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Gastroenterologist Lake Forest, IL



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Gastroenterologist Lake Forest, IL

Find a gastroenterologist in Lake Forest, IL to treat the digestive tract and related diseases.

Results for Lake Forest, IL

  • Mark Blitstein, MD 200 Points

    Mark Blitstein, MD

    Deerpath Medical
    800 N Westmoreland Rd Ste 206
    Lake Forest, IL 60045
  • Nikhilesh Mazumder 150 Points

    Nikhilesh Mazumder

    Northwestern Medical Group
    1000 N Westmoreland Rd
    Lake Forest, IL 60045
  • Amanda Guentner 50 Points

    Amanda Guentner

    Amanda S. Guentner, MD
    660 N Westmoreland Rd
    Lake Forest, IL 60045
  • Pallavi Shah, MD 110 Points

    Pallavi Shah, MD

    Greenleaf Medical Assoc Ltd
    Distance: 4.62 mi
    3001 Green Bay Rd, Va Medical Center
    North Chicago, IL 60064
  • Gene Chiao, MD
    490 Points

    Gene Chiao, MD

    Ravinia Associates
    Distance: 5.7 mi
    1777 Green Bay Road, Second Floor
    Highland Park, IL 60035
  • Joel Retsky, MD 120 Points

    Joel Retsky, MD

    Ravinia Associates In Internal Medicine Ltd
    Distance: 5.7 mi
    625 Roger Williams Ave Ste 101
    Highland Park, IL 60035
  • Karen Kawala Sable, MD 100 Points

    Karen Kawala Sable, MD

    Lake Shore Gastroenterology
    Distance: 5.7 mi
    806 Central Ave Ste 202
    Highland Park, IL 60035
  • Jeffrey J Glass, MD 60 Points

    Jeffrey J Glass, MD

    Distance: 5.7 mi
    1160 PARK AVE W STE 3N
  • Mohammad Bawani, MD 300 Points

    Mohammad Bawani, MD

    Gastroenterologists Limited
    Distance: 5.99 mi
    1105 W Park Ave Ste 2
    Libertyville, IL 60048
  • John Matseshe, MD 110 Points

    John Matseshe, MD

    Gastroenterology Consultants
    Distance: 5.99 mi
    890 Garfield Ave Ste 210
    Libertyville, IL 60048
  • James Gross

    James Gross

    Distance: 5.99 mi
    1900 Hollister Dr Ste 370
    Libertyville, IL 60048
  • 560 Points

    Vista Medical Center East

    Distance: 7.26 mi
    1324 North Sheridan Road
    Waukegan, IL 60085
  • Hosep Deyrmenjian, MD 120 Points

    Hosep Deyrmenjian, MD

    Associates IN Digestive
    Distance: 8.33 mi
    1445 Hunt Club Rd.
    Suite 303
    Gurnee, IL 60031
  • Cynthia Wait, MD 120 Points

    Cynthia Wait, MD

    Gastroenterology-Lake County
    Distance: 8.33 mi
    20 Tower Ct Ste C
    Gurnee, IL 60031
  • Pankaj Vashi, MD 110 Points

    Pankaj Vashi, MD

    Distance: 8.33 mi
    25 Tower Ct Ste B
    Gurnee, IL 60031
  • Fred Rosenberg, MD 100 Points

    Fred Rosenberg, MD

    Gastroenterology-Lake County
    Distance: 8.33 mi
    20 Tower Ct Ste C
    Gurnee, IL 60031
  • Everett Kirch, MD 100 Points

    Everett Kirch, MD

    Distance: 8.33 mi
    20 Tower Ct Ste C
    Gurnee, IL 60031
  • Jeffrey J Glass, MD

    Jeffrey J Glass, MD

    Distance: 8.33 mi
    GURNEE, IL 60031
  • Tara Troy, MD 250 Points

    Tara Troy, MD

    Tara N. Troy, MD
    Distance: 9.08 mi
    40 Skokie Blvd.
    Ste 110
    Northbrook, IL 60062
  • Alan Auerbach

    Alan Auerbach

    Distance: 9.59 mi
    125 E Lake Cook Rd Ste 125
    Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
  • James Gross, MD 850 Points

    James Gross, MD

    Clinicians Clinics of America
    Distance: 11.86 mi
    130 E IL Rt 83 (Barron Blvd)
    Grayslake, IL 60030
  • Tara Troy 150 Points

    Tara Troy

    Tara N. Troy, MD
    Distance: 11.86 mi
    1475 E Belvidere Rd
    Ste 301
    Grayslake, IL 60030
  • Pankaj Vashi, MD
    300 Points

    Pankaj Vashi, MD

    Distance: 12.96 mi
    2520 Elisha Ave
    Zion, IL 60099
  • Jeffrey Jacobs, MD 300 Points

    Jeffrey Jacobs, MD

    Digestive Disease Associates of the North Shore, S.C.
    Distance: 13.32 mi
    2551 Compass Rd., Suite 120
    Glenview, IL 60026
  • Bennett Plotnick, MD 90 Points

    Bennett Plotnick, MD

    Rush Presbyterian-St Lukes
    Distance: 13.32 mi
    1725 Harrison St Ste 339
    Glenview, IL 60025
  • Yolandra Johnson, MD 150 Points

    Yolandra Johnson, MD

    Gastroenterlogy Consultants
    Distance: 13.49 mi
    510 Green Bay Rd
    Kenilworth, IL 60043
  • Mickey Meiselman, MD 110 Points

    Mickey Meiselman, MD

    Gastroenterology Consultants
    Distance: 13.49 mi
    506 Green Bay Rd
    Kenilworth, IL 60043
  • James Rosenberg, MD 100 Points

    James Rosenberg, MD

    Northshore Gastroenterology
    Distance: 13.49 mi
    510 Green Bay Rd
    Kenilworth, IL 60043
  • Mitchell Bernsen, MD 120 Points

    Mitchell Bernsen, MD

    Northwest Gastroenterologists
    Distance: 13.77 mi
    1415 S Arlington Heights Rd, Northwest Gastroenterologi
    Arlington Heights, IL 60005
  • Michael Cohen, MD 110 Points

    Michael Cohen, MD

    Northwest Gastroenterologists
    Distance: 13.77 mi
    1415 S Arlington Heights Rd
    Arlington Heights, IL 60005

Gastroenterologist Info

Gastroenterologist Summary:
A Gastroenterologist is a physician of internal medicine who specializes in diagnosing, treating and preventing diseases of the digestive system. A gastroenterologist is concerned with the normal function of the digestive system; making sure that it is working properly to dispose of bodily waste. Gastroenterologists are trained in performing tests (biopsies, x-rays) and interpreting the results.

Gastroenterologist FAQs:
What is a


A Gastroenterologist is a doctor that specializes in diseases of the digestive tract.

What does a Gastroenterologist treat?
A Gastroenterologist treats conditions of the digestive tract, including cancer, hemorrhoids, hepatitis, polyps and ulcers.

When should I seek help from a Gastroenterologist?
If you have any of these symptoms you should see a Gastroenterologist: Abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, nausea or vomiting.

What procedures does a Gastroenterologist perform?
A Gastroenterologist can perform colon screenings, intestinal dilation and polypectomies.

Where does a Gastroenterologist work?
A Gastroenterologist can work in a clinic, hospital or private practice.

What are an endoscopy and a colonoscopy?
Both of these procedures involve inserting a flexible tube with a light and camera on the end into the body. It is used to see if there is any evidence of disease or damage in the digestive tract. Endoscopy involves inserting the tube into the mouth and down the esophagus. A colonoscopy involves inserting the tube into the anus to examine the intestines. In many cased, a biopsy is taken and tests are performed on the removed tissue.

What are common ailments of the digestive system?
Some of the most common ailments include Crohn's disease, gastric ulcer, hemorrhoids, polyps, cancer, colitis, gallstones, heartburn and intestinal obstructions.

What are some symptoms of colon and rectal cancer?
Some of the most alarming symptoms are blood in the stools, unexplained abdominal pain, anemia and unexplained weight loss.

How do I find a Gastroenterologist in my city and state?
The directory will help you locate a Gastroenterologist in your state. Select Gastroenterologist from the professionals menu and select the state that you are looking to locate a Gastroenterologist in. After you have located your state, find the city that you will need a Gastroenterologist in. Select the state and city and you will see a list of Gastroenterologists in your city and state.

Gastroenterologist Related Terms:
gastroenterology, digestion, digestive tract, intestine, polyp, cancer, colon, polypectomies, diarrhea, constipation, gastroenterologist