The Wonderful Health Benefits of Travel

Our modern, increasingly more connected lifestyles leave us with little time to fully unwind and appreciate the wonders of life. Women are particularly prone to the pressures of daily living.

The majority of us have careers or jobs. Yet, as primary caregivers, we also take care of home, husbands or partners and family.  Our immune systems eventually become stressed and our health begins to suffer.  

At this point, a healthy dose of travel could be just what the doctor ordered. Getting away from it all is the perfect tonic for wellness. We usually think of travel as fun and exciting, but hardly ever consider the health benefits that it provides. You may ask: how does travel benefit our health? Let me count the ways:

1. Travel Relieves Stress

Traveling forces us to leave behind the daily grind. We are removed from stressful situations such as work pressures, the daily commute and negative relationships that wear us down.  

In a less stressful environment, the pace of life is slower and we are able to stop -- or at least slow down -- and smell the roses. Almost magically, we are finally able to re-catch our breath and to relax. The stress is lifted.

2. Travel Broadens Our Minds and Perspectives

When we go on vacations, we see new sights, meet different people and learn about other cultures. The stimulating experiences enrich our minds enormously.  With fresh insight, our problems may even pale in comparison. This usually has a powerful and positive impact on our thinking and our health.

3. Travel Brings a Change of Scenery and Sensations

That old adage about a change being as good as a rest is spot-on! When we grow tired of the sameness of everyday life, traveling will delight our senses. 

Whether we go to the beach, the forest or the mountain, our senses will be awakened and our spirits will be lifted.  

Eating different foods will increase our pleasure and enhance our mood.  

4. Travel is Invigorating 

We typically leave the car behind when we travel. That means we will spend more time walking. A brisk hike up a mountain, a day of sightseeing in the city or an activity-filled day at the beach is more invigorating and action-filled than a day spent in front of a computer screen in the office. Even on a cruise, there are plenty of activities to keep each traveler fully occupied.  

Walking, hiking, dancing and playing games are excellent heart-healthy exercises that will leave us feeling refreshed and re-awakened. 

5. Travel Nurtures Relationships

Healthy, nurtured relationships are vital to our sense of well-being. Traveling allows us to truly spend quality time with our loved ones because we are removed from the stresses and distractions of everyday life.  

6. Travel Increases our Sense of Euphoria

People are just happier on vacation. Feel-good hormones increase and we experience greater energy, more fun and a sheer joy in living. 

Travel provides a natural high that lasts well beyond the duration of a trip, and there are no adverse side effects.

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