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Gynecologist Bronx, NY



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Gynecologist Bronx, NY

Find a Gynecologist near Bronx, NY. Gynecologist reviews, phone number, address and map. Find the best Gynecologist in Bronx, NY

Results for Bronx, NY

  • Stephen Schuster, MD
    210 Points

    Stephen Schuster, MD

    1545 Unionport Rd
    Bronx, NY 10462
  • Jessica Atrio, MD
    100 Points

    Jessica Atrio, MD

    1695 Eastchester Road
    Bronx, NY 10461
  • Nerys Benfield, MD, MPH 50 Points

    Nerys Benfield, MD, MPH

    1695 Eastchester Road
    Bronx, NY 10461
  • Elizabeth Gurney, MD 50 Points

    Elizabeth Gurney, MD

    1695 Eastchester Road
    Bronx, NY 10461
  • Erika Levi, MD, MPH 50 Points

    Erika Levi, MD, MPH

    1695 Eastchester Road
    Bronx, NY 10461
  • Juan Afif, M.D.

    Juan Afif, M.D.

    1214 Pelham Pkwy S
    Bronx, NY 10461
  • Marina Artioukhina

    Marina Artioukhina

    71 Metropolitan Oval
    Bronx, NY 10462
  • Nicole Astill, M.D.

    Nicole Astill, M.D.

    234 E 149th ST
    Apt 5e
    Bronx, NY 10451
  • Antoinette Danvers, MD

    Antoinette Danvers, MD

    1695 Eastchester Road
    Bronx, NY 10461
  • Pichitra Dejkunchorn, M.D.

    Pichitra Dejkunchorn, M.D.

    1225 Gerard Ave
    Bronx, NY 10452
  • Dorado Medical Care, P.C.

    3055 3rd Ave
    Bronx, NY 10451
  • Eastchester Medical Associates, Pc

    2426 Eastchester Rd Ste 208
    Bronx, NY 10469
  • Hoosna Haque, M.D.

    Hoosna Haque, M.D.

    1300 Morris Park Ave
    Provider Enrollment
    Bronx, NY 10461
  • Harlem Medical Group, Pc

    392 Bedford Park Blvd
    Bronx, NY 10458
  • June Hou, M.D.

    June Hou, M.D.

    1695 Eastchester Rd
    Bronx, NY 10461
  • Marjorie Jean-Michel, M.D.

    Marjorie Jean-Michel, M.D.

    1650 Grand Concourse
    Department of Ob/Gyn, 5th Floor
    Bronx, NY 10457
  • David Kulak

    David Kulak

    5234 Blackstone Ave
    Bronx, NY 10471
  • Juan Lopez, MD

    Juan Lopez, MD

    754 E 151st St
    Bronx, NY 10455
  • Stephane Lubicz, MD

    Stephane Lubicz, MD

    3777 Independence Ave
    Bronx, NY 10463
  • Jeffrey Menegas, M.D.

    Jeffrey Menegas, M.D.

    930 E Tremont Ave
    Bronx, NY 10460
  • Susan Pesci, MD

    Susan Pesci, MD

    1695 Eastchester Road
    Bronx, NY 10461
  • Tien-Shun Li, M.D.

    Tien-Shun Li, M.D.

    Distance: 5.43 mi
    2231 Lemoine Ave
    Fort Lee, NJ 7024
  • Paul Packer, MD

    Paul Packer, MD

    Distance: 6.1 mi
    91 Kensington Oval
    New Rochelle, NY 10805
  • Erica  Song, MD
    410 Points

    Erica Song, MD

    Vibrant Life Medicine
    Distance: 6.29 mi
    286 Engle Street
    Englewood, NJ 07631
  • Arthur Gross, MD, FACOG

    Arthur Gross, MD, FACOG

    Distance: 6.29 mi
    25 Rockwood Pl
    Suite 305
    Englewood, NJ 7631
  • Stacy Martinucci, M.D.

    Stacy Martinucci, M.D.

    Distance: 6.29 mi
    370 Grand Ave
    Englewood Ob/Gyn Associates
    Englewood, NJ 7631
  • Michael D Vardy Gynecology and Urogynecology, LLC

    Distance: 6.29 mi
    350 Engle St
    5 West
    Englewood, NJ 7631
  • Michael Vardy, M.D.

    Michael Vardy, M.D.

