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Internist Miami, FL



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Internist Miami, FL

Find an internist in Miami, FL that specializes in integrative medicine, annual physicals, sports physicals, acute care, primary care, chronic disease care, illness, cancer screening, and more.

Results for Miami, FL

  • 100 Points

    I & B Medical Associates

    9400 NW 12th Ave
    Miami, FL 33150
  • Nuzhat Abbasi, MD 100 Points

    Nuzhat Abbasi, MD

    Internal Medicine
    16401 NW 2nd Ave Ste 102
    Miami, FL 33169
  • Manuel Iribar, MD 100 Points

    Manuel Iribar, MD

    11900 W Dixie Hwy
    Miami, FL 33161
  • Jose Esnard, MD 100 Points

    Jose Esnard, MD

    Isola Health Consultants
    11800 Bird Rd # 411
    Miami, FL 33175
  • Clara Rodriguez Iznaga, MD 100 Points

    Clara Rodriguez Iznaga, MD

    Iznaga Medical Group
    2317 W Flagler St
    Miami, FL 33135
  • Alexandre Abreu, MD 100 Points

    Alexandre Abreu, MD

    Jackson Memorial
    1611 NW 12th Ave Ste 233
    Miami, FL 33136
  • William Harrington, MD 100 Points

    William Harrington, MD

    Jackson Memorial Hospital
    1611 NW 12th Ave
    Miami, FL 33136
  • Javier Hiriart, MD 100 Points

    Javier Hiriart, MD

    Jackson Memorial Hospital
    1611 NW 12th Ave
    Miami, FL 33136
  • Sandra Mostaccio, MD 100 Points

    Sandra Mostaccio, MD

    Jackson Memorial Hospital
    1611 NW 12th Ave Ste 1186
    Miami, FL 33136
  • Hamsakum Ramasubramaniam, MD 100 Points

    Hamsakum Ramasubramaniam, MD

    Jackson Memorial Hospital
    1611 NW 12th Ave
    Miami, FL 33136
  • Madeleine Rodriguez, MD 100 Points

    Madeleine Rodriguez, MD

    Jackson Memorial Hospital
    10281 SW 72nd St
    Miami, FL 33173
  • Manuel Rodriguez, MD 100 Points

    Manuel Rodriguez, MD

    Jackson Memorial Hospital
    3661 S Miami Ave Ste 801
    Miami, FL 33133
  • Niraj Sharma, MD 100 Points

    Niraj Sharma, MD

    Jackson Memorial Hospital
    1611 NW 12th Ave
    Miami, FL 33136
  • Francisco Tamayo, MD 100 Points

    Francisco Tamayo, MD

    Jackson Memorial Hospital
    1611 NW 12th Ave Ste 609
    Miami, FL 33136
  • Hermes Velasquez, MD 100 Points

    Hermes Velasquez, MD

    Jackson Memorial Hospital
    1611 NW 12th Ave Ste 1186
    Miami, FL 33136
  • Sandra Jara, MD 100 Points

    Sandra Jara, MD

    1611 NW 12th Ave
    Miami, FL 33136
  • Francisco Palacios, MD 100 Points

    Francisco Palacios, MD

    Jorge Bordenave & Assoc
    1710 SW 27th Ave Ste 101
    Miami, FL 33145
  • Juan Mantilla 100 Points

    Juan Mantilla

    Juan A Mantilla, MD, PA
    8501 SW 124th Ave
    Ste 202
    Miami, FL 33183
  • Michael Gregorian, MD 100 Points

    Michael Gregorian, MD

    Kendale Lakes Medical Ctr
    13550 SW 88th St Ste 180
    Miami, FL 33186
  • Russell Superfine, MD 100 Points

    Russell Superfine, MD

    Kendall Medical Ctr
    11150 SW 88th St
    Miami, FL 33176
  • Erik Fernandez Perez, MD 100 Points

    Erik Fernandez Perez, MD

    Kendall Regional Medical Center
    11750 SW 40 Street
    Miami, FL 33175
  • Daniel Kett, MD 100 Points

    Daniel Kett, MD

    1201 NW 16th St
    Miami, FL 33125
  • Macey Keyes, MD 100 Points

    Macey Keyes, MD

    8950 N Kendall Dr Ste 308
    Miami, FL 33176
  • Afzal Khan, MD 100 Points

    Afzal Khan, MD

    1190 NW 95th St Ste 104
    Miami, FL 33150
  • Anne Marie Miles, MD 100 Points

    Anne Marie Miles, MD

    Kidney & Hypertension Specs
    1190 NW 95th St Ste 207
    Miami, FL 33150
  • Jorge Presser, MD 100 Points

    Jorge Presser, MD

    Kidney & Hypertension Specs
    1190 NW 95th St Ste 207
    Miami, FL 33150
  • Scott Korman, MD 100 Points

    Scott Korman, MD

    8900 N Kendall Dr
    Miami, FL 33176
  • Raul Lagos Armas, MD 100 Points

    Raul Lagos Armas, MD

    8370 W Flagler St Ste 232
    Miami, FL 33144
  • Ignacio Cendan, MD 100 Points

    Ignacio Cendan, MD

    Lanes & Mangas
    2695 S Le Jeune Rd
    Miami, FL 33134
  • Saul Lanes, MD 100 Points

    Saul Lanes, MD

    Lanes & Mangas
    2695 S Le Jeune Rd
    Miami, FL 33134
  • Raul Valor, MD 100 Points

    Raul Valor, MD

    Lanes & Mangas
    2695 S Le Jeune Rd
    Miami, FL 33134
  • Eric Lang, MD 100 Points

    Eric Lang, MD

    1321 NW 14th St Ste 602
    Miami, FL 33125
  • Michael Lerner, MD 100 Points

    Michael Lerner, MD

    3659 S Miami Ave Ste 4008
    Miami, FL 33133
  • Jonathan Leslie, DO 100 Points

    Jonathan Leslie, DO

    21110 Biscayne Blvd Ste 400
    Miami, FL 33180
  • Richard Lipman, MD 100 Points

    Richard Lipman, MD

    9492 S Dixie Hwy
    Miami, FL 33156
  • David Hoffman, MD 100 Points

    David Hoffman, MD

    Maimi Kidney Group
    10300 SW 216th St
    Miami, FL 33190
  • Hector Maldonado, MD 100 Points

    Hector Maldonado, MD

    5959 NW 7th St, Emergency Dept
    Miami, FL 33126
  • Ramiro Marrero, MD 100 Points

    Ramiro Marrero, MD

    4445 SW 16th St Ste 200
    Miami, FL 33134
  • Teresa Martinez, MD 100 Points

    Teresa Martinez, MD

    2601 SW 37th Ave Ste 505
    Miami, FL 33133
  • Maria Mas, MD 100 Points

    Maria Mas, MD

    3659 S Miami Ave Ste 3003
    Miami, FL 33133
  • Mayra Delgado, MD 100 Points

    Mayra Delgado, MD

    McCci Bird Road
    11401 SW 40th St Ste 150
    Miami, FL 33165
  • Jorge Perez 100 Points

    Jorge Perez

    MCCI Medical Group Eighth Street
    3099 SW 8 Street
    Miami, FL 33135
  • Rafael Garcia 100 Points

    Rafael Garcia

    MCCI Medical Group NW
    2600 West Flagler Street
    Miami, FL 33135
  • Janeth Turcios, MD 100 Points

    Janeth Turcios, MD

    2500 SW 107th Ave
    Miami, FL 33165
  • Alina Campos Vega, MD 100 Points

    Alina Campos Vega, MD

    Medical Utilization Review
    815 NW 57th Ave
    Miami, FL 33126
  • Juan Mella, MD 100 Points

    Juan Mella, MD

    8940 N Kendall Dr
    Miami, FL 33176
  • Paul Mendez, MD 100 Points

    Paul Mendez, MD

    1611 NW 12th Ave
    Miami, FL 33136
  • Ramon Mendoza, MD 100 Points

    Ramon Mendoza, MD

    8556 SW 8th St
    Miami, FL 33144
  • Daniel Melman, MD 100 Points

    Daniel Melman, MD

    Mercy Primary Care Ctr
    5000 University Dr Ste 3RD-Flr
    Miami, FL 33146
  • James Krainson, MD 100 Points

    James Krainson, MD

    Mezey & Krainson
    9380 SW 150th St Ste 200
    Miami, FL 33176

Internist Info

Internist Summary:
An Internist is a physician who practices medicine related to any of the organs and systems of the body. They deal with any problem no matter how simple, complicated, ordinary, or unusual it may be. They provide comprehensive care to adults with the exception of performing surgery. This means they can take care of any complaint from nose, ears, reproductive system, to mental health problems, to issues such as substance abuse.

Internists are trained to solve the most complex and intriguing problems as well as handle multiple complaints and illnesses at one time. Besides treating the patient, an internist focuses on preventative medicine and educating patients on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Internist FAQs:
What is an


An Internist is a physician who studies Internal Medicine for adults. Internal Medicine is a branch of medicine that focuses on the diagnosis and nonsurgical treatment of diseases.

Why might I see an Internist?
If you are an older adult you could have an Internist as your primary care physician. An Internist also treats patients with chronic or internal organ illnesses, along with other common problems.

What are the specialized areas that an internist can practice in?
• Adolescent medicine
• Allergies and immunology
• Cardiology
• Endocrinology (glandular disorders)
• Gastroenterology (colon and digestive disorders)
• Geriatrics (treatment of the elderly)
• Hematology (blood disorders)
• Infectious diseases
• Nephrology (kidney disorders)
• Pulmonology (lung and respiratory disorders)
• Oncology (cancer)
• Rheumatology (arthritis)
• Sports medicine

What is internal medicine?
Quite simply, internal medicine refers to the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of medical conditions, illnesses, injury and disease relating to any system of the human body. This includes all organs (ears, nose, heart, lungs, skin, etc.) and systems (reproductive, endocrine, circulatory, respiratory, etc.)

What does an Internist do?
An Internist can choose to practice general medicine or specialize in a certain area. The general Internist conducts physical exams of the body. The Internist obtains medical history and orders any tests that are required. Once the test results are obtained, the Internist will choose the appropriate course of treatment: medication, lifestyle changes, surgery, or referral to a specialist.

What are some of the rewards of being an Internist?
An Internist is a very interesting profession that will often present mental challenges. Because an Internist handles any and every system in the human body, there is always opportunity for amazing discoveries.

What can't an Internist do?
An Internist can diagnose, treat, and help prevent diseases, illnesses, injuries, and medical conditions. However, they cannot perform surgery. They must refer the patient to a surgeon that specializes in that certain area.

Who should get treatment from an Internist?
Any adult who needs medial care for an illness, injury, disease, or other medical condition could use an Internist. It is recommended that children see a pediatrician as their training and education is geared towards a child's health.

How do I find an Internist in my city and state?
The directory will help you locate an Internist in your state. Select Internist from the professionals menu and select the state that you are looking to locate an Internist in. After you have located your state, find the city that you will need an Internist in. Select the state and city and you will see a list of Internists in your city and state.

Internist Related Terms:
physical examinations, cholesterol testing, pap smears, immunizations, skin biopsies, stress reduction plans, ongoing evaluations, bone density testing, menopause treatment, internal medicine, internal systems, prevention, and comprehensive care