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Family Doctor Woodbridge, VA


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Family Doctor Woodbridge, VA

Find the best family doctor in Woodbridge, VA with family practice services including annual physicals, sports physicals, acute care, primary care, chronic disease care, illness, cancer screening and more.

Results for Woodbridge, VA

  • Donald Sargent, MD 480 Points

    Donald Sargent, MD

    Lake Ridge Family Practice
    2241 Tacketts Mill Dr Ste M
    Woodbridge, VA 22192
  • Jesus Santoyo Lopez, MD 440 Points

    Jesus Santoyo Lopez, MD

    Lopez Santoyo, J A
    12800 Darby Brook Ct
    Woodbridge, VA 22192
  • Nika Jani, MD
    310 Points

    Nika Jani, MD

    One Care Medical
    13895 Hedgewood Drive, Suite 101
    Woodbridge, VA 22193
  • James C Kent, MD 300 Points

    James C Kent, MD

    2200 OPITZ BLVD STE 235
    WOODBRIDGE, VA 22191
  • Sneha Patel, MD
    200 Points

    Sneha Patel, MD

    13168 Centerpointe Way
    Suite #101
    Woodbridge, VA 22193
  • Peter Mendel, MD 150 Points

    Peter Mendel, MD

    Family Medicine Of Lake Ridge
    3401 Commission Ct Ste 201
    Woodbridge, VA 22192
  • Albert Ventzek, MD 110 Points

    Albert Ventzek, MD

    2000 Opitz Blvd
    Woodbridge, VA 22191
  • Corbin Eissler, MD 100 Points

    Corbin Eissler, MD

    Kaiser Permanente
    14139 Potomac Mills Rd
    Woodbridge, VA 22192
  • Richard Olin, MD 100 Points

    Richard Olin, MD

    PO Box 4848
    Woodbridge, VA 22194
  • William Mc Carthy, MD 100 Points

    William Mc Carthy, MD

    Potomac Village Family Prctc
    2010 Opitz Blvd Ste A
    Woodbridge, VA 22191
  • Deeann Stroop, MD 100 Points

    Deeann Stroop, MD

    14450 Smoketown Rd
    Woodbridge, VA 22192
  • James Kent, MD 60 Points

    James Kent, MD

    2200 Opitz Blvd Ste 235
    Woodbridge, VA 22191
  • Albert T Ventzek, MD 10 Points

    Albert T Ventzek, MD

    2000 OPITZ BLVD
    WOODBRIDGE, VA 22191
  • ACT Wellness Center by Accredited Chiropractic

    2894 Garber Way
    Woodbridge, VA 22192
  • Nicholas Colletti, MD

    Nicholas Colletti, MD

    WOODBRIDGE, VA 22191
  • Marc Gallini, MD 320 Points

    Marc Gallini, MD

    Williamsburg Square Family
    Distance: 3.4 mi
    9502 Richmond Hwy
    Lorton, VA 22079
  • Aaron Carlisle, MD 100 Points

    Aaron Carlisle, MD

    Distance: 5.9 mi
    9501 Farrell Rd
    Fort Belvoir, VA 22060
  • Carol Petersen Pilat, DO 100 Points

    Carol Petersen Pilat, DO

    Distance: 5.9 mi
    9501 Farrell Rd Ste Gc11, Dewitt Army Comm Hosp
    Fort Belvoir, VA 22060
  • Rosario Fernandez, MD 100 Points

    Rosario Fernandez, MD

    Distance: 6.2 mi
    4275 Hawthorne Rd
    Indian Head, MD 20640
  • Alton Tucker, MD 160 Points

    Alton Tucker, MD

    Springfield-Burke Family Practice
    Distance: 9.42 mi
    8991 Cotswold Drive
    Burke, VA 22015
  • Paul Salbert, DO 140 Points

    Paul Salbert, DO

    Burke Profl Ctr
    Distance: 9.42 mi
    5213 Lyngate Ct
    Burke, VA 22015
  • Hania Qutub, MD 130 Points

    Hania Qutub, MD

    Distance: 9.42 mi
    5999 Burke Commons Road
    Burke, VA 22015
  • Amy Nobu, MD 120 Points

    Amy Nobu, MD

    Burke Family Practice
    Distance: 9.42 mi
    9409 Old Burke Lake Rd # B
    Burke, VA 22015
  • Ken Moles, MD 110 Points

    Ken Moles, MD

    Burke Family Practice
    Distance: 9.42 mi
    9409B Old Burke Lake Rd
    Burke, VA 22015
  • Robert Posner, MD 40 Points

    Robert Posner, MD

    Distance: 9.42 mi
    9289 Old Keene Mill Rd
    Burke, VA 22015
  • Fredric Garner, MD 20 Points

    Fredric Garner, MD

    Drs. Balsamo, Arnoldson, Rees and Garner
    Distance: 9.42 mi
    8988 Fern Park Drive
    Burke, VA 22015
  • Seddigheh A Feisee, MD 10 Points

    Seddigheh A Feisee, MD

    Distance: 9.42 mi
    BURKE, VA 22015
  • Glenn Anderson, MD

    Glenn Anderson, MD

    Distance: 9.42 mi
    9409 Old Burke Lake Rd
    Burke, VA 22015
  • Seddigheh Feisee, MD

    Seddigheh Feisee, MD

    Distance: 9.42 mi
    9554 Old Keene Mill Rd
    Burke, VA 22015
  • Marc Eller, MD 370 Points

    Marc Eller, MD

    Virginia Medical Assoc Inc
    Distance: 9.66 mi
    5510 Alma Ln
    Springfield, VA 22151
  • Jeffrey K Nekoba, MD 330 Points

    Jeffrey K Nekoba, MD

    Distance: 9.66 mi
  • James Domst, MD 100 Points

    James Domst, MD

    Distance: 9.66 mi
    6505 Farley St
    Springfield, VA 22152
  • David Richmond, MD 100 Points

    David Richmond, MD

    Kaiser Permanente Health Care
    Distance: 9.66 mi
    6501 Loisdale Ct
    Springfield, VA 22150
  • Bruce Lucero, MD 100 Points

    Bruce Lucero, MD

    Distance: 9.66 mi
    6575 Frontier Dr Ste K
    Springfield, VA 22150
  • Gregory Banks, MD 70 Points

    Gregory Banks, MD

    Distance: 9.66 mi
    6501 Loisdale Ct, Kaiser Permanente Fam Med
    Springfield, VA 22150
  • Dilbagh S Sidhu, MD 40 Points

    Dilbagh S Sidhu, MD

    Distance: 9.66 mi
    7878 ROLLING RD
  • Liem T Nguyen, MD 20 Points

    Liem T Nguyen, MD

    Distance: 9.66 mi
    6828 COMMERCE ST STE 101
  • Alton G Tucker, MD 20 Points

    Alton G Tucker, MD

    Distance: 9.66 mi
  • Marc A Eller, MD

    Marc A Eller, MD

    Distance: 9.66 mi
    5510 ALMA LN
  • Marc A Eller, MD

    Marc A Eller, MD

    Distance: 9.66 mi
    5502 BACKLICK RD
  • Thomas Ryder Jr, MD 120 Points

    Thomas Ryder Jr, MD

    Distance: 9.68 mi
    3259 Catlin Ave, Attn: Credential Office
    Quantico, VA 22134
  • Walter Greenhalgh, MD 100 Points

    Walter Greenhalgh, MD

    Distance: 9.68 mi
    3259 Catlin Ave, Attn: Credential Office
    Quantico, VA 22134
  • Michele Romano, MD 130 Points

    Michele Romano, MD

    Capital Family Practice
    Distance: 10.68 mi
    8303 Crestridge Rd
    Fairfax Station, VA 22039
  • Rajesh Mehra, DO 110 Points

    Rajesh Mehra, DO

    Chantilly Family Practice Ctr
    Distance: 10.68 mi
    PO Box 7219
    Fairfax Station, VA 22039
  • Edward Friedler, MD 170 Points

    Edward Friedler, MD

    Annandale Family Medicine
    Distance: 12.24 mi
    7617 Little River Tpke Ste 710
    Annandale, VA 22003
  • Nelly Gonzalez, MD 140 Points

    Nelly Gonzalez, MD

    Hanfling Villavicencio Pdtrcs
    Distance: 12.24 mi
    7617 Little River Tpke Ste 600
    Annandale, VA 22003
  • Cheo Jean, DO, MD 100 Points

    Cheo Jean, DO, MD

    Distance: 12.24 mi
    7501 Little River Tpke Ste 42
    Annandale, VA 22003
  • Bikan Octain, DO, MD 100 Points

    Bikan Octain, DO, MD

    Distance: 12.24 mi
    4540 John Marr Dr # B
    Annandale, VA 22003

Family Doctor Info

Family Doctor Summary:
A family doctor is board certified in family medicine and typically operates a family practice. Family doctors are usually general practitioners who treat all types of patients of all ages. A family doctor is uniquely trained to care for patients as a whole person, regardless of their age or sex. A family doctor is trained to diagnose and treat a wide array of acute and chronic illnesses as well as provide routine health screenings. A family doctor typically works with patients through all stages of their life and has a strong knowledge and background of the patient's family health history. A family doctor should stay current in most aspects of primary medical care and should offer the most current treatments and technologies available.

Family Doctor FAQs:
What is a Family Doctor?

A Family Doctor is a health care professional that practices medicine and is licensed by a state board.

What type of care can a Family Doctor or Family Practice Physician provide?

A Family Doctor counsels and examines patients for minor injuries or diseases that do not warrant the expertise of a specialist. A Family Doctor can do minor procedures and connect patients with specialists for more complicated procedures.

What can I see Family Doctor for?
You can see a Family Doctor for any non-emergency health issue. A Family Doctor can usually provide care to patients of all ages and refer patients to specialists if necessary.

What does a Family Doctor typically not treat?
Family doctors typically do not treat broken bones, cancer, serious diseases or emergency treatment.

What should you do if you need immediate medical care?
If you have a medical emergency and possibly need an ambulance, dial 911 immediately.

How do I find the best Family Doctor in my city and state?
The directory will help you locate an Family Doctor in your state. Select Family Doctor from the professionals menu and select the state that you are looking to locate a Family Doctor in. After you have located your state, find the city that you will need a Family Doctor in. Select the state and city and you will see a list of Family Doctors in your city and state.

Family Doctor Related Terms:
Physical examinations, cholesterol testing, wound care, pap smears, immunizations, skin biopsies, fitness programs, stress reduction plans, ongoing evaluations, bone density testing, menopause treatment, family doctor