Identify Your Best Style

Fashion magazines are too often considered the last word on style. While they're wonderful at predicting and showcasing trends, they leave out a woman's individuality in many cases, making some women feel that they're not "in style" if they don't wear what's currently in season. However, it's important to remember that fads come and go; your personal style, while it may evolve throughout your lifetime, still stays true to who you are. You should dress for yourself first, while only taking cues from what's "hot" right now.

Many of the styles that travel down the runway are hardly attainable for the average woman. No businesswoman is going to a meeting in lacy hot pants or a sheer blouse! If you see a trend you like, find ways to adapt it to your lifestyle. You can enjoy the hot pants trend, but instead of choosing shorts that are too young and skin-baring for you, select a shorts style that's longer and roomier while still allowing you to show off those enviable legs. Save the sheer blouse look for the weekend, and make sure you wear a flesh-colored undergarment to create a look that's suitable for your age. 

You'll feel better about fashion and yourself once you identify your unique style. You may be a classic fashion lover, who appreciates clothing that never really goes out of style. Cardigan sweaters, A-line dresses and kitten heel pumps may make up the majority of your wardrobe. Perhaps you're more daring, but you still don't want to look like a fashion victim. Play around with color and bold prints, but do it in a way that works with your body type and personal style. 

The best way to enjoy the latest fads is to take what works for you and to leave the rest on the runway. If you know you don't look good in skinny jeans, don't feel obligated to buy a closet full of them! Likewise, if high-waisted trousers make you feel glamorous and radiant, then have a pair in every color and fabric, and enjoy them year-round. Don't let a floral dress trend force you into buying them when you know you hate dresses. Feel free to modify fads to flatter your body type and to work with your current wardrobe, while leaving a little room for new additions. 

Each woman has her own style personality. Don't lose yours in the need to keep up with what's new if it doesn't suit you. Instead, identify who you are clothing-wise and then shop accordingly. Be careful not to get stuck in a rut, however. Fashion is supposed to be fun, after all. Take stock of what's "in," see if any of it works for you, and only add it to your wardrobe if you love it and can see yourself wearing it today as well as a year from now. Women who are comfortable with their style choices give off a very confident air that can't be faked. Make your own fashion rules instead of slavishly following others.

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