    Distance: 6.29 mi
    350 Engle St
    Suite 5 W Med Suite
    Englewood, NJ 7631
  • Michael Georgis, MD

    Michael Georgis, MD

    Distance: 6.34 mi
    25-40 30th Road
    Astoria, NY 11102
  • David Fishman 200 Points

    David Fishman

    David A. Fishman, M.D.
    Distance: 6.39 mi
    56-45 Main Street
    WLL 100
    Flushing, NY 11355
  • Rudy Segna 200 Points

    Rudy Segna

    Rudy Segna, M.D.
    Distance: 6.39 mi
    56-45 Main Street
    Flushing, NY 11355
  • Gregory Amendola, MD

    Gregory Amendola, MD

    Distance: 6.39 mi
    158-11 Harry Van Arsdale Jr Avenue
    Flushing, NY 11365
  • Marc Berger, MD

    Marc Berger, MD

    Distance: 6.39 mi
    13726 71st Ave
    Flushing, NY 11367
  • Ny Queens Ob-Gyn

    Distance: 6.39 mi
    13336 41st Rd
    Suite 2l
    Flushing, NY 11355
  • 200 Points

    Choice Gynecological Services, Pc

    Distance: 6.6 mi
    8926 Roosevelt Ave.
    2nd Floor
    Jackson Heights, NY 11372
  • a1 Medicine P.C.

    Distance: 6.6 mi
    9545 Roosevelt Ave
    Jackson Heights, NY 11372
  • Constantin Iliescu, M.D. -10 Points

    Constantin Iliescu, M.D.

    Distance: 6.6 mi
    7019 37th Ave
    Jackson Heights, NY 11372
  • Roosevelt Women's Medical Care, Pc

    Distance: 6.6 mi
    7813 Roosevelt Ave
    2nd Floor
    Jackson Heights, NY 11372
  • Womens Special Care P.C.

    Distance: 6.64 mi
    596 Anderson Ave
    Suite 302
    Cliffside Park, NJ 7010
  • Golden Management Inc

    Distance: 7.13 mi
    10408 Roosevelt Ave
    Corona, NY 11368
  • Elmhurst Women's Medical, Pc

    Distance: 7.87 mi
    4024 76th St
    Elmhurst, NY 11373
  • Adeeti Gupta, MD

    Adeeti Gupta, MD

    Distance: 7.87 mi
    83-21 57th Ave
    Elmhurst, NY 11373
  • Paradigm Ob/Gyn Services, Pc

    Distance: 7.87 mi
    9419 60th Ave Ste d1
    Elmhurst, NY 11373

Gynecologist Info

Gynecologist Summary:

A gynecologist is a medical doctor who specializes in women's health issues, especially those concerning the reproductive system. A gynecologist can diagnose and treat a variety of conditions that affect a woman's reproductive system.

Gynecologist Treatments may include:

- Women's health
- Genitourinary disorders
- Gynecological cancers
- Breast conditions
- Ovarian Cysts
- Infertility
- Menopause
- Contraception
- Incontinence
- Sexually transmitted disease
- Uterine fibroids

Gynecologist Specialties include:

Obstetrics involves caring for women and their health during pregnancy, childbirth, and post-natal care. Gynecological oncology deals with treatment of cancers that affect a woman's reproductive system. Gynecologists may also sub-specialize in pediatric, adolescent, menopausal, or geriatric gynecology. Other sub-specialties in gynecology include endocrinology and infertility, urology, pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery.

Gynecology Procedures and Treatments:

A gynecologist can assess, diagnose, and treat issues affecting a woman's reproductive tract. Interviews, external observations, internal examinations, PAP tests, medical imaging, amniocentesis, and biopsy are used to help gynecologists with diagnosis.

Treatments may involve the use of medication, sex education and contraceptives, D&C, tubal ligation, mastectomy, hysterectomy, laparoscopy, and colposcopy.

Gynecology Profession Details:
Gynecologists must complete medical school then additional training in women's health and surgical requirements. Board certification and licensing are required for practicing gynecologists in the United States. Continuing education is required to maintain certification.

Gynecology Associations:
The American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology is responsible for certification of both gynecologists and obstetricians in the United States, with nearly 1,700 certifications occurring each year. This non-profit organization is independently maintained and is recognized as a specialty board by the Medical Board of Medical Specialties.

Gynecologist FAQs:

What Is a Gynecologist?

A gynecologist is a medical doctor that specializes in women's health issues, especially those pertaining to the reproductive system.

What Is the Difference between a Gynecologist and an Obstetrician?

An obstetrician is a gynecologist who sub-specializes in issues regarding pregnancy and childbirth and has more training and experience regarding those issues as well as childbirth and potential complications that might arise.

How Do I Find the Best Gynecologist in My Area?

You can find the best local gynecologist for your needs on, through other search sites including the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and from recommendations by your family doctor, relatives, and friends. Be sure to ask questions and do some research as it is important to choose a gynecologist you trust and are comfortable with.

Why Do I Need a Gynecologist?

Women should see a gynecologist at least once a year for regular examinations. While family doctors can provide basic services, gynecologists specialize in women's health and reproductive issues so are better equipped to diagnose and treat potential issues.

Gynecologist Related Terms:
Gynecology, obstetrics, OB/GYN, childbirth, pregnancy, mammogram, hysterectomy, uterus, ovaries, cysts, yeast infection, STDs, birth control, tubal ligation, c-section, biopsy, breast exam, menstrual problems, PAP test, vaginal exam, contraception, fertility, infertility, cancer, reproduction