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Assisted Living Homes Pittsburgh, PA


Assisted Living Homes

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Assisted Living Homes Pittsburgh, PA

Results for Pittsburgh, PA

  • 200 Points

    Heritage Shadyside

    5701 Phillips Ave
    Pittsburgh, PA 15217
  • 120 Points

    Juniper Village at Forest Hills

    107 Fall Run Road
    Pittsburgh, PA 15221
  • 100 Points

    Atria South Hills

    5300 Clairton Blvd
    Pittsburgh, PA 15236
  • 100 Points

    Brentwood Care Center

    4220 Saw Mill Run Blvd
    Pittsburgh, PA 15227
  • 100 Points

    Concordia at Ridgewood Place

    1460 Renton Rd
    Pittsburgh, PA 15239
  • 100 Points

    Gracious Living Personal Care Home #1

    3768 Willow Ave
    Pittsburgh, PA 15234
  • 100 Points

    Harbour Senior Living of South Hills

    1320 Greentree Rd
    Pittsburgh, PA 15220
  • 100 Points

    Overlook Green Senior Living

    5250 Meadowgreen Dr
    Pittsburgh, PA 15236
  • 100 Points

    The Grand Residence at Upper St. Clair

    45 McMurray Rd
    Pittsburgh, PA 15241
  • 100 Points

    The Haven at North Hills

    One Windsor Way
    Pittsburgh, PA 15237
  • 100 Points

    Vincentian Home

    111 Perrymont Rd
    Pittsburgh, PA 15237
  • Allentown Hi-Rise

    E Warrington Ave
    Pittsburgh, PA 15210
  • Allequippa Terrace Comm Mgmt

    280 Burrows St
    Pittsburgh, PA 15213
  • Anderson Manor

    1423 Liverpool St
    Pittsburgh, PA 15233
  • Atria South Hills

    5300 Clairton Boulevard (Route 51)
    Pittsburgh, PA 15236
  • Atria South Hills

    5300 Clairton Boulevard (Route 51)
    Pittsburgh, PA 15236
  • Atrium I

    5180 Campbells Run Rd
    Pittsburgh, PA 15205
  • Bellefield Dwellings

    4400 Centre Ave
    Pittsburgh, PA 15213
  • Blessed Dawn Watch Inc

    2145 Perrysville Ave
    Pittsburgh, PA 15214
  • Bower Hill Three Apartments

    1170 Bower Hill Rd
    Pittsburgh, PA 15243
  • Brinton Towers

    3000 Locust St
    Pittsburgh, PA 15221
  • -10 Points

    Canterbury Place

    310 Fisk St
    Pittsburgh, PA 15201
  • Carrick Hi-Rise

    Brownsville Rd
    Pittsburgh, PA 15210
  • Carson Towers

    2117 E Carson St
    Pittsburgh, PA 15203
  • Church of Faith Ministries

    2610 Perrysville Ave
    Pittsburgh, PA 15214
  • Cloverleaf Communities

    600 Cloverview Cir
    Pittsburgh, PA 15239
  • Collins Health Ctr

    5511 Baum Blvd
    Pittsburgh, PA 15232
  • Corpus Christi Residence

    7165 Churchland St
    Pittsburgh, PA 15206
  • Crafton Tower

    1215 Foster Ave
    Pittsburgh, PA 15205
  • Donahue Iii-St Leo's Manor

    1215 Schimmer St
    Pittsburgh, PA 15212
  • Dugans

    1532 Beechview Ave
    Pittsburgh, PA 15216
  • Ebenezer Baptist Custodial

    6955 Thomas Blvd
    Pittsburgh, PA 15208
  • Ebenezer Towers

    420 Dinwiddie St
    Pittsburgh, PA 15219
  • Evergreen Assisted Living

    141 Evergreen Ave
    Pittsburgh, PA 15209
  • Fairfax Apartments

    4614 Fifth Ave
    Pittsburgh, PA 15213
  • Fosnight Retirement Home

    Gibsonia Rd
    Pittsburgh, PA 15238
  • Glen Hazel High Rise

    945 Roselle Ct
    Pittsburgh, PA 15207
  • Harriet Tubman Ter

    550 Negley Run Blvd
    Pittsburgh, PA 15206
  • Hazelwood Towers

    111 Tecumseh St
    Pittsburgh, PA 15207
  • Hearthside Personal Care Home

    Locust St
    Pittsburgh, PA 15223
  • Horizon Homes Inc

    Forbes Terrace
    Pittsburgh, PA 15217
  • Jewish Associaton On Aging

    200 JHF Dr
    Pittsburgh, PA 15217
  • John Paul Plz

    1005 Herron Ave
    Pittsburgh, PA 15219
  • Just Hello

    3111 Babcock Blvd
    Pittsburgh, PA 15237
  • Kelly Street Homewood North

    7030 Kelly St
    Pittsburgh, PA 15208
  • Lambeth Apartments

    4003 Penn Ave
    Pittsburgh, PA 15224

    1028 Benton Ave
    Pittsburgh, PA 15212
  • Masonic Eastern Star Home West

    226 Bellevue Rd
    Pittsburgh, PA 15229
  • Moone Manor

    5433 Broad St
    Pittsburgh, PA 15206
  • Noble Towers

    2440 Baldwick Rd
    Pittsburgh, PA 15205

Assisted Living Homes Info

Assisted Living Homes Summary:
Assisted Living communities enable elderly people and seniors to live safely with a varying degrees of on-site care available 24 hours a day. An assisted living community or facility may also be referred to as a nursing facility, nursing home, retirement community, skilled nursing, nursing center, convalescent home, retirement home, elderly home, rehabilitation center, rehab center, eldercare, Alzheimer care, rest home, or RCFE (Residential Care Facility for the Elderly).

Assisted Living Homes FAQs:
How do I know when it is time to consider a nursing home or assisted living center?

The decision to consider assisted living or skilled nursing typically depends on the availability and willingness of family to meet the needs of the person in care. When the care requirements of someone become too impractical for family, then it is time to seriously consider assisted living or nursing care. When an individual has mental or physical disabilities that make it unsafe to be without 24 hour care and supervision, then an assisted living center should be considered. When an individual has serious health issues requiring 24 hour nursing, then a facility with skilled nursing available should be considered.

How do I make sure the assisted living facility or community provides the level of care I need?

Call the assisted living facility before-hand. Ask to talk to the head nurse or administrator. Ask if they they provide skilled or custodial care. Ask if a bed is available. It is a good idea to print the assisted living checklist from and simply run through the list of questions on the phone.

How do I know if an assisted living community is Medicare or Medicaid-certified?

The easiest way to find out is to find a local assisted living facility in the directory and call them to confirm.

How do I find the best assisted living community in my area?

Every assisted living facility is different. It is recommended that you invest enough time to find the best assisted living care that fits within your budget. Doing complete reference checks and spending time in the facility before committing is the best way to do research.

Assisted Living Homes Related Terms:
nursing home, retirement home, disability, elderly, aging, facility, assisted living