    Plano, TX 75093
  • Charles Murphy, MD 100 Points

    Charles Murphy, MD

    Distance: 5.99 mi
    PO Box 262569
    Plano, TX 75026
  • Malladi Rama Sastry, MD 100 Points

    Malladi Rama Sastry, MD

    Distance: 5.99 mi
    4100 W 15th St Ste 216
    Plano, TX 75093
  • Charles Natalizio, MD 100 Points

    Charles Natalizio, MD

    Senior Health Ctr
    Distance: 5.99 mi
    2540 Avenue K Ste 500
    Plano, TX 75074
  • Douglas Wood, DO 100 Points

    Douglas Wood, DO

    Distance: 5.99 mi
    PO Box 260208
    Plano, TX 75026
  • Robert Graham Jr, MD 90 Points

    Robert Graham Jr, MD

    Medical Clinic Of North Texas
    Distance: 5.99 mi
    4100 W 15th St Ste 201
    Plano, TX 75093
  • Samuel Piga, MD 60 Points

    Samuel Piga, MD

    Distance: 5.99 mi
    3105 W 15th St Ste E
    Plano, TX 75075
  • Scott Yates, MD 50 Points

    Scott Yates, MD

    Center for Executive Medicine
    Distance: 5.99 mi
    6020 W. Parker Road Suite 420
    Plano, TX 75093
  • Samuel Piga 10 Points

    Samuel Piga

    Distance: 5.99 mi
    3105 W 15th St Ste E
    Plano, TX 75075
  • Son Giep, MD

    Son Giep, MD

    Son Giep, MD PA
    Distance: 5.99 mi
    6300 W. Parker Rd. #220
    Plano, TX 75093
  • Arash Tirandaz

    Arash Tirandaz

    Distance: 5.99 mi
    6300 W Parker Rd Ste 220
    Plano, TX 75093
  • Starling Reid, M.D.
    520 Points

    Starling Reid, M.D.

    Personal MD Family Healthcare
    Distance: 6.74 mi
    2770 Virginia Parkway
    McKinney, TX 75071
  • Kamran  Saleh, MD 300 Points

    Kamran Saleh, MD

    Premier Independent Physicians
    Distance: 6.74 mi
    1820 N. Lake Forest Drive, Ste 300
    1820 N. Lake Forest Drive
    McKinney, TX 75071
  • Richard Boatman, MD 200 Points

    Richard Boatman, MD

    Heritage X-Ray
    Distance: 6.74 mi
    1441 N Redbud Blvd Ste 211
    Mckinney, TX 75069

Internist Info

Internist Summary:
An Internist is a physician who practices medicine related to any of the organs and systems of the body. They deal with any problem no matter how simple, complicated, ordinary, or unusual it may be. They provide comprehensive care to adults with the exception of performing surgery. This means they can take care of any complaint from nose, ears, reproductive system, to mental health problems, to issues such as substance abuse.

Internists are trained to solve the most complex and intriguing problems as well as handle multiple complaints and illnesses at one time. Besides treating the patient, an internist focuses on preventative medicine and educating patients on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Internist FAQs:
What is an


An Internist is a physician who studies Internal Medicine for adults. Internal Medicine is a branch of medicine that focuses on the diagnosis and nonsurgical treatment of diseases.

Why might I see an Internist?
If you are an older adult you could have an Internist as your primary care physician. An Internist also treats patients with chronic or internal organ illnesses, along with other common problems.

What are the specialized areas that an internist can practice in?
• Adolescent medicine
• Allergies and immunology
• Cardiology
• Endocrinology (glandular disorders)
• Gastroenterology (colon and digestive disorders)
• Geriatrics (treatment of the elderly)
• Hematology (blood disorders)
• Infectious diseases
• Nephrology (kidney disorders)
• Pulmonology (lung and respiratory disorders)
• Oncology (cancer)
• Rheumatology (arthritis)
• Sports medicine

What is internal medicine?
Quite simply, internal medicine refers to the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of medical conditions, illnesses, injury and disease relating to any system of the human body. This includes all organs (ears, nose, heart, lungs, skin, etc.) and systems (reproductive, endocrine, circulatory, respiratory, etc.)

What does an Internist do?
An Internist can choose to practice general medicine or specialize in a certain area. The general Internist conducts physical exams of the body. The Internist obtains medical history and orders any tests that are required. Once the test results are obtained, the Internist will choose the appropriate course of treatment: medication, lifestyle changes, surgery, or referral to a specialist.

What are some of the rewards of being an Internist?
An Internist is a very interesting profession that will often present mental challenges. Because an Internist handles any and every system in the human body, there is always opportunity for amazing discoveries.

What can't an Internist do?
An Internist can diagnose, treat, and help prevent diseases, illnesses, injuries, and medical conditions. However, they cannot perform surgery. They must refer the patient to a surgeon that specializes in that certain area.

Who should get treatment from an Internist?
Any adult who needs medial care for an illness, injury, disease, or other medical condition could use an Internist. It is recommended that children see a pediatrician as their training and education is geared towards a child's health.

How do I find an Internist in my city and state?
The directory will help you locate an Internist in your state. Select Internist from the professionals menu and select the state that you are looking to locate an Internist in. After you have located your state, find the city that you will need an Internist in. Select the state and city and you will see a list of Internists in your city and state.

Internist Related Terms:
physical examinations, cholesterol testing, pap smears, immunizations, skin biopsies, stress reduction plans, ongoing evaluations, bone density testing, menopause treatment, internal medicine, internal systems, prevention, and comprehensive